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@rockyraccoon37: Give it a while, it's a-loadin'. I thought the same thing at first.

Prepare yourself, though: There's another one equally as long after you pick a town.

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Duder, you didn't know? "J.K. Rowling" stands for "Jeff Kgerstmann Rowling". He wrote Harry Potter. He then appeared in the films.

Weirdly, he didn't play Pettigrew. He was actually Gringotts Goblin #12.

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Man, just tried it... I don't think Sims 2 was made to have that much content going at once. That is certainly an experience. A long loading, feature info dumping, crashy experience.

Might have to get into the files and trim back some stuff.

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Wow, every expansion as well? That's really, really cool.

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Who ever says T2, has not seen that movie recently. It does not hold up as well as the first.

*has seen that movie recently*

T2. The cheese is part of the charm.

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T2, definitely.

T1: Great movie, but not my favorite.

T2: Absolutely amazing. Shame that they scrapped the horror angle, but man... what a movie.

T3: Better than its reputation, but not as good as it could have been. And the whole magnet thing was just silly.

T4: I'm more interested in the pre-war setting, honestly. Even if Salvation were good, I probably wouldn't have been fond of it.

TSCC: My favorite thing to come from the franchise, but I can't place it above T2, because *shrug*.

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I've got a bunch of Doom WADs and Brutal Doom sitting here, just waiting for a podcast. If it doesn't hit in the next 15, I'll have to listen to Comedy Bang Bang instead and wait until tomorrow for the Bombcast.

Edit: Aaand Scott Aukerman Font Jokerman wins my ears for the evening.

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As a guy who suffers from "deer in headlights" syndrome and completely blanks on basic knowledge that I do actually know when there's no pressure, I feel for Dan. I've probably left more than one cashier, secretary, whatever thinking I was the single dumbest person to ever randomly slip on his own drool and slide into their establishment.

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I am so, so with you on Bentley's voice. I had to mute the game after ten minutes just to keep playing.

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It's weird... I'm a huge David Lynch fan, I love everything from Eraserhead to Elephant Man to Six Men Getting Sick Six Times, but I've only ever seen the first episode of Twin Peaks. I really need to rectify that.