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@nardak: Being flexible in your views isn't the totally right way to go or something to force on someone. Dan is doing pretty well for himself doing things just how he is doing them. I don't see why people think they should tell someone else how to act. He's an adult. If you don't like him, don't watch stuff he's in.

Opinions on Dan Rykert vary, but I think we can all agree that is the one thing he is not.

He just wrote a self help book on anxiety. Dude's pretty grown up when he wants to be.

Am I the only one who finds the idea of someone taking any form of advice from Dan, anxiety or other, really troubling? If you have Anxiety issues, may I recommend seeing a trained professional? Not reading the book of a man who tried to cook egg shells.

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I'd just stay off twitter all together if you care about your 'online presence' no one on twitter comes across as anything other than a whiny asshat anyway.

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Brad forces a game that doesn't deserve the accolade into the top 10? I wouldn't worry about it, it's something of an annual tradition around here.

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I was playing the Jackbox Party Pack with my family up until about 5 minutes before new year, then we paused to watch the fireworks and then went back to playing until about 2am.

So yeah... Jackbox Party Pack for both! It made for a great new years.

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I'll be honest, I was probably one of the vocal people who wasn't the happiest when you arrived, change is always scary I guess and I'd never followed any of your work before. Consider me a fan now though Patrick, you are really going to be missed around here and I wish you well for the future.

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No! It would be a great idea!

Sleeping dogs is brilliant, not sure if it's going to be 100% as fun in a 'post gta 5' world but whatever, it's still really good and very different. I loved it so much I got 100% of trophies for it on PS3 and then again on Steam including all DLC's and even to this day sometimes have the urge to jump back in.

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I would say go play it first, and then watch Drew go through it. You'll probably enjoy it a lot more as he goes through the same confusion and excitement as you do.

... You will also get a second chance to try and process the crazy story while watching Drew play, which will undoubtedly help.

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For those who don't want to have to click through a 25 image gallery to see what they chose, the answer is Destiny.

Opinions man, everyone has them.

Their opinion is shit though. ;)

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Here at the show. There's a panel about VR with Shuhei Yoshida. There are only like 50 people in here. Fascinating talk. Damn shame. The line for Project Morpheus with over 1000 people in it. Anything specific anyone wants more info on?

Yeah, I'd love to know why they let Square Enix on stage if all they had to show was a giant middle finger to everyone.