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This was a great idea. That being said, does it seem to anyone else like Jeff's and Ryan's hair colors should be switched?

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Don't worry, let's just get in touch with MGM and they can put out 1313 as a Spaceballs licensed game instead.

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A regular diet of spoilercasts would help cure the ills of wanting to talk about a newly released game on the bombcast.

I like this idea.

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when Gotham Giant Bomb is ashes, you have my permission to die

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Well, where to're right, the battles look awesome. And I thought the announcer guy for the trailer was (intentionally?) hilarious.

Unfortunately it is saddled with a heaping helping of anime waifu bullshit so that will limit its audience greatly. But it's got potential.

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Also I can't actually spot a Skate 3 link in there but the header image reminded me that anyone who loves watching ragdolls do hilarious/bizarre/buggy things needs to watch HelixSnake's and his fellow Skate 3 players' videos.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSss this is one of my favorite videos of ever.

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Yeah. It's the new site that has articles and reviews about furniture from all around the world.

Although most of the time it's just pictures of furniture-shaped cakes and pretty Japanese girls dressed as end tables.

Skip to 41 mins for relevance.