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I only caught a little bit but what I saw, the message spamming was quite annoying (granted, if I was one of the guys playing, I'd be even more annoyed)

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Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Graces f and Eternal Sonata. All great games

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Saw this earlier and the only words that came out of my mouth then and even now is...


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Awesome, hoping this next one will finally end Desmonds Story. I'd like to see how it ends after going through all these games :).

AC may be Ubis CoD but at least it always has a good long single player campaign that I'll get hours out of :)

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I'll be going with my gf on the Saturday. GW2 pushed it for me (coming down from Scotland for Eurogamer, we get nothing like this in Scotland ;_; ).
Will also try and check out the Dev session with Nolan North as well :D Should be a good day. :) can't wait

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I was sad at first :( (still am a bit ;_: ) but then I realised that it will give me more time for Skyrim and other releases near the end of the year :)

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I was going to originally be a Human/Warrior for my main like in the first game but well... as the professions were revealed, I started having trouble deciding what I would prefer >_<

I'll still be a human first but I'm unsure of what profession I'll be. I'm leaning towards Elementilist or Ranger.

Still I'll have one of each race and one of each profession.... eventually

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Gamertag: Stuart89g
PSN: Stuart444
Steam: Stuart444
only reason my gamertag is different is because not long after I got my 360 (like 2 weeks or something), my hotmail account got hacked and I lost my gamertag with it

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I'm not going to get this but that does look pretty cool tbh

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