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1. This is awesome looking.
2. Gamers are so god damn spoiled these days. WHEN I WAS YOung bLbalbalbal[trailing off]

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First of all, kudos to Radical for simply making Hulk: Ultimate Destruction over again. That game was amazing, and this is just more of it, with bells on. That is a standing ovation from me. The kind of destructive freedom this game gives you makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. It's just blindingly over the top. I don't particularly care about the story much, but they're doing a very good job trying to make me care, and it's easily appreciated. Nice and bleak evil government agency conspiracy with a bunch of pink monsters thrown into it. My biggest fear now is that the entire city is going to wind up infected by the disease; those areas are seriously fugly.

Second, it runs surprisingly well on my computer, which has a pretty low-end Quadro graphics card. It runs far better than The Sims 3, which surprised me a lot. It's not super pretty, but it stays dead on at 30fps or higher. More kudos to Radical for an engine that scales so nicely; it seems console->pc ports mostly don't care so much about PCs lower specced than the console they originally ran on (which happens these days).

Third.. Not that Brads review was negative (this is a four star game for sure), but i can't help but wonder if his opinion wasn't colored at least slightly by having been so infatuated with Infamous. In my mind there's only so many open world superpowered-dude-in-a-busted-up-city you can play within such a short time.

I hope Infamous doesn't deter anyone from playing this. I'm having a hell of a lot of fun. It's just an incredibly generous game.

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@AgentJ: You can't realistically compare the SNES library to the Wii simply because the SNES library was larger with more brevity. Nobody is saying the SNES didn't have shovelware, but the shit to quality ratio in general was at least moderately balanced.
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@killdave: brilliant.

I admire some people's inability to read past the blog post and into the actual discussion that followed it. If you're not interested in a discussion, don't comment.
I also admire some people's inability to read the actual point of the post, which is lamenting the industry's lack of respect for tactile feedback.

If i was as blind as you, my life would probably be more enjoyable.
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@TheKidNixon: I think the way i interpreted Nintendo's first "abandonment of the core" was that they would revamp the interface and make games more approachable. I did not, with that, assume that the actual game experiences would be watered down to the extent that they have been. Nintendo have given us some of the most twisted franchises out there, but at some point late in the GameCube cycle they simply gave up making new things. The new Nintendo is so focused on short term enjoyment. It's frustrating for me as a huge Nintendo fan to see them make such huge strides away from me, keeping me hooked with these nostalgic references to what they used to be.

It feels like such a bait and switch. I want to hang on to this company because they were my childhood. And they are turning it into this Apple corporate glossy... Bleh.. There is so much personality associated with the console now that the games aren't given room to prosper on it. A Wii game is a WII game.

What's going on right now is that, as with all other Nintendo advances, their competition is taking their tech and moving it forward. They're doing fine now but once that casual marketplace gets crowded, i'm not too certain they're going to come out on top.
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@RsistncE: I will happily buy a system to play exactly one game if that game is good enough. Happened with Ninja Gaiden and the Xbox for me previously; Every other game i bought for that system was just collateral damage. I've had some amazing gameplay moments with the Wii, my purchase is justified.
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@Lies: They fulfilled their quota at a bare minimum. This shit is formulaic Nintendo at this point and you know it. Got a template? Fill it out.

The Metroid game looks genuinely fascinating. The others? Cool, but they did not have to announce that at an E3 press conference. We all knew that was coming already. No surprises whatsoever.
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@RsistncE: There is nothing dumb about the Wii. The system has great games. It's got a stagnant future however.
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I have not sworn so much during a press conference in years. Corporate god damn bullshit through and through, it's like watching an Apple keynote really. Just a big show of consensus reality; If we can convince enough people that we are great, then it must be true!

Nintendo, you motherfuckers. I already own your stupid Wii, 3 of your stupid DSes, 2 GBAs, 3 iterations of the Gameboy, the NES, the SNES, i own your god damn hardware, okay? I OWN it! Give me some mother fucking games to play! A press conference full of self appraisal, bullshit "interviews" with people on the street, it's a god damn reality bubble, and watching the MS and Sony keynotes, where they are actually building their brands and actually gaining some momentum, the feeling i'm stuck with is that Nintendo is resting on their early gains, and that they are going to get bum rushed the hell out of the market altogether.

I have invested so many years in that company, and they are doing EVERYTHING THEY CAN to alienate me at this point. A *SINGLE* game i'm remotely interested in? For a whole press conference? How the hell can they go from my absolute favorite to frustrating cock tease on such short notice?

It's literally heartbreaking. Throw that insincere Cammy chick out the window. Give Reggie his balls back. Less philosophy from Iwata and more ACTION. You're all talk, no action! A *pulse* sensor? Are you fucking kidding me? WHAT?

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@TheKidNixon: Well said