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@dr_zox said:

I agree with everything here except for the last statement,

The only thing I would add is this: 25 million men died on the front lines in world war 1. more men fight more battles and die violently then women do. It's ok to have mainly males as protaginists as it portrays real life.

Think about it how often will a women take the role of protecter for males these games reflect reality

Patick is awesome and he should stay I enjoy his articles even if they are one sided sometimes and sexist

Women are now more involved with the military than they were in World War 1.

And video games barely reflect reality as it is so I don't understand why you want male-only protagonists so bad. "It has to be true to life!" Welp, then chuck out the whole fucking game.

@bishop113 "but at the same time disagree with Anita's piss poor method of getting her "point" across while flamboyantly slinging around the word misogynistic every chance she has, as if to suggest that video game writers are a bunch of woman hating scumbags when in fact it has more to do with the way in which storytelling is and has and always will be done when coming from people, we write about our life and our experiences and the trials and tribulations of being a person living on earth"

She doesn't toss the word misogynistic around very much and she has clarified a ton of times that she doesn't think video game developers/writers hate women just because they do a poor job of portraying women. You should probably watch her videos before going on a tirade?

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@dr_zox: It's a pretty terrible attitude to have that sexism is okay because the audience is largely male. Firstly, the audience is not as skewed towards men as you think. Secondly, do you really expect more women to get into video games when their portrayal in video games is shit and the community is so toxic? Thirdly, we've seen female dominant audiences in cinemas for a while and that's done jack-squat for the sorts of movies that are being released.

Great, in-depth criticism towards her videos, by the way.

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@agentboolen: Europe will now and always get shafted on videogames, it's just how it works. Ghostlight are admirable in that they really do care and listen to fans, but with how delayed releases are here it's always faster and simpler to just turn to piracy. It didn't help that their release of Devil Survivor: Overclocked shipped with a game breaking bug, but they're our best shot at getting these games. Releasing it on the e-shop would probably take even longer.

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Steam: Let's Positive Thinking

Location: Usually US West.

Experience: Over 500 hours played.. intermediate I guess.

Favorite Role: I play anything. Mostly support.

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The 3rd Birthday

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@Undeadpool said:

It's INSANE how much of the backlash on this is clearly fueled by bitterness. It's like an entire community saying "You weren't there when I wasn't getting a date in high school because gaming was still 'nerdy,' so now I exact MY revenge!!!" instead of openly CELEBRATING that gaming is reaching a wider audience and that it's not some deal-breaking stigma. Though it's clearly not just games, it's entertainment in general.

And the BEST part is, as always, how those who've had it all for so many years taking actual equality as them "losing" something.

You nailed it. I can't even bring myself to read these comments, because I know they're going to be full of hateful people who just don't get it. It's why people are celebrating what these women did on twitter as brave - complaining about sexism almost always makes privileged men angry and hateful. Fuck.

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@eskimo: Whenever a discussion about sexism comes up, there's always a guy who has to say "But think about meeeeeeee :("

Disgusting, cut it out.

@MordeaniisChaos: Not everybody is the same. Not every gay man is willing to put up with bullshit like you do.

White, straight, male privilege exists. The solution doesn't have to be, "Just live with it!" Some people want better than that. You should too.

Edit: I predict you'll get a lot of support from straight, white men who are glad somebody is here to say they don't have to feel bad about their privilege. At least, you would if more people were to read this thread. That's how these things usually go.

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King's Bounty

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Who cares. A lot of people will like these, most won't care and won't use them.

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Halo isn't very good. It was never very good.

Tom Chick is a pretty cool guy too.