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I found a full armor pickup at the very end of this walkway by the ocean, which is nice because armor is fucking expensive.

Right where the hand icon is.

Can anybody tell me where to easily obtain a bicycle?

I wanna do some Premium Rush shit but the only bike I've found so far was at the end of one of the early Strangers and Freaks missions that Michael had.

I want a way to get one reliably when I want one

I found some near the big pond in Mirror Park east of downtown, also there are probably some near the beach.

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hell yeah

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Jenn Franks Animal Crossing review that is linked above is great. As is anything she writes. She is becoming one of my favorites.

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Counterpoint: it was the first PAX Aus

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@rorie said:

The average video that our CDN delivers for other sites are usually shorter clips that are only a few hundred megs in size


just sayin'

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If waiting 15 minutes was your worst fast food experience, consider yourself cosmically fucking lucky. The fact that the employee had the grace to be apologetic about it would already cancel the negative out to the extent that I would forget the whole situation immediately after walking out the door...far from "the worst Burger King in the world". But hey, that's just me.

Nice job on the concert.

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I could really use a fucking cigarette right now.

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Hi, Kyle.