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I can't remember what my first video game was because my brother and I usually shared our games. I know we had the NES and my brother got the Genesis for his birthday while I got the SNES for Christmas (or maybe it was my birthday?) so the SNES was technically my first console. I remember getting a bunch of Genesis games as a kid, so maybe my first game was Quack Shot? Fun fact - I was never able to beat Quack Shot until about a year or two ago. I would always get to the final boss stage and die. Pulled the game out and played the whole thing through and jumped for joy as those credits rolled! ha

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@Carryboy: If it's not considered an artform, it's open for attack from the government. The only thing keeping video games safe is the constitution. This issue matters.

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A cereal box? . . .

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Many games have great stories. Many books have terrible stories. Many movies have terrible stories. The games that have little to no story are in the minority these days. You'll see more story lines in video games than ever before. Even games that have no real story should still be considered art because of the different elements that are involved in the game. Gameplay is an art, in game environments are all created using art, the music in the game is art. Video games don't get enough credit as an artform when in reality they combine most artforms.

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Nice, I'm glad some people actually read it! Figured no one would read it because of how long it was. Glad you all enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!

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And this is a terrible picture of me wearing the retro style GB 2012 shirt and a custom made hoodie my girlfriend got me for Christmas. At the time there were no GB hoodies. I like mine a lot though.

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This is me riding the subway to NYC. There I went to a comedy club where a comedian noticed my t-shirt during his set.

"Dude, are you wearing a shirt that says "Giant Bomb"? What is that?"

"It's a video game site!"

"Dude, did you look in the mirror before you left the house? You look like a terrorist!"

Haha, good times.

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@Dagbiker: I have yet to find any youtubers, people in school, or any other bloggers that are actually willing to do a calibration. Everyone is out for themselves. I know we are at a time where the American economy is in turmoil and there are only so many jobs out there, but it's really ridiculous.

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@believer258: i was thinking about making some photoshop fliers to pass out. Just wondering who actually looks at that stuff. I know I never do.

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