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When I was 19, I was paid $30 to clean out a storage room at a tennis court.

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Kane & Lynch 2: An absolutely abysmal game that charges you $60 for what resembles a budget game with only four hours of gameplay.

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I have nothing to add. This speaks for itself:

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I can't stand whining fanboys with an overinflated sense of their own entitlement and I'll always be the first to make fun of them. However, I feels the complaints about the ME3 ending are justified. It's not that it's a bad ending or even a downer ending. It's that it introduces a last-minute plot twist that comes out of left field, is out of tone with the rest of the series, makes no sense, is full of plot holes and offers no closure. There's also the fact that the three endings are 95% similar and you get them no matter what choices you make throughout the game. It's also the kind of ending BioWare promised we wouldn't get. It's never a good idea to promise people one thing and give them something else.

This video from Angry Joe does the best job explaining what's wrong with the ending:

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You're tearing me apart, Sonya! No really, you're literally tearing me apart.

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Considering the number of people who go to Michael Bay movies, listen to Ke$ha and watch Jersey Shore, I guess this isn't entirely surprising. Always bet on the bad taste of the general public.

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Never reference a good game in the middle of your crappy game.

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Amazon doesn't care about black...Actually, that joke is way too easy.

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What about those of us who work nights and have no internet access then? Is it still possible for us to get I Was There?

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Baby You're A Firework: One of the 4 main characters in this game has a buddy named Keith.
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