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These are much better. I didn't have a huge problem with the originals, but these are undeniably improved and better fit what I would have expected for the ending. The crew putting up Commander Shepard's plaque on the Normandy was pretty sad. Feels bad man.

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Sorry man, if 6000 spiders were in my house then it's their house now. They win. Keep it. I don't want it anymore. This thread made me think of the movie Arachnophobia.

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@WLF68: The sacred law of Steam sales is to wait for the last day of the sale if something hasn't been a daily deal yet or you happened to miss a daily deal. They nearly always have a recap at the end with most, if not all, of the previous deals. If the item you are looking for isn't featured in the recap, no loss. Just purchase it at its current discount.

Edit: Also, welcome to Giant Bomb.

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You're not alone OP. I have a circumaural headset and I find myself with headaches every week or two. I think it's because of how tightly they fit on my head; the clamping pressure is pretty significant. The problem for me is that if I adjust them to be more loose I'm also adjusting them to be longer and consequently sit lower to the point where they wouldn't be fitting on my ears anymore. Dilemma eh? I like my headset other than these occasional headaches.

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Nice guys don't finish last, pushovers finish last. You can be nice without being a pushover.

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@No0b0rAmA: That pasta you sent to me was awful.

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@Samael2138: Welcome duder! Like said, make sure to join the PC Gaming Hub group and get in on some awesome game nights with us!

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@notnsane: @sebastien102: There are rules in place to prevent people from just showing up to take advantage of this. Signing up within the last few days, only having a few posts, and having those same posts primarily be within this thread make it pretty obvious that people are here only to get free things. This was set up so that the Giant Bomb community could take care of community giveaways more easily. Like Hamst3r said, feel free to settle in and actually become an active member of the community, but showing up in the wake of our group giveaways makes you look opportunist.

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My pc is backwards compatible to the beginning of pc gaming. Go awesome pc community, making it all happen.

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Apparently women are really into S&M.