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Woooh! It's on!

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The Giant Bomb music is making this GameTrailers stuff much more intense.

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I was going to ask if you lot who throw away this piece of perfectly fine (and in the case of a oven-fresh bread, the best piece) also throw away the first slice of a block of cheese, but then I realised that cheese slicers are not that common in certain parts of the world. If there is something more infuriating than watching people throw away good bread, it is watching people throw away some damn fine cheese.

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@datarez: Yes.

Also, commence lewd drawings.

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Well, there is a html5-video option for subscribers. I wouldn't know if it works on IE on the Xbox, but there you go.

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I bet someone could do something with this week's "I Love Mondays" (TM). Just sayin'.

A wild Brad has appeared
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Besides Katawa Shoujo my favorite in the visual novel style is probably Digital: A Love Story (which you can get for free over here). I would say it's a bit more of a "game" than the other stuff I've played; the whole thing is about navigating through different BBS-servers, with the whole typing in phone numbers and failed connections, to expand the story.

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@fetchfox said:

I hear you friend, I've been in the same boat for many years. I'm currently rocking a pair of AKG stereo headphones, clean and simple sound at a fair price. Hoping they'll last for some time.

I have an older version of the 514s, and I've had them for just over two years now and they still work perfectly fine, despite falling of my desk all the time and sometimes being stuffed into a packed bag. So yeah, my own empirical research tells me that AKG makes pretty durable stuff.

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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (you know, the sequel to Twin Peaks). I'm not sure what I think of it; it totally explains a lot of what the series didn't, but at the same time it doesn't really explain any of the new things it establishes (but I guess that's how Lynch rolls). I guess it was worth to see as a fan of Twin Peaks, but I wouldn't say it's a good movie by itself. 100/250

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@Benny said:

@tineyoghurt: Why would they make a steambox that is just PC components for your living room when people can either buy a PC or a console already? It's a totally ridiculous thing for valve to do. Microsoft and Sony take losses on their consoles and make up for it in software sales, why would valve incur losses on R&D and production of these 'steamboxes' when they are already making the money on software? All they would achieve in the long run is more headaches, an unnecessary bloating of their company and big losses financially. Valve has absolutely nothing to gain from making a console or PC for the living room.

First of, they don't have to make the hardware themselves, they can partner with any PC manufacturer to make it (like Google does with Android), so it wouldn't necessarily be such a headache for them (they just supply the specs and the OS and they're good to go). Also, I think (with Gabes talk about the Windows store in mind) that Valve want to push Linux in a bigger way than "hey, we ported the Source engine over, seeya", and a "console" based on Linux would probably get third parties more interested in porting their games over (if they sell). I even see them selling it for a loss just to get it out there, because as you say, they earn a lot of money on software.

In the end though, It just makes sense for me with all the talk about a "SteamBox" (for the record, I think they'd have to change the name), the coming Linux support, and the TV-mode; It just fits together, like a jigsaw puzzle.

But... I might be totally wrong.