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Chopin - Nocturne in E Flat 
Debussy - Golliwogg's Cake Walk 
Rachmaninoff- Piano Concerto No. 3 
stuff like that.  Romantic onwards. 
@Dr_Feelgood38: Cohen's Masterpiece (Scherzo No. 7?) is beastly.  I am so glad music like that made into a videogame.

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@Fallen189:  It's usually to do with some weird hassling that is associated with international shipping.
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@GamerGeek360:  Bayonetta XVIII: SAG 
Honestly, stylish action game is fine, I think.
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@Fallen189:  Now you're being biased against the rest of Europe.
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@LordAndrew said:
" Ubisoft needs to make a four dimensional Prince of Persia game. I don't care if it's not possible; I want it. "

I checked wikipedia to see what the fourth dimension was and found this.  Highly recommend.
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4D Prince of Persia was never a commercially released game.  It was a fan remake of the original.  Also, there is no info on the page.
Delete: 4D Prince of Persia

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I shall assume the (stunt) position.

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I really like their take on Fly Me to the Moon.  It's an odd leap from an easy listening tune to an upbeat J-pop tune.

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Winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.

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I like how this thread confounded my expectations.  I thought GB was slowly turning into a pit of idiocy, but here we are in a four page thread about 1984 vs Brave New World. 
Well done you lot! 
Edit:  Wow, I am a massive cockbag.