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From the looks of things the company seemed to be pretty poorly managed. A company, who isn't profitable (and probably hemorrhaging a lot of money for an ambitious project), doesn't need a life sized version of their mascot for the office and some foosball tables.

Stereotypical startup spending investor money until it dries up. Make a profit and then you can buy the snack bars.

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I told Patrick I'd follow his future work.. but this is Kotaku. Not going to give Kotaku any hits, even if Patrick is working there.

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This is going to be bad..

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more market place confusion and fragmentation.... Nintendo.. why??

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I'd get this for Android development. And by this I mean the older one when it goes deep discount.

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Man, I haven't been able to listen to the Bombcast regularly like I used to but I got some spare time to listen through some Bombcasts I missed. I miss Ryan. :(

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15 things that look like your childhood!

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I was hoping I'd come back from work and realize I had some sort of nightmare this morning... but fuck. :/ I never personally knew him but I viewed him as a friend, as weird as that sounds. The Bombcast got me through a lot of shit in life and it wouldn't have been possible without him. RIP Ryan

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I don't have enough time to watch and listen to all of the premium content so it's mostly supporting the GB staff.

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Tommy Lee Jones.

Mutha fuckin' Tommy Lee Jones.