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So very, very tired.

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Swore he said Tuesday/Wed on Unprofessional Fridays. I guess cutlery corner on youtube and pounding energy drinks for me again tomorrow. Not a complete loss I guess, Tom O'Dell is pretty goddamn badass.

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As someone who just finished the Chris campaign of RE6 today....this thing needs a fucking reboot. It was one of the most frustrating gaming experiences of my life. Only 3 more campaigns to go...............kill me.

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Done. Can't wait for the uh, big prize.

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Not a big Star Wars guy at all, but I can't see this even coming close to the hype train that Episode 1 had going for it when it released. Hell, even I saw that piece of trash in theaters at the time.

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@dawnclover: Wow that is weird as hell. Maybe it's this disc specifically? Haven't tried any DVDs or Blu Ray movies yet so nothing to report on that end. If nothing else at least these things come with a year warranty so we can sit on our hands a bit more comfortably hoping it won't shit the bed.

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The first time I popped it in the disc spun then stopped over and over again while trying to read it. After I took it out and wiped the disc (even though it appeared clean) it never happened again. Haven't heard my console jet engine up like yours with any discs however.

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