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I like the new look! 
Anyone else getting the Xbox Beta section right on the front page (above "My Xbox") like I am? I was also able to download a beta application and receive a 0-point achievement for being in the beta...
To clarify: I was not in the Dashboard or the Kinect betas.

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Hm... All of my favorites have already been mentioned. 
I nominate the announcer/narrator in Forza 3. His voice, along with the game's menu system, is so calming. I want to have his adopted babies.

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@Underachiever007: You have enjoyed almost each and every game of a franchise that's sold over 34 million copies worldwide?! PREPOSTEROUS!!! (I take the "almost" to mean that you didn't enjoy Wars)

I also didn't enjoy Morrowind that much.
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I don't think Crysis is the best looking game from a technical standpoint. 
@Underachiever007 said:

" Also: great thread. "
This is perhaps the most controversial thing said in this thread.
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I think Vanquish alone is worth 30 pounds.

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@Cegoraph: Hm... really? I think a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of people would agree with you especially about  FF7, Halo, and GoldenEye. I think your new additions are a bit more abnormal. Really?! Portal isn't that good? REALLY?!???!
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To the OP, I don't think any of your opinions are controversial at all. But then... I also came into this thread expecting extremely outlier political videogame related opinions like "Rapture would totally work in real life!" 
Anyway, the soundtrack thread just reminded me of this: Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved is my 2006's 2005 Game of the Year. 
EDIT: Actually, what came out in 2005? GW might just straight up be my 2005 GOTY. 
EDIT: Okay, NFS: Most Wanted, Ninja Gaiden Black, RE4, God of War and Civ 4 all came out in 2005. 

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Shatter's soundtrack is also good.
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Really enjoying your blog entries more and more. 
And that video... no words. 
Just... thank you.

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@emem: Oh man, that would be pretty awful if you don't speak the language, or if the voice overs are terrible. Maybe the proxy thing will work. Or maybe you can just drive across the border into Poland or France and activate the game then drive back home. [Insert tasteless WW2/Nazi reference here]

You should start a petition to get Jeff to do a QL of Black Ops with German VO. 
@KaosAngel said:
" I bet the German version sounds really sweet.  All the anger and whatnot from the mobs you shoot up.   
"Huresohn!  Hosencheisser!"
Yeah, that's exactly what I'm thinking. I think I would enjoy some games in German!