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@Hailinel said:

@SpawnHellraiser said:

@Hailinel: yes, someone mentioned that and I agree. But Capcom just want to capitalize.

Well, the easy solution is that if you don't like Ryu as an extra character, no one is forcing you to pay the extra money to download him.

Very true. I never said i was being forced. I just think its a shame they couldn't use another character.

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@Hailinel: yes, someone mentioned that and I agree. But Capcom just want to capitalize.

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@TentPole: well the rant is my personal opinion. its not factual. why call my opinion stupid and silly without giving a reason why its stupid and silly...just saying.

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i just got it and i kinda suck too...

PSN: SpawnHellraiser

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I didn't like much of the QTE's either, but i still had fun with it. Will definitely wait until it gets to $20 or $30. And to think I had this on pre-order. :-(

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now that is hilarious. Good luck to you!

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@Atramentous: hm..i wouldn't call it a rage. I'm just sick of seeing RYU in games outside of SF realm. Compared to other more dramatic nerd rants, mine is pretty weak. I didn't even curse in that compared to my rant about G4tv. hehehe.

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@Zippedbinders: oh yes. I couldn't name them all. And as I mentioned, some of those characters are pretty fun to play with. But I just can't stand RYU tacked on to other games anymore. Yes are right where it should have been an unlockable. But that's a whole other issue with Capcom. Especially since they love to release new versions of the same game. :-(

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I thought this thread is very informative. Thank you @MB

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The Rant

Whoever told Capcom and CyberConnect2 that adding Ryu as a DLC fighting character to the newly released action game Asura's Wrath should be fired. First off, have you even seen Asura fight? In the demo, the dude DEFEATED a god that basically was half the size of the earth. Asura used all his might to push the god’s fingers from space. GOT THAT? FROM S…P…A…C…E! So how in the heck can Ryu, who isn’t even close to the power of Goku, defeat Asura in a straight fight? Not even Akuma has anything on Asura.

Therefore, this isn’t a fight amongst equals.

Secondly, haven’t we all learned our lesson from Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV and other Street Fighters that has multiplayer matches online that players almost ALWAYS CHOOSE RYU? We are sick of seeing Ryu. Get another character for crying out loud. Heck, if sticking to Capcom-only fighters even choosing Akuma would have been o.k since Akuma has more of a rage than Ryu. Now I know DLC is optional but this is a waste of time and money. They are praying on the Ryu fans to pick this game up and make a not-so-deserved killing off it.

The Rundown of Other Games with Random Character Universes

The hot trend started with Soul Caliber IV. Depending on which system you brought SCIV on, you were either getting Yoda or Darth Vader as an added bonus character. Later, you were able to download the one you were missing via DLC. Now I heard this wasn’t knew to Soul Caliber series but it was knew for me as I never played a SC game before IV. It was knew and rather cool because I am a Star Wars fan.

The next few and upcoming games include Mortal Kombat 9 with Freddy Kruger from the movies Nightmare on Elm Street and Kratos from God of War series (he also appeared in Soul Caliber: Broken Destiny), Ryu from Street Fighter in the now-cancelled MegaMan Universe, and Street Fighter X Tekken with Cole MacGrath from Infamous series, Pac-man (Namco) and MegaMan (understandable since he’s from Capcom).

The Foot

These character are fun to play with but I’d have to put my foot down for Ryu in yet another fighting game other than some new Street Fighter. Capcom can do better. Much better and they never give love to Jubilee from X-Men in their Marvel vs Capcom games.

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