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Eh. Sounds like a cash-in sequel. The first one wasn't even all that great. It just got dumb once all the characters started becoming obsessed with cats and Gabe Newell jokes. It would have been utterly unwatchable if not for the "Party Bill" character played by that Dan Rybread guy or whatever his name was. Give that man an award.

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Far be it from me to suggest that there ever be a replacement for Lockdown on GB streams, but if there were, this is clearly the top candidate.

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I don't even remember who half of my Steam friends are. I actively talk to... like... three of them (out of 53). But that's true of everything I've used with a friend list. One-time chats, friends of friends, people I've fallen out of touch with... it adds up. I don't remove them, since there's no reason to.

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You are the master of birthdays. You have redefined the concept of "birthday", and some would say that you have perfected the art of being born. Others look on with envy and amazement as you rule over Birthdayland with a literal iron fist. You, Bradley Shoemaker, are the alpha and the omega of birthdaydom.

You are a shloppy, shloppy birthday boy. There's cake everywhere, your table is covered in crumbs and icing, and you forgot your birthday bib. But no matter! For your mastery of the birthday overpowers mere cake slop. Your mastery of the birthday allows you to rise above your splattered surroundings, look upon the whole of Birthdayland, and know that under your rule it shall remain a glorious land. Peegs will roam free. Dogs will bark at their owner's TVs. A man will eat a burrito. All will be right with Birthdayland, and it is all thanks to your benevolent yet firm rule.

When the bombs fall, Birthdayland shall stand. When the trumpets sound and the world is whisked away toward some unknowable dimension, Birthdayland shall stand. When somebody tries to pave over Birthdayland because it's considered a public health hazard and really should have hired some engineers to make sure the Birthdaycoaster isn't made of rusty nails and gum, BIRTHDAYLAND SHALL STAND. It may wobble, it may teeter, it may comedically windmill its arms and go "Whoa-whoa-whoaaaa!", but it shall stand.

Go forward, Brad Shoemaker. Go forward unto whatever birthdays are ahead and lay waste to all that oppose.

... Or, y'know, just play some DOTA and take a nap. That's cool too.

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I'm getting a real Evil Dead vibe from those trees. Never knew Pajama Sam threw so dark.

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I love everything about this game (menus aside, but hey). I've always adored FMV games, but ones that are actually fun to play are rare. When the QL first started, I admit that my thoughts were "Oh no... this is going to be TERRIBLE". It wasn't until about twenty minutes in and a handful of Jenks' Nic Cage style performances that I really "got" it. When he started throwing the horns, I was absolutely in love.

Intentional corniness is nearly impossible to do right, but you guys nailed it.

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I think I did at least once. Don't remember any of it other than a planet-sized Dan devouring my soul (which was nacho cheese covered) and telling me to equip my rations.

Weirdly, this was in 1989.

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You might like LazyGameReviews. He focuses on classic/obscure PC games and hardware, and is a great change of pace from the loud wacky hosts, while still being funny. I think new YouTubers could learn a hell of a lot from his channel. Even if they don't, it's a great crash course on PC and gaming history, and his collection is a sight to behold.

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I still can't believe this is actually happening. It's just too great an idea to actually exist. It's amazing that Evil Dead is still (or rather, once more) an active franchise at all, and hasn't hit a suck point yet. Sure, the trailer could be a "the only good scenes are in here" deal, but I have a good feeling about this.

Despite the Scream show apparently being awful, I think there's something to the idea of bringing classic horror franchises back in TV form. Which I guess is my roundabout way of saying somebody needs to make a proper Elm Street TV series, dammit. Or at least put Freddy's Nightmares on DVD/BR.

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@paulmako said:

Keep going until you find the phrase 'Open GL' and then search for a floating yellow smiley face. Walk into it to leave.

Don't worry about the triangles on the map (they are just rats) and ignore the tetrahedrons as they will flip you.

Well done, sir. Well done.