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It would be more funny of Bryan Davis was the dog that started barking in the first one.

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Dark Souls isn't hard!

Please don't be that guy.

What guy? Dark Souls ISN'T hard. It's just a test of memory.

Couldn't you use that argument about just about any hard game, though? I'm fairly positive someone out there will say that Castlevania or Ninja Gaiden aren't hard, just a test of memory too.

Any difficulty in Dark Souls can be nullified with co-op play or by leveling stats and gear. The game can be completed at level 1, so a level 60 or 100 or 713 character certainly shouldn't find it difficult. I haven't played Castlevania or Ninja Gaiden but I don't think they have ways to get around the difficulty like that.

If it's your first time playing, Dark Souls is pretty hard until you learn to adapt. Otherwise, it ranges from difficult to easy, depending on how many times you've played it.

The unknown nature of the game is probably the biggest factor in any perceived difficulty by new players.

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Will all my PC friends jump ship for a new console? If NO, then FUCK NEW CONSOLES. If YES, then FIND NEW PC FRIENDS.

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Is gin vegetarian? If so, I'm totally a vegetarian from 6PM Friday to 3PM Saturday.

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jerks are the exception, of course. no jerks allowed.

I only get along with people who are also jerks

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These people are not my friends.

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Well, why are you making a game? If it's to gain experience making a game, then it probably would be better to program in a language you're comfortable with. If you're making a game to teach yourself more about a programming language, maybe go with one you're not familiar with.

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Hey cool. This is relevant to my interests.

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Corporations do shit like that all the time. You're shooting too low if you're singling out unscrupulous people on the internet.

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Homefront. Fuck Homefront and everyone who helped shit it out. And fuck my stupid self in the past for preordering it. My shame is forever etched into my TF2 inventory with my dumb Genuine-quality Soldier hat.