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If they released a new Rock Band or Guitar Hero for next gen consoles, I'd buy it.

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That was hilarious. Even funnier that the kid said games journalist in quotes as if it isn't really a thing haha

But, the best part was Jeff shaking his head at the very end. SO good!

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@korwin: I know The End was easy IF you had the thermal goggles, but it still felt really intense at the time! The Fury was pretty easy IMO. I still think Drew is going to have a bit of a struggle without the graphical radar. Also, the camouflage system may irritate him lmao. I can't wait!

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I just hope they start taking interns in the Giant Bomb East office, I'd love to work for Vinny and Alex!

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I always wondered why they wouldn't use something good. They seem to always mention the podcast crashing from time to time, I expected CBSi to run ProTools in their podcast studio. It's easy, it's reliable, and it's the industry standard for audio recording.

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Alex mentioned that he and Vinny were tossing around the idea to start a podcast for Giant Bomb East. How awesome would that be to get a weekly dose of Vinny and Alex again? I'm so glad Alex came out of his shell working with Patrick, and I can't wait to see what these guys come up with on the east coast! Being a Jersey native, it's nice to see my favorite gaming website branching out to the east coast!

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This one is going to be epic. How will Drew handle not having the graphic radar like in the last two games? The battle with The End! How long will it last??? Oh man, I seriously can't wait!

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Giant Bomb just lost a HUGE HUGE HUGE asset. You're awesome @patrickklepek best of luck with whatever you do in the future, man. And btw, your Lost reference to Ryan made me tear up a bit.

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Quick Looks take a ton more time than people give these guys credit for. You got to remember the staff is only a hand full of guys, and three of them aren't even in SF anymore. Each game needs to be played BEFORE creating the Quick Look so they don't just look stupid playing the game for the first time in a video. Also, I'm sure Jeff, Brad, and Dan are busy writing reviews for the listed games. Not to mention audio syncing and video editing that Drew and Jason have to take care of after the video content is recorded. It's a tight-nit group of guys, and that being said, you have to give them a break on these things. If they were a staff of 30, it'd be unacceptable, but a staff of 6 in SF 1 in Chicago and 2 in NYC, meh, it's not enough.

Also, don't forget the Bombcast needs to be recorded - that's strictly the most scheduled content that they have, and probably their most popular.

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I remember spending a ton of time trying to get some of these quests done. I was surprised to see them go, especially as I believe I wasn't the only one who really liked them. I also miss the achievement tracker the site had where it should a pie chart of all the achievements and trophies earned. Ah, the good old days.