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I went with the 2600k, but the vast majority of games do not make use of hyperthreading.  From a gaming only standpoint the 2500k is a better bang for the buck. 
You can use a 60GB SSD for windows.  I used system links to move my users folders to a raid 1 of 2TB WD Blacks and boot windows itself off of a 60GB SSD very comfortably.  Another thing to consider is using SSD Caching with a z68 chipset. 
I would also consider the Radeon 6950 -- it's currently the best bang for the buck IMO, especially when considering dual card scaling at high resolutions.  Read some reviews over at  
If I could recommend a quality monitor -- the Dell U2311h is pretty spectacular for the price.

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Arma II Combined Ops -- Helicopters rolling out in formation.  Staggering the takeoff and heading for the AO.  Took these before I build my new machine, so excuse the lack of AA -- the the situation is epic. 

 Full Size Pic 1
 Full Size Pic 2

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I'm not seeing that line in my User.ini file... 
I changed that line in the Input_QWERTY.ini file and it worked.

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From the thinkwithportals blog:

"  There's also still time to collect all 36 potatoes. Anyone accomplishing this feat by the time Portal 2 launches will receive a very special, non-hat-based reward."
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@ShiftyMagician said:
" Someone just post a list of how to get potatoes here stat!  What was the potato for Amnesia again? "
Casbah  <-- use that as your profile name.

Password:  troubled memories
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@mracoon said:

" Ok so it looks like we need potatoes to get the game early. I've got some of those games already but how do I acquire potatoes? " has links to guides for every one, but it's currently down due to the latest update.  Expect it to be up soon.

Easy one here:

Join that steam group for a free potato.
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GLaDOS@Home... clever valve...

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I sure hope this is true.  Those dirty console pirates already leaked the full game last night.  It's only right for the real paying valve base get the pc version now as well.

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I really like this game.  I will be buying the sequel on the PC though -- it took way too long for MS to let expansion pack 3 come out on live.