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GTA V. I already own it for 360, but my 360 is a launch model and I always felt like I was playing with fire running a game like that on it, so I rented the PS3 version to play through it again. And I plan to get the PS4 version... yeah, I kinda like GTA V, if you can't tell.

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@shaunage said:

Third game was earlier than the other two, I think, also PC. It may have still been Windows 95 era, but I think it probably predates that. I remember less about this one. It was a 2D platformer where you had to collect letters to spell out words, or perhaps you needed the whole alphabet. Now that I think about it, I think it had a vague Mario aesthetic, with blue sky and bricks. There were ladders and I think you could walk on the clouds. I don't think that's much to go on, but it's all I know.

Word Rescue, perhaps?

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I really need to see this at some point. The AV Club has been going nuts over it, and my curiosity has been piqued.

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I'm credited as ShaggE in Sam & Max Season 1 for a line I wrote. (Bosco: "Do you have any...copies of the uncensored 1982 Armand Assante Look-Alike Contest on Betamax?")

I was a regular at Telltale's forums back then, and a thread about "Quotes you'd like to see" or something like that had come up. So I posted a few, including the Armand Assante one, and promptly forgot about it. Some time later, I forget how long, Bright Side of the Moon came out. I immediately started playing it, and at one point I hear a really familiar line from Bosco. I stopped for a second, thought "Wait...", and started falling out of my chair laughing.

I still can't believe they put that in there. Its a tiny, dumb thing, but it still makes me happy to have a silly joke I wrote in such a beloved adventure franchise.

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Rare are the times when stumbling across a decade or older post of mine leads to anything but rediscovered humiliation. I was especially insufferable around '99/'03, a time when I decided that cultivating an "alter ego" called The Frolicking LLama (two capital Ls! How zany!) was a good idea. Think of every intolerable "s0 rAnD0m XD" kid you ever came across on the internet, amp up the hyperactivity to 11, and that was The Frolicking LLama. By '03 it was just sad, as I was 17 and still using this character more befitting a 13 year old. Thankfully, very little of my LLama ramblings remain outside of very specific Internet Archive searches. I kept the name for silly side projects and still break it out from time to time, but in a much more subdued form.

Thankfully, other dumb things I did like Huckle Chuckle, Popetoons, and Flying Lunch Lady Face have disappeared completely from what I can see. Madden Taco is still going strong, however.

Edit: Oh, good. The Whole Rolle is long gone.

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Hah, that's awesome.

Second best horror survivor ever. (sorry Jamie, but Heather Langenkamp wins)

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I forget the name of the episode, but I adore the one with the gang making gifts for Charlie by using his journal for inspiration. Not only is it funny as hell, but it shows a side of the characters that you never see. They're still absolute monsters, but watching them try to make gifts out of gibberish like "worm hat" and "denim chicken" is weirdly sweet.

And, of course, CharDee MacDennis. Everything about that episode is perfection.

Also: I like watching Always Sunny under the theory that Danny DeVito doesn't know he's on a show, and everything he does on it is just his daily life.

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Video Games: The Movie is pretty good, although it glosses over and outright ignores wide swaths of pretty important stuff.

As @duke_of_the_bump says, there's pretty slim pickings fiction-wise.

Ummm... hmm. We Are The Strange is heavily *inspired* by video games, and that movie's great. Definitely not for everybody though, as it's extremely, well, strange. However, it's free (via the guy what made it) on Youtube, so give it a shot. It's at least very game-esque, and even starts with a player select screen.

And of course there's Scott Pilgrim, also heavily inspired by games and also great, with much wider appeal.

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Puppet Master X: Axis Rising - 10/10 and 1/10 simultaneously

Holy shit. WOW. First off: It's on Hulu, so go watch it. Even if you've never seen a Puppet Master movie, go watch it. Trust me. Even if you hate horror movies, because this is barely one. Even Jeff "Horror Hater" Gerstmann would love this movie.

Oh man, where do I begin? I love this franchise. It's been both surprisingly good and shockingly bad in its long history, but never dull (excluding Retro Puppet Master, which just sucks, and Puppet Master: The Legacy, which is a literal clip show). Full Moon is notorious and beloved for its terrible movies, but Puppet Master has that little extra touch of love that elevates it above your Evil Bongs and Gingerdead Mans. Even the worst ones have something special to them.

Then, most recently (2012), Puppet Master X happened. It's a direct continuation to Puppet Master 9: Axis of Evil (the timeline of these movies is... unique, and sometimes directly contradictory to itself), but it totally works as a standalone thing, despite it only being half of a storyline.

I'm not even going to try to review this. Suffice to say: it's truly bizarre, even for this franchise, and it had me in tears of laughter the whole time. Just... just watch this thing. It's downright magical.