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Thought id throw my hat in the ring:

59 Demon Hunter

Main - Hungering arrow - Devouring Arrow

Second - Charkam - Dual Chakram

1 - Rain of Vengeance - Dark Cloud

2 - Spike Trap - scatter

3 - Smoke screen - lingering fog

4 - Companion - Bat companion

Passive - Vengenace, Sharpshooter, Archery

Alrite, so first and foremost, the one thing that i havent seen a single other demon hunter use is smoke screen, and i think i understand why, its because the tooltip is incorrect. Not only will enemys not attack you, it makes you invulnerable as well as break any movement impairing effects(slow, freeze, stun, etc), so say you are fighting the butcher, and are gonna get caught in fire or are grappled by his chain, just pop smoke screen and all damage is negated. This has been the saving grace for me as a demon hunter.

Secondly, spike trap is ungodly powerful, and with scatter you will place three in a spread out row at a time which is great for large mobs to turn into a fine pink mist. However, when fighting harder enemies, the trick is to fight in doorways or stairs. Since the traps cant spread out, they layer on top of each other. For me each trap does about 12k on hit, 24 on crit, so imagine dealing anywhere between 36-72k damage in a single hit, oh my god enemies just melt away.

The bat is just there for extra regen.

Rain of vengeance is an essential aoe ability, other than its cooldown there is no cost, i use the dark cloud ability because it targets individual units, which i find works better if your fighting a boss or other large individual unit instead of a group of units, but it is still effective against a group.

Lastly dual chakrams i use because it can just cause tons of damage to enemies pouring out at you, or at the very least on a hit you get the full 100% damage, but on a good hit against say a boss, easily 400% damage.

Passive abilities - vengenace to increase my hatred, i use a crossbow, so archery gives me an additional 50% crit damage, and sharpshooter gives me extremly high crit ratings

Overall, i like the demon hunter, i can dish out damage like noone else, and smoke screen keeps me alive while doing it.

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@I_smell said:

Aaaaah kinda lame. The stuff the guys do for E3 is pretty bonkers, and that old E3 logo is super dull. Also it's all CRAZY shiny and a pretty boring scene.

Someone should do a Hardy Boys mystery fanart or like a Scooby-Doo fanart of the GiantBomb guys though.

I totally do hope they do the mystery thing.

wow....debbie downer right here if i ever saw one

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This will never happen, but a new Ogre Battle Game, and i mean a proper one, not one of those turned based tactic things

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Bump for video! or even audio

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@Mr_Skeleton said:

@rmanthorp said:

Any word on if it is even coming?

Things like that take time, I would expect to see it in a few months in the best case.

i think rmanthorp thinks we mean the redesign, not the video. We want the video. They said during the "i love mondays" video that they were gonna put it up, but nothing yet

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bump because I want this video posted as well

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i did and it still doesnt show up

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I downloaded the pack, and the characters are there but i dont see mt fuji anywhere

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I really enjoyed asura's wrath, but im kinda curious, what exactly is this? Is it just a short anime filling in story content, or is there any gameplay to this?

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Have they even confirmed that there will be a podcast tonight?