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Devil May Cry.

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I can't wait.  I fucking love SPPPPAAAAAAACCCEEEEE!

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@mildlyclever said:
" 7.  Tingle - Legend of Zelda series - How can you not love him? "
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@Azteck: I think it is hilarious.  Sometimes, it is easy to tell that it was during some board room that the nonsense sort of stage direction was decided. 
It's good for drinking games too!
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Here is a list of all participants (stolen from the thread on the Eurovision!)

 - Juliana Pasha - It's All About You
Armenia - Eva Rivas - Apricot Stone
Azerbaijan - Safura Alizadeh - Drip Drop
Belarus - 3+2 - Butterflies
Belgium - Tom Dice - Me and My Guitar
Bosnia/Herzegovina - Brajić - Thunder and Lightning
Bulgaria - Miroslav Kostadinov - Angel Si Ti (You Are An Angel)
Croatia - Feminnem - Lako je sve
Cyprus - Jon Lilygreen and The Islanders - Life Looks Better In Spring
Denmark - Chanée & Tomas N'evergreen - In A Moment Like This
Estonia - Malcolm Lincoln - Siren
Finland - Kuunkuiskaajat - Työlki ellää (One Can Work For A Living, Too)
France - Jessy Matador - Allez Ola Olé (Come on! Ola! Olé!)
Georgia - Sofia Nizharadze - Shine
Germany - Lena Meyer-Landrut - Satellite
Greece - Giorgos Alkaios and Friends - OPA
Iceland - Hera Björk - Je ne sais quoi
Ireland - Niamh Kavanagh - It's For You
Israel - Harel Skaat - Milim (Words)
Latvia - Aisha - What For?
Lithuania - InCulto - East European Funk
Macedonia - Gjoko Taneski - Jas ja imam silata (I Have The Strength)
Malta - Thea Garrett - My Dream
Moldova - SunStroke Project and Olia Tira - Run Away
Netherlands - Pierre Kartner - Ik ben verliefd (Sha-la-lie) (I'm in love (Sha-la-lie))
Norway - Didrik Solli-Tangen - My Heart Is Yours
Poland - Marcin Mroziński - Legenda
Portugal - Filipa Azevedo - Há dias assim (There are days like this)
Romania - Ovidiu Cernăuţeanu and Paula Seling - Playing With Fire
Russia - Peter Nalitch and Friends - Lost and Forgotten
Serbia - Milan Stanković - Ovo je Balkan (This Is Balkans)
Slovakia - Kristina - Horehronie
Slovenia - Ansambel Roka Žlindre and Kalamari - Narodnozabavni rock (Folk Rock)
Spain - Daniel Diges - Algo pequeñito (Something tiny)
Sweden - Anna Bergendahl - This Is My Life
Switzerland - Michael von der Heide - Il pleut de l'or (It's raining gold)
Turkey - maNga - We Could Be The Same
Ukraine - Alyosha - Sweet People
United Kingdom - Josh Dubovie - That Sounds Good To Me 

Past glory for my homeland, Ireland! 

Dana , 1970 -  All Kinds of Everything  
Johnny Logan , 1980 -  What's Another Year  
Johnny Logan  (again), 1987 -  Hold Me Now  
Linda Martin , 1992 -  Why Me?  (written by Johnny Logan)
Niamh Kavanagh
  (yes the same as our 2010 entry), 1993 - In Your Eyes
Paul Harrinton and Charlie McGettigan , 1994 - Rock 'n' Roll Kids
Eimear Quinn , 1996 - The Voice 
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I am from Ireland.  We have won the Eurovision song contest seven times, the most any country has ever won.  We won three consecutive years from '92 to '94.  I liked our song this year, but unfortunately very few others did though. 
Anyway, at least we beat the UK!  Take that eight hundred years of oppression! 

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This is my favourite thread.

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@Sadisticham said:
" Don't care. Unless there cheaper than the rip off that is Currys and the bigger rip off that is PC World I'll continue to shop online for my electronics..where it's at a reasonable price. "
Curry's, PC World and Dixon's are all the same company, I think.
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@Chuggsy said:
Good seg.
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I'm liking the Chopin love in this thread.  He is like a lord of music though.