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Climbing around a large object as bits and pieces of it fall off. Shooting people inside a falling object while cover shifts around... I've seen this before :p

Yeah but Uncharted is pretty awesome so unless being based on star wars ruins that, I'm pretty excited

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Bethesda said you should delete your game data (not the savefile) and install the patch again.

Patch changes how the underwater is rendered. It has some fake depth of field effects now (at least on PC and 360) and the bug Greg found during the 24 Hours Marathon where you can see through the water is gone. Oh and there are new finishers and slo-mo cams for a lot of kills including bow and magic. So, yeah compared to past Beth games this is heavenly post release support.

Edit: Bethesda quote: "We've seen reports of users having issues with the game freezing up when entering water. If you're having this issue, head to the PlayStation XMB menu. From there go to Game>Game Data Utility. Delete the game data and title updates for Skyrim. Note: Game Data is not the same as your game saves. As long as you're not deleting anything from the game saves folder, you'll still have your saves. Once you restart Skyrim, you'll need to wait for the 1.5 title update to reinstall, as well as the mandatory game data install."

I'm gonna try this and see if anything changes. Thanks for inputting the quote

UPDATE: yep, that totally works. My argonian no longer has to be terrified of water

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264) it doesn't matter if you take all of a dragon's bones. The dragon will still have bones when you walk away...

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any quest where you don't align yourself with one character only to find out that they were evil later is pretty unique for skyrim. I feel like I have done that quest like 10 times

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interesting. i didnt know about the gauntlet stuff. its a cool idea but i feel dumb since the game comes out in 2 days.  
great interview. peter molyneux talks so much but he gets me excited about his product. even though he has false expectations i feel like everyone already has false expectations for every game they are highly anticipating. he's a cool dude

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i had an abnormal feeling when clicking the "check out best buy laptops" thing in the quest but really its not the worst ad i have experienced

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god of war 3 was pretty good so i'll check this out

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" George Clooney. Every movie he's in, he's an annoying smug prick. "
i really like him too. we have very different tastes haha
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I'll start with Ellen Page.

im in love with Ellen Page. but to answer the question. the wayan brothers
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" The storylines are just different. It's the same characters in a different storyline. "
there you go. also they're drawn with a different style