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@ParadoxControl: That is the single dumbest assessment of the LAN situation i have heard in a very very long time. Yelp about how dead LAN is the next time your ISP fucks your service and you have no ability to play the game you paid for.
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@Cerza: The license is what you pay for, not the hard copy or the ability to install. You're not a pirate if you play with a legit key :P
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It's balls out retarded. I play LAN more than online, mostly because i actually do go to LANs, and i only play with friends.

1) If it's to counteract piracy, get real. Pirates will find a way around it. This kind of challenge is practically WHY they are pirates to begin with.
2) No amount of stat tracking or friends list tomfoolery will sway me. I don't play for that.

I'm disappointed. I'm expecting there to be a hacked server out before Blizzard can cough the word "uhh", and i'll be happy to play at a LAN using that. Latency has no business being in a game where i can literally look over at the other guy's monitor.

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From all my time with RTSes since StarCraft, particularly the Relic games, i'm pretty bummed out that Blizzard isn't doing more to their template.

I'm all for RTS games with wacky single player campaigns though. DoW2 still has me coming back.

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People that think this look makes sense for Max Payne don't get Max Payne. I'm all for an older, tired and broken down Max. This isn't it.

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Just a reminder. Wtf are they doing?!

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This does not look like a Max Payne game. At. All. It looks like angry Sam Fisher. In the jungle(?!).
This is a bullshit pretender to the throne. I am not a believer. It can play great and still not be Max Payne.

"This is Max as we've never seen him before, a few years older, more world-weary and cynical than ever"
Urrrghhhhhhhhhhh. Max Payne is not your generic angry-man. I wouldn't even call him cynical or world weary. First game is a drug infused revenge story after they *murder his wife and child*. The second is a conspiracy *love story*. Remedy did really interesting things with that character. But, you know, what the hey. Let Rockstar go Rockstar it all up. BLehghgh. Fuck this.

I don't know but my gut says fuck this shit.

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Bah Prototype is hard but it's not that bad. Keep moving, don't be afraid to run away, abuse disguises, hijack vehicles where possible. The few times it gets really frustrating is usually when i find myself spending too much time in one place. Like in Bionic Commando really. Run run run run runrunrunrunrunrunurnurnurnurnrun! Run! Jump! Run!

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Why the hell would they publish a trailer showing the game running at something like 15 fps? I'm not a performance whore, but that's JANKY looking!