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Wow, those comparison shots are pretty damming.

Are we looking at the same images? To me it looks like a similar art style that is all and you really can't lay claim to an art style... especially not something as generic as that.

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@shadow said:

Because 3-2 is an abnormally high-scoring game

I've never understood this as an argument. Surely if people are scoring every 20 seconds or so it loses all power or excitement? Sure sometimes we end up with boring 0-0 draws. But I think the end of the 2012-2013 season where in the space of about 3 minutes the title swang back and forth between two teams was one of the most exciting things I've ever seen in sport.

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From a neutral perspective that was a great match! And don't worry Americans, you are doing better than England did at least ;)

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I barely understand why anyone would preorder a physical copy of a game (maybe if it's limited print?) but preordering a digital game...? Why?

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So wait, these people are refusing to be on panels that don't contain any women at all? Isn't that actually worse? The women talk about being invited to be a token women on a panel (which I agree isn't cool) but now these guys won't join a panel unless there is a token woman?

How about everyone just invite interesting people to panels regardless of gender or ethnicity and everyone get over this whole everything has to be 100% PC all the time crap. I can only see this current trend ending with panels being made up of someone from every gender/ethnicity/minority regardless of if they have anything interesting to say just to avoid offending anyone and then all we will end up with is every single panel from every single website being exactly the same.

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I'd be interested in trying out a demo code if anyone has one going spare!

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I've got to think their is some feeling of superiority to be felt in bashing someones hard work. I imagine that plays a large part in it.

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Happy Birthday Mr Davis, you are still and will always be missed.

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@soap said:

874... I joined steam in late 2009 :S

Today that number stands at.... 1167. I think I might have a problem!

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It's a really popular thing to bash family guy, I bet most of the people who do haven't even seen it or at least not in a long time. I personally find it funny and I'm also not the lowest common denominator (go figure!) but I've not seen the new film or TED, although... TED did look pretty bad.

P.S American Dad is the funnier show btw.