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Bin Laden was a terrible human, but we did murder him. No one seems to have a problem with that. sickening.

Yeah, the world is likely a better place without him in it, but I found myself pretty repulsed by the crazy amount of celebration footage aired on the news when word spread about killing him. For a nation that constantly claims the moral high ground, sometimes we're kind of bad at the whole morality thing.

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@Animasta said:

and there's a difference between reading someone's story of what actually happened and playing it and I hope you'd know the difference.

And here's why our medium isn't even taken seriously by the people who claim to enjoy it. It's okay for books, or movies, or graphic novels, or music to focus on real life war stories, but if there's a controller involved, suddenly it's gauche. This is the exact dialogue that says video games are not a meaningful form of expression, and not a legitimate art form. The problem is that they are art, and they can express the thoughts and feelings of the situation just like any medium.

You're right in general, but if you think yet another game where you are a badass white bro gunning down hundreds of brown people single-handedly is actually a meaningful expression of anything (other than the unquenchable thirst video game enthusiasts have for jingoistic power-fantasy murder porn) then I don't know what to tell you.

Video games are absolutely a legitimate form of art, it's just that very, very few developers bother saying anything worthwhile with them.

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Last time I checked, I played video games to get the fuck away from this shitty planet

No shit. Alcoholism is the only real escape I've got left at this point. :(

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I'm currently reading Robert Fisk's "The Great War for Civilisation," and so far he has neglected any mention of bin Laden's martial arts prowess.

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@jasius said:

Hopefully thousands of years from now they'll think Slenderman was a religious prophet and start worshiping him, its how religion happens.

F starting your own urban legend start your own religion for the lulz!

Oh shit, L. Ron Hubbard over here.

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@LarryDavis said:

The whole Slenderman thing is really stupid, and this game looks terrible. Sorry. Amnesia rules though, go play that instead.


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@Cloneslayer said:

should have just made KOTOR 3....

Obsidian could surely have used the work, and I'm convinced Chris Avellone is the only dude left who can tell an interesting Star Wars story.

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...and a new dungeon that is just hours of arena combat sounds tedious at best.

Yeah, that sounds completely underwhelming. Think I'm just gonna stick with BG Tutu.

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@warmonked said:

I want these people to die in a fire. That's not too extreme, is it?

It's a little extreme.

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@EGLSzzhang said:

This piece is not fair to EGLS. We work hard to bring amazing work to the West and we are only met with angry. Why is there anger toward a small group trying to make game inspired from prestige? The evidence to refute the evidence of Rubic Games is set in stone, yet we receive no respects. Is it because EGLS is from China? We do not copy! We only use other work as a way to make new ideas!

Maybe next time Patrick wait for a response from EGLS before he go and make another article? Maybe next time he is fair, instead of making bad of little foreign company? We have right to make game just like the rest of industry powerful houses.

You are precious.