The Uncomfortable List of Irritating Bastards

Seriously, I just want to punch them in the liver.


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Posted by Chocobodude3

Good list but add more descriptions 

Posted by TheBlackPigeon
@stoodspoon: How 'bout now?
Posted by Chocobodude3
@TheBlackPigeon: Thats better 
Posted by TheBlackPigeon
(clenches fist)
Posted by eqaddictedfool

21. was that an aqua teens joke? If so shame on me for knowing that. if not shame on  you for not watching enought ATHF
Posted by TheBlackPigeon
@eqaddictedfool:  The only things Alma knows are ball and good......
Posted by Little_Socrates

I rather like Harry Flynn, though he is a malicious bastard to be sure.

Posted by Kyreo

I like how you referenced Hand Banana in the list, without referencing Hand Banana.  Bravo.

Posted by TheBlackPigeon
You, uh.....basting that turkey today?
Posted by Toxin45

Bertrand can become a giant monster and turn people into monsters

Posted by TheBlackPigeon
@toxin45: And that's pretty uncomfortable and irritating.
Posted by Toxin45
@TheBlackPigeon: Yeah also add the beast and if your ever into anime go to anime vice and list the people similar to this list

Just 12. 
12. 12. 12. 12. 12. 

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"His hard on for Claire, inconveniencing at times."

A little date-rapist waiting to happen.

"Fuckin' retard thinks his parents are a fully furnished apartment. Also gives you a doll that causes your item chest to be haunted for the rest of the game"

His retarded fans are fucking insane and I'm not exaggerating at all. They have used every known excuse to defend this character... it's actually pretty sick...