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It bothers me that we spend tax dollars letting people like him live a relatively comfortable life in prison. Prisoners live better than most poverty stricken Americans.

Define "better." He's going to spend the rest of his life in a cramped cell, let out only to have meals (hardly gourmet quality) and maybe get some exercise. And he'll be surrounded by other convicts in an environment that's especially hostile toward child molesters. He'll spend the rest of his life watching his back out of fear, eating shitty cafeteria food, and sleeping in a cell, possibly in solitary confinement. The rest of Sandusky's life is almost certainly going to be nothing more than years of empty misery.

He doesn't have to worry about keeping a roof over his head to protect him from the elements. He has a bed to sleep in. He knows he will be fed every day. No one said it was luxurious, but those sitting in the depths of poverty actually have to worry about those things. They also get healthcare that plenty of people don't have.

Now, with Verone’s story going viral, a bunch of additional broke folks without health insurance will probably want to horn in on what was a well-kept secret among the criminal class: At its four medical facilities strategically placed around the country, the Federal Bureau of Prisons provides very decent medical care. And the kicker is, when a prisoner has a medical condition that is beyond the ability of the federal prison staff doctors, the patient (to doctors they’re “patients” not “prisoners”… no matter what guards and prison administrators might say to the contrary) are shipped off to outside hospitals. Some even end up in world-class facilities like the famed Mayo Clinic.
“Imagine a place where you don’t have to pay anything or no more than $5 for a visit to the medical clinic,” Roberto Hugh Potter, an expert in the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Central Florida wrote in an article about the future of universal health care, “Where your physician-prescribed medications cost you nothing, where there is no penalty for missing work or school to go to the clinic, and where every individual has an absolute right to access and receive “adequate, reactive” health care. Welcome to prison!”

It rubs me the wrong way when criminals are provided for while upstanding, innocent people have to struggle. It sets a poor precedent.

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It bothers me that we spend tax dollars letting people like him live a relatively comfortable life in prison. Prisoners live better than most poverty stricken Americans.

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I wouldn't have had a problem with the cutscenes if it weren't for the fact that like half of them were prerendered and thus looked like garbage on my PC, where the running game looked 2-3x better than what I was seeing in those cutscenes.

Exactly my thoughts. I also didn't appreciate that you couldn't skip them on subsequent play throughs. When you try to skip it just says "still loading" and you end up watching practically all of the cutscene anyway. Annoying.

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Once someone gets a stranglehold on the market it is really difficult to wrest control from them. Look at WoW for MMOs, Apple for mp3 players, China for cheap knockoffs of everything, Steam for digital distribution and so on.

Origin is late to the party, is a major underdog, has a comparatively limited library, is far less liked than Valve, and seemingly is run by people that are wildly out of touch.

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I bit, but I'm still miffed that they went back on their "we're not charging for dlc" line.

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Implying Valve will finally learn how to count to three ...

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Dude, I loved Taken. It's one of my favorite movies. That being said, I'm aware of the problem sequels have of living up to their predecessors so I'm cautiously optimistic for this.

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Looks like I'm not alone in wanting to grab Arma II/DayZ. Steam sales make me super excited, which is actually bad. I end up buying things and spending money that I did not plan every single time. You win, Valve.

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Slighted? How long have you been waiting? I would give a little time before you start worrying.

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Wow, that bike fight was pretty special. Stuff like that gets the green light?