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i'll be really sad if it gets cancelled, but i feel like that might just be a joke with the 9000 views thing. at least i hope that's the case. i really wanna see them finish condemned though because that game is so good. of course i didn't know how long it would be, but the further they get, the more reason they have to just go ahead and finish it. anyway, Kessler and Lemon are pretty awesome, so i hope they can keep making content in whatever form.

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for competitive games, i like to see sequels that improve on the system of that game, such as a fighting game or RTS game. but when it comes to games with heavy stories, i prefer them to be one complete game, rather than running the story over multiple games when they could be coming up with more original work instead

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Happy BirthDave!!!

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much love for Dave and the color pink..or magenta if that's what you wanna call it

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you writing an essay or something?

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i thought the title was a pun asking if the game was good or not...i guess i'm not disappointed that that is not the case

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i like 3 a lot more. maybe it's just because i played it first and played a lot more of it at that, but i like the setting of 3 more than new vegas, and i absolutely love the intro of 3 where you get to experience being born and raised in a vault and doing different things in there throughout the character's youth. and then when you finally get out of the vault, the world opens up in an amazing way. i even escaped the vault as a baby once and it was awesome. but in new vegas, they just put you in the middle of some guy's life, who seems to have no connections, and i don't know who the guy is that i'm controlling and don't really care, so the story is so much less interesting

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i didn't see any problems with any questions, but i got da dragon.