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So I've been working on a blog/site while in college and I'm just wondering how I should go about getting noticed. I have a youtube, tumblr, blogspot, wordpress, itunes podcast, facebook, and a website and it seems like I'm getting no traffic. Most video views on my youtube channel was for my review of the Nyko Intercooler.

On a related topic - How do you continue working on your website while still finding time for school?

Thanks in advanced for any advice!

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between seeing the footer and them hinting at shorter podcasts. Man this whole thing is bumming me out again.

They've spoken about shorter podcasts many times, it never happened.

When did they say this? I know they say something along the lines of "God-damn this podcast was long" but when did the say it was going to be shortened? Or when did they "hint" at this since the transition to CBS?

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So are the loyal Interns going with you? I really wanted to apply for an internship at WM next summer, guess that idea's shot.

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Wow. If the screenshots are real, this game actually looks pretty good! Who knows if they will drastically overhaul the mechanics though...

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I have extremely fond memories of my NES, Sega Genesis, and Playstation. It's tough to decide which is my "favorite" but I think I'd have to go with the one I spent the most time with which was the Playstation. Though NES had AMAZING titiles that I couldn't get enough of, there was something about my Playstation. The funniest part about my acquiring my Playstation was - My brother came to visit from MN one year and brought it as a gift. At the time I had an N64 and thought the Playstation was garbage. After months of it collecting dust, I subscribed to the Official Playstation Magazine and got a ton of those demo discs. I think Intelligent Cube and Tony Hawks Pro Skater were my gateway drugs. I couldn't get enough of the Playstation ever since, and I actually used it way more than my N64... well when i wasn't playing Ocarina of Time that is!

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@cky4890: Do you play a ton of games? Can you not afford said games? If yes, Gamefly is for you.

I switch back and fourth between the 2 and 3 game plans. It's great to play a game and send the other back so you have something to play while you wait.

Tip - if you want a title that is coming out in a few days, clear your que and make sure it is the only game in there. My biggest complaint with Gamefly is how the organization of the que never matters. The game that you want can be at the top of the list and high availably, but they'll send you game number 17 for some reason. (Just happened to me with Catherine and Enslaved)

Oh and the turnaround is usually 3-5 days. Most of the time it's 3 days though. And new titles usually come the day after they are released. I use gamefly for my review site and I usually have a video of each game I rent up by the end of the week.

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@Nightriff: editing a podcast is super easy. I do it all the time. Jeff can hold it down, anyone can really...

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It's got to the point were churning of daily chores on a Tuesday are hindered by my desire for a new Bombcast.

I can't stop thinking about it...I drain last week's Bombcast completely dry, to the point were I know which segments are approaching in the discussion.

I can sense my girlfriend getting suspicious of my obsession of these four grown men.

Should I go see someone about this?

I'm exactly the same way, I have a feeling my fiancé is going to hate the GB Fab 5 when we live together. Bombcast on all the time.

My girlfriend HATES when I listen to the GBCast. Sometimes she'll laugh, like she laughed at the Coke machine/Five Guys discussion, but usually she tells me to turn it off. I listen to the podcast more than anything and usually listen to each one a couple times on my commute to school. I can't help it!

I really hope the new one gets posted before I leave work! I wanted to listen to something on the bus!

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Kinect with the Kinect Zoom hoping it would work fine in my tiny bedroom. NOPE. So now I am just using it for voice recognition for Netflix ha. But honestly, I was hoping Kinect would have a lot more to offer by now. I can't really complain though since I got it for next to nothing.