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I'm that guy who is buying his second copy of GTA 5. I'm actually pretty excited to play through it all again. Don't ask me why, logic clearly isn't my thing.

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@amafi said:

I'd be very surprised if 15 turns out as bare bones and terrible as 13 though, if they are in fact building it for the PC alongside the other platforms.

I think you are right, 15 probably will perform a lot better on PC, but at the same time it's not exactly going to fill PC gamers with a lot of hope before launch that they should put their money down on it given how this version of 13 turned out.

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I have no future intentions of shooting up a high school, so I think I'll pass.

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Not particularly worried, more pissed off when I hear of aid workers who go out to help and then come back before getting any kind of all clear.

If you're coming back you should probably have to be in isolation for a week or two first to be safe. No point risking spreading it to other countries if it can be avoided.

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I followed Jeff and Ryan at Gamespot, followed Jeff when he left to the blog and Arrow Pointing Down, then was a day one member when GB was launched. When Vinny and Brad came over it was just icing on the cake and I knew this was the place for me.

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You made my attempt look like poop from a butt :(

Good work!

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Good form from whoever redeemed it to at least say thank you surely?

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I always knew there was something about him. Good detective work!

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What a great series that was guys, seriously thanks for that. I'm really looking forward to seeing Drews reactions to the 2nd game next and as such I threw this together quickly.

Drew is supposed to be Raiden, but I worked on this at a really low DPI like a noob and so didn't have much I could do with the small face. ... Looks a bit more like Brad to me but hey ho!

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Live chat does seem pretty pointless unless the guys are looking directly at it for questions or what not. Just a place for people to shout into the wind really.