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Hmm, if I were to buy a console just on launch titles, Xbox One certainly has 4 more than what the PS4 is offering at launch. Which would be 0.

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What the fuck? Everything was looking up for him. How the hell did this happen? Fuck me...Taken from this world way too soon.

RIP Ryan. We lost a great man today.

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So it's basically Hardcore mode from Diablo. Great, I'm all for it.

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Harada just threw internet trolls into a volcano.

Great, now they're going to come back with demon wings and laser eyes.

This is why we have "professional" community managers. Harada has a completely valid and legitimate point, sadly wrapped up in miserable whiny bullshit.

Yes, telling them up front how something works is miserable whiny bullshit.

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a) Moba is a shitty term

b) Blizzard Moba would be about as shitty as it gets

c) The famous Wc3 DotA is DotA Allstars

d) Blizzard All-Stars actually sounds okay

e) All-Stars in regards to their version of the game makes even sense, considering that there are all cool kinds of Blizzard's famous characters involved in their game.

A) So is "Dota"

B) Still not as shitty as "Blizzard All-Stars"

C) Terrible names are terrible names, regardless of tradition.

D) False

E) Cool is subjective, but it is objectively in the Moba genre.

Blizzard All-Stars is legitimately a candidate for the worst name of a big budget title of the last five years.

I wasn't aware that a free mod for StarCraft 2 is now considered a "big budget title". Go put your head in an oven please.

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Fine, if you don't want to stack MF then don't stack MF. Not that it really matters because it's not the only stat on an item anymore.

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I'm really struggling to find a reason to care if they used a stock photo. It's not like any other person in the ME game isn't based off of a real person to begin with. I do like the fan art picture though. The short hair is kind of hot on her.

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I was going to go in depth about TB and whatnot, but then I saw that you called Adam Sessler a shit head, which immediately told me that you don't know what the fuck you are actually talking about. So I'm really not going to bother, and instead post this just to get my post count up.

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Diablo 3, followed by Darksiders II, followed by Mists of Pandaria and Guild Wars.

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The better game one and that's that.