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I was wondering if it would be on Steam, snazzy. Was debating on snagging this.

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I might be wrong but I want to say they had a delay in another title which shuffled everything else. They had a post on their forum about how they're a very small staff so when they have to shuffle resources around it impacts everything they're working on.

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@Baal_Sagoth said:

60 € for an original Planescape: Torment big box with all the glorious/ nerdy/ pathetic nonsense in it.


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Wish the demo had been a bit longer, but it seemed interesting. Least the review gives some tidbits to fill my gap in knowledge about the game.

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My copy is out for delivery, so I should see it soon. Still toying with ME3, so I might not get to play right away.

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Namco likes to use as little advertising as possible and to release Tales titles around other major titles. Never makes sense to me.

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Guys still looking for noob players? Have a 27 Sintank / 27 Healer Agent, but not feeling the server selection / guild my old colleagues went with and want to try some Republic stuff out.

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Think I just found my second character.

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I was expecting a lot more cheese, glad I didn't get it.

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PS3 seemed to have a slower start but it really has become a great system on its own.  You've listed a number of great titles already and if you aren't going online the majority of the time, then the only real decision is how much value you think the purchase would be to yourself.