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The 'psp-ness' of the environments really shows.

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I think they should get their independence. Then I think we should invade and claim the land as part of England. ;)

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Maybe someone can mod FFXIII to be good now then.

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@einhert said:

"like the DLC is really bad and a complete milking session "blood and gore" are paying for the aforementioned in a game about big battles in one of the most brutal time periods in history....."

The blood and gore DLC is an interesting one. By charging for it as an extra piece of content it's not counted in the game that is rated by the ESRB. As such it can get a lower rating than if the blood was included and those that want it can have it for $1 or something.

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Show me a game developer who wouldn't sell out for $2 billion and I'll show you a god damn liar.

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He seems way more knowledgable about videogames than Dan, they should probably just switch positions.

The idea of Dan being in charge of a control room terrifies me somewhat lol.

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@alexw00d said:

It's a legit site, bigger than GB in terms of views. Some time in 2010 it appeared with a very similar design as then Giant Bomb. Dave was notified about them and it made him laugh, he told the community, and the rest is history.

It absolutely does not have more views than giant bomb.

I'm so glad that turned out to not be true. That would have made me very sad lol

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@vanillaplant said:

Yes, I would love to see a UPF where Brad attempts to play dota with Dan.


I just got to the 13 min mark and... whew. That is something.

That might be the perfect use of Dan Ryckert. It feels like a study into the chaos that is his mind.

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I'd like games journalism to tell me if a game is worth my time or not, and leave all the social justice warrior stuff for more informed debate rather than the half assed bandwagon jumping type that so much of it seems to be at the moment.

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Wow, add me to the list of people that thought it was a bugged out coming soon box. Why would I need to see what's out? I've already seen it! :P

Seriously though... jonesing for a new Metal Gear episode right about now...