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For those who don't want to have to click through a 25 image gallery to see what they chose, the answer is Destiny.

Opinions man, everyone has them.

Their opinion is shit though. ;)

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Here at the show. There's a panel about VR with Shuhei Yoshida. There are only like 50 people in here. Fascinating talk. Damn shame. The line for Project Morpheus with over 1000 people in it. Anything specific anyone wants more info on?

Yeah, I'd love to know why they let Square Enix on stage if all they had to show was a giant middle finger to everyone.

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I just did it, it was surprisingly long but I answered everything honestly and hope it helps in someway.

I kept looking out for a place to mention how helpful the Giantbomb Video Buddy app was but it never came up, but hey, if you are reading this survey gods that app is great and @soup_menu deserves praise!

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@yodasdarkside said:

What the heck are you doing to them? There's no way you can break so many with 'normal' use! My packed-in DS4 is still fine and dandy.

Agreed, I'm still using my launch day pad 2-8 hours a day with no issue. Maybe be a bit gentler on your controllers. Remember after all, hitting R2 harder won't make the bullets do any more damage! ;)

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Interstellar, 4/5

A pretty great Nolan film but not as brainy as some of his classics, it also suffers from an eye rolling deus ex machina that literally had me eye rolling. Still a great watch though.

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Rorie is OP. (Do not nerf)

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FF7 is one of the best RPG's ever made, it's also Squares top selling RPG, I think it's brilliant but that's because I'm not going to give you some pretentious speech about how it's 'overrated' just to inflate my own internet ego.

Having said that, you might find it difficult to play in 2014, sadly early 3D graphics haven't aged as well as the very peak of 2D sprites (surprise!)

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Same, any chance of clearing some space from the club for us late comers?

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They need to do some better licensing for music going forward then, because this can't be the standard going forward.

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Halo has a story?