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Part of the reason the PS3 was so popular overseas instead of the 360 was because the 360 experience was so truncated. We would pay similar Xbox Live fees, but have no access to certain features (Netflix, for example) as opposed to PS3 being free for online.

Now that the Xbox One has even MORE media features, I wonder how many of them will even make it past North America. Thoughts?

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I just signed onto PSN Asia and the Chinese/Korean version of the full game popped up. I'd get it, if not for the lack of reviews, and if it's English (even if it's Chinese/Korean, they sometimes mean there's an English translation bundled in too)

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Climbing around a large object as bits and pieces of it fall off. Shooting people inside a falling object while cover shifts around... I've seen this before :p

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@Jay444111 said:

The PS3 is region free so you can also import games if you want! Just saying!

And it's essentially free to run after your purchase. Online (unless you get Plus, of course, which is very optional) is free.

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So I've been playing Dragon's Dogma for a while now, which doesn't have level scaling in the strictest sense. Enemy types change to stronger versions when you level up, but you will definitely get to a level where you can just decimate even the stronger versions. The flip-side, then, is that there are enemies out there that will kill me even in my current (high twenties) level. Because of this, having no level scaling creates an interesting dynamic in the game. Leveling up genuinely gives you a sense of growing stronger, although I imagine it'll eventually get boring when I'll killing everything off in one or two hits.

On the other hand, there are games like Skyrim or FFVIII that do have level scaling, where I'm working just as hard killing lower level enemies at level one as level fifty (well, I guess with all the perks and stuff I would've gotten since, it's not as hard per se, but I'm still working) or how I can kill dragons even from really low levels.  

Thoughts and opinions on this? Are there other games that have particularly bad or good level scaling?

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@Genkkaku said:

During the Arousing Suspicion side-mission (btw WTF!?), I used up my second skeleton key opening a random cage, so I then ran up to the Jester and punched him in the face, and it was oh so satisfying.. They they re-arrested me and I payed my way out..

@Coafi said:

@Tennmuerti said:

So apperently casting a holy shield on my shield inside an inn is a criminal offence, the innkeeper pissed his breeches and called the guards :/

Haha, I remember when I first got caught by the guards I was jumping on the roof tops and shot a guy with an arrow to his face. I continued jumping on roofs and when I got down I was caught, at first I thought the guards were mad that I was on the roofs but I was guilty of shooting innocent towns people. I wonder what would happen if you get caught and sent to jail without any money and a skeleton key, do you stay in the cell forever?

Yeah I ran to the rooftops and fired a random arrow then the guard appeared as I fired and I hit him square in the face.. And I keep accidentally hitting the X button to talk to people and attacking them.. To get out it deducts what-ever money you do have, I had $400 and thought that he wouldn't let me out but it just deducted that, so I assume you'd be let free with no money anyways

Or it could be like Skyrim and you actually 'spend time' and end up with less XP.

I remember trying to chase down Pip for the 'Land of Opportunity' mission and somehow pissing off a guard that way. Bastard just walks up to me and throws me into jail for something.

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Let's share some of the fun/crazy/random/wonderful stuff happening in your playthrough. :) Mark any story stuff as spoilers etc etc.

I had just exited Grand Soren when I saw a burning cart surrounded by goblins down the road. Goblins at this point are easy XP for me, so I ran into the pack and started killing them off. I had killed about half of them when I hear a flapping noise ominously getting closer. Right before I could figure out what that was, a griffin comes out of nowhere, swoops right into the burning cart, destroys it and takes off again. And never returned.

Griffins are half lion and half eagle, but I'm pretty sure there's some UAV in there too, because I just got the Dragon's Dogma version of a drone strike.

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@Mesoian: Yeah, same thing happened to me. I was hacking away at that same orge after he killed me the first time and was around halfway down his lifebar before he charged at me, fell off the cliff and gave me a relatively easy 5000xp

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@AngelN7 said:

Well isn't the 360 version getting a Resident Evil 6 demo with the game? I only have one console but If I had a 360 I'd go for that one.

PS3 but I believe it's under that stupid 360 timed exclusivity deal.

Also, I've been hearing that the 360 has screen tearing and, if you don't install, NPCs take a few seconds to pop in. I'm on the PS3 version, which doesn't have screen tearing, but apparently has a very slight frame rate drop. I barely notice it though.

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