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That's not an apt analogy. "LGBT" is a term that includes several different sexual orientations. What you are proposing is that one illness ("psychopathy") contains another illness ("sociopathy"), as if the term "gay" included also "transgender", which obviously doesn't. If you were advocating for a "mental illness" page which included both "psychopathy" and "sociopathy", then it would be an OK analogy, though such term is not too suitable for a gaming wiki. Also, if you wanted to be clinically correct, the proper diagnosis would be "sociopathy", not "psychopathy".

Like I've said, "psychopathy" is often used to refer to both disorders, so in the page I'm proposing, the title "Psychopathy" is an umbrella covering two (arguably) different concepts, just as LGBT is an umbrella covering many different concepts.

But it doesn't have to be called "Psychopathy". "Antisocial Personality Disorder" would also be a fine title.

The main difference I see on how both terms are used here in Giant Bomb (and I assume that's because they are used differently in the games mentioned) is that a psychopath has clearly lost all contact with reality, while a sociopath is fully aware of their anti-social behavior. A better option would be to change "psychopath" to "psychotic person" or "psychosis", but then again, Dead Rising does call the enemies "psychopaths".

That could also work, but only if the games containing psychopathic characters were then folded into the Sociopathy page (or whatever its title would be).

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Except that their behavior is a fantastic form of sociopathy. Just like there are stories that involve fantastically-induced psychopathy. And you're going to have to explain to me how in the world it's offensive if I'm going to take that comment seriously.

I'm no expert on the Kingdom Hearts fiction, but being a Nobody doesn't seem like a 'form' of sociopathy at all. It has a superficial resemblance to it, but if we're to label characters as sociopathic based on such broad criteria, then the page is really about a character archetype, not a true mental disorder, and yet it treats them as one and the same. That's why the page may be offensive towards people who actually are sociopathic, but my point isn't about that, so let's forget it.

LGBT is a common catch-all for term for individuals that aren't heterosexual and is widely used for that purpose. It seems odd to compare it to the relationship of psychopathy and sociopathy.

And both psychopathy and Antisocial Personality Disorder are widely-used catch-all terms for people who suffer from psychopathy or sociopathy. Why is a catch-all not okay in that case, but it's fine for LGBT?

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As for dessert places, Yogurtland is the shit. I'd take it over Cold Stone or Baskin-Robin's most days, even though I have nothing against ice cream.

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The fuck is Subway doing ahead of Arby's.

Subway has exactly one above-average menu item, the meatball sandwich. Arby's has the Beef n Cheddar, the French dip, curly fries, and Jamocha shakes. This is not hard.

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No way. I already have an elaborate network of HDMI cables and splitter boxes to accommodate 3 consoles, a PC, a Boxee Box and two displays. There is no room for another box.

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Seems fine to me to have both.

I would just like to hear an explanation of why it's fine. And why, in contrast, there's a catch-all LGBT page instead of separate pages for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual (and any number of other terms that fall in that category)

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I think both of those pages are pretty well done, and distinguish themselves from one another.

I didn't say they weren't well-done or didn't distinguish themselves. I just think that a hard split between the two concepts is more confusing than useful on GB.

In video games, there are very few cases where someone is specifically described as a sociopath as opposed to a psychopath. In fact, many of the characters tied to the Sociopath page are less "sociopaths" and more just dicks (eg, Ganondorf, Duke Nukem, Axel) who happen to show some signs of ASPD, ones that are ingrained in villain/anti-hero archetypes anyway.

Actually, as far as Axel and the rest of the Nobodies in Kingdom Hearts II is concerned, they pretty much are sociopathic. They aren't psychopathic, but they lack true emotion.

That's a fantastical condition, though, not a medical one. It's inaccurate and a little offensive to conflate that with sociopathy.

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If I were him, I would do one crazy little thing before handing it over to someone else. Like add black & white buttons to the controller.