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The Mario looking background in the first image is a bit on-the-nose. Riffing on Mario should be done with a light touch these days because it's been done so much.

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What about games that weren't released in English until this generation? It's hard to exclude Phoenix Wright.

In those cases, since western audiences were first exposed to Phoenix Wright on the DS, I'll allow their nomination.

OK, I altered my nominations.

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What about games that weren't released in English until this generation? It's hard to exclude Phoenix Wright.


  • George Haggard (Battlefield: Bad Company)
  • Cave Johnson (Portal 2)
  • Brucie Kibbutz (GTA IV)
  • The Judge (Phoenix Wright)
  • Nelson Tethers (Puzzle Agent)


  • Jane Valderama (Saints Row)
  • Alma Wade (F.E.A.R.)
  • Emily Wyatt (Deadly Premonition)
  • Franziska Von Karma (Phoenix Wright)

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Where is Antichamber you shitsuckers

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I think I voted for the one thing because I haven't played a lot of these damn games.

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Yeah my mom has always insisted on getting things for everyone, so I ask for a couple late-year releases (usually ends up being Nintendo games). No one enjoys having to guess what someone would like, especially if it's an adult with expendable income.

That said, I fully admit that I still enjoy unwrapping gifts.

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Sriracha is real useful if you're having pho or ramen, but I'm not sure how it would be as a catch-all condiment. But that's all hot sauce, I only like it in specific situations.

I think Pico Pica is okay too. I haven't had it in a long time.

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For Sequel is in a Different Genre delete the alias "Different Genre Spinoff". There is already a whole Spin-Off page that includes games in different genres, and it would be good to discourage overlap.

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I would understand if the game's actual mechanical design relied on the physical presence of other players, but I can't see that it does. It's one thing to want your game to be played in the most enjoyable way, but it's another thing to totally exclude people from enjoying it based only on their circumstances.

If a console game, say Assassin's Creed, was ported to PC and didn't have any mouse/keyboard support, because it was only "meant" to be played with a controller, that would be shitty. Even though much less work is involved in that scenario, it's the same principle.

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Full disclosure, I am only partway through Ep 4 of Walking Dead, but I'll say this anyway: WD is good, but it just doesn't have the fundamentals down that well. Saints Row is more deft with its comedy than WD is with its drama, and it has a hell of a gameplay component too. If you're looking for the one that will be remembered as a landmark game in 5 years, of course it's WD, but that doesn't mean it's better.