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"I honestly can't believe Israel and Palestine are still fighting. When are you gonna stop the madness, SEGA?"

Sending Sonic in with Chilli dogs did not lead to a lasting ceasefire sadly :(

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Loved it the first time I played it at launch, still love it today. Absolute classic for me, although I can see it not aging well for a new player similar to the PS1 Final Fantasy games.

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I can not recommend the Giant Bomb Video Buddy enough. That thing is excellent and makes watching videos on the go amazingly easy. Get it!

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Don't worry OP, you are using the english language, and as a bonafide authentic english gentleman I can confirm you have the date correct. Don't let the colonists get you down! ;)

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Well, that game is dead to me now then. *uninstalls*

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I've loved listening to Drew grow in confidence on the podcast, he's brilliant!

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@ben_h said:

Err... just to be safe:

Also, be careful with the whole dating coworkers thing. It can get really awkward. Trust me on that one. I posted something about this that was happening to me at the time in your old thread. Things went south a bit and now work is kinda awkward.

came here for this picture, was not disappointed.

I also came here for this picture. Top work sir.

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I have no idea what a Yogscast is. And I spend A LOT of time on the internet.

I hear it all over the internet, but I've actually looked at any of it. For some reason whenever I read the word 'Yogscast' I just think of Yoghurt.... weird fact huh! :D

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I like him, seems like a fun guy. Sometimes he can sound seriously close minded in rather a trolly kind of way though.

For example, he talks a lot of shit about Anime and Football(soccer) for someone who doesn't care about it, and it's weirdly frustrating to hear him ragging on stuff other people like, especially as he likes wrestling... I just imagine he would understand how that can feel and be less of a jerk about it though. I'm sure he'll mellow in time though.

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Wow, those comparison shots are pretty damming.

Are we looking at the same images? To me it looks like a similar art style that is all and you really can't lay claim to an art style... especially not something as generic as that.