My Personal Experiences With Nintendo's Miiverse

Hello Bombers!

First of all I just want to say that I'm glad I'm back, because I've missed this place dearly. I don't really know why I've ever left, because my experience here has always been more rewarding than not. In my opinion, Giant Bomb still has the best community of gamers on the entire internet. Nothing can compare to how genuine the users can be with their opinions of games among many other opinions on other different subjects can be. I believe that's what makes Giant Bomb great. All we can do is to try and make it even better than it is now, and it takes us as a community to help make it happen.

Now on to the juicy stuff! For some of the time that I've been inactive here, I've been part of Nintendo's Miiverse. Being part of Nintendo's Miiverse wasn't a rewarding experience as I hoped it to be. Probably to most, this wouldn't really be too much of a shock; however, I didn't know any better, and I was foolish. I learned my lesson though, and I'm moving on.

First of all, I cannot begin to tell ya'll how incredibly shallow Miiverse can be. All you do is "yeah" if you like something, then move on without even having to comment. It's like Facebook, but worse! My guess is that one feels like they are getting some kind of rewarding attention by making posts they pointlessly work too hard on just to get a "yeah". I've been guilty of working too hard on a few posts, but I actually had fun while doing my sticktoons. I feel like my cause though overtime to do such things were pointless, so I don't do the sticktoon posts anymore. I happen to have some pictures of my favorite sticktoons that I've done for ya'll's enjoyment, so I hope you all will enjoy them too!

I've seen some crazy shit, but the shit I've seen there is among the craziest. Since off-topic seems to be my thing, I was posting more stuff to the YouTube Community naturally. I cannot begin to tell ya'll how many posts I've seen about Miiverse dating, stop Miiverse dating, I'm bored, the Smash Community is taking over the YouTube community, the moderators are robots and they'll false report you just to prove it, chat-room, I'm depressed because my girlfriend/boyfriend left me, I'm sad because so and so won't talk to me, pointless role playing, Spongebob, anime posts (though some anime posts are actually alright), and Pewdiepie! The nonsense just doesn't stop there, and I've only touched the tip of the iceberg with the kind of stupidity that happens there on Miiverse! I've been guilty for some nonsense, but nothing compared to what these kids do! I'm so totally done with the nonsense now.

I've also never seen a service so heavily moderated in my entire life, because they are so much for the protection of kids. I'm guilty of posting a few things that were a bit questionable that eventually led me to be temporarily banned for 2 weeks, but I made a post saying that 9-11 means something different to me other than just the terrorist tragedy, as it was also the day when my grandfather committed suicide in front of my grandmother before I was born. I got a notification that it was harmful/inappropriate content, and I don't understand why that was harmful or inappropriate. I guess I won't ever get that, as kids experience and hear dramatic shit almost everyday of their lives! Also, Nintendo's so called 2 minute rule is stupid. They will not let you post anything on others posts until that 2 minutes is up, unless if it's on your own post. Who's bright idea was it for them to make a rule like that? It's pointless. It used to be 3 minutes, and I made a joke that Nintendo plans to turn us all into one of those 3 minute hard-boiled eggs and feed us to the birds. The comment never got removed by the admins. =-P Bastards.

Out of all this craziness, there was only a few particular things that I found rewarding on Miiverse. I was able to communicate and see if other gamers wanted to play Mario Kart 8, I could share my Pushmo World creations there where they would more appropriately be liked and appreciated than here as this place wasn't really ever too much for Nintendo gamers unless it's old school, and I made three really good internet friends in the process; One I've actually voice chatted with on MK8 and has my e-mail (Suck dick Nintendo, I've shared my e-mail with someone who is over 18)!; And another one who I've been a Miiverse BF to... and I know that she lives in my childhood town 2 hours away! XD Nothing more will come of that though it's cool to know. Miiverse was partially worth it for them.

Anyways, ever since I've avoided the nonsense and became more game oriented than off-topic oriented, I've had a more enjoyable experience. I think that kids are so bored nowadays that they'd do anything just to have a friend or get attention, which is why they come to Miiverse. I came to Miiverse because I was bored and thought is was rewarding to do some crazy things in the process. Overtime, I realized that much what I did on Miiverse was meaningless. I'm far too old for meaninglessness shit that happens on Miiverse and perhaps too old to even be on there! Here on Giant Bomb, I have made a few ridiculous threads I admit, but some were not as meaningless as it may seem. Much of them threads helped me get through a difficult time in my life as it helped keep my mind occupied. Keeping that note in mind, I can finally admit, though I didn't admit it then as I felt ashamed and made the excuse that it was cowardous to so (and it truthfully is), that Giant Bomb has saved me from suicide from depression. Ya'll told me what I needed to hear. I'll never forget what Giant Bomb has done for me.

Well, I made this blog long enough. I hope you all will have a great week, and until next time!

Yours Truly,

Tireyo (Ty)


Life after the death of a parent

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been here on Giant bomb to post anything, and I’m glad to be back for a little while. For those who don’t know me and to remind those who do, my father died on March 31 of this year of metastatic renal cell cancer that started in his kidney. The cancer worked its way up to his bladder, and then it hit his bones and lastly his lungs. He also dehydrated to death, and it was a really terrifying sight to see. Ever since then, I’ve had a mental breakdown and haven’t fully recovered; however, I’m making steps to try to have a better future, and I have found my reason for having a life worth living.

Ever since my dad passed away, my mom and I decided that our house was far too much for us to handle and that jobs were quickly dying in the area, so we moved to Tennessee. The move to was a good experience; however, there were mistakes that were made, with only some mistakes corrected. I’ve never had to deal with an unsafe neighborhood, so there has to be a gun in every room. I do not like that at all, and that would be an example of a mistake that cannot be fixed till we can move again... which will be either 10 years to never. I do still continue to be lonely, as there is no family or friends at my new residence. There was family at my old VA home, but they hardly visited. It’s very different here in my new home, but it’s peaceful. Hopefully one day we’ll get a friend that will like us for who we are, especially my mom as she had friends that were left behind. I come to the point were I want my mom to be happy, and I don’t care if I’ll never have any more friends. It’s hard for me anymore to believe that there is such a thing as friends.

I will not be graduating college in December, and my graduation is being moved to May of 2013. I needed 3 more credits that I didn’t know about, so I have to make up for it.

Anyways, I’m starting to slowly earn my freedom by learning how to drive! To motivate me, my mother gave me a car to pay on. It’s a used blue 2009 Nissan Versa, and I have to say that I very much like the vehicle and fortunate to have such a good mom. What fascinates me is that no keys are required to be inserted in the vehicle! The keys only just have to stay in your pocket, and it’s wild! I thanked her repeatedly for the wonderful gift. In return, I saved up enough money to get her a beautiful blue diamond necklace with a pair of earrings from Kay Jewelers. She had the biggest smile on her face, and yet she fussed at me too for spending money. I don’t care though as she was worth it. (She isn’t complaining too much.) I do wish my dad was around to see what mom did for me, and what I did for her too. Luckily, I found a picture of what I got her.

In the past, I admit that I have felt sorry for myself, and I believe that it dominantly showed in my blogs and whatnot in that past. I don’t do that anymore as I have changed, and that I do know now that everyone is fortunate in their own way. We also struggle in our own way, but we have to get through it, and sometimes it’s good to get that burden released by talking about it... instead of just holding it all in. I guess that I’m finally taking the steps of what it takes to be a responsible adult by realizing what I need to do to survive, keep positive, and actually attempt to think for once. At times, I wish that I could have kept the innocence and be childlike at heart, but I don’t have that privilege anymore.

Game wise, I’ve been playing New Super Mario Bros. 2 here and there. I’ve been wanting to play some Sonic Colors, but I never can find the right time to play. I won’t be getting a WiiU, as I believe that the Wii is my last video game system for enjoyment. Explanation: I’ll be getting a career next year, and there won't be time for anything. Video games will be what I’ll miss the most…

Anime wise, I’ve watched nothing new. I continue to listen to Clannad’s ost though.

That concludes this blog. I miss talking to my friends here, and hopefully I’ll have to time to do so. Thanks for reading, and until next time,


Edit: Come and read my second blog if you're interested!


Moving to Tennessee!

Well as some may already know, I am moving from to Tennessee! My summer literally is taken up by college and moving. This will mark my 7th move ever made, and my mother’s 20th move. I am moving from a place that only has around 7,000 people to a place with 34,000 people.

There are perks to moving to Tennessee, and there are some downfalls. Here are the differences.


  • Small population
  • High elevation – rougher winters
  • Shopping malls are within an hour away
  • Very low employment opportunity
  • Closer to family
  • Mountainous
  • Bigger fixer-up house with 2 acres of hilly and steep land
  • No significant attractions except for a few historical locations
  • College is here


  • High population
  • Low elevation - hotter climate
  • Shopping malls and restaurants are within minutes away
  • Very high employment opportunity
  • Away from family
  • Rolling Hills
  • Smaller remodeled house with ½ acre of flat land
  • Located near a very large and vast lake
  • College classes can be online, but I will end up traveling two hours to VA due to possible graduation postponing if I were to switch, as the schedule is not the same and not flexible

My main reason for wanting to start over in Tennessee is to find a career that better utilizes my skills learned from college. My mom and I want to move out of the house that my dad died in, though it’s farther away from family… but most of them are dying out and are up in age. Ever since I have lived in Virginia for 7 years, I have been at my unhappiest. I have made no friends, I love the peacefulness but leads me to feel even more alone, the taxes are outrageous, my high school years were bad because I had to fit into the click to be accepted (I never qualified), and the mountain curves can be nauseous. Though it sounds like moving to Tennessee is a dream come true, is it really the right thing to do? Yes, it is a question that only I can answer with time, but is it right to move away from family and mother’s friends? Is it better to move to a location that is more liable to get robbed due to the higher population? Is it right to move away from college when I’m so close to graduating in December? What do you all think... though it probably doesn't matter? It is a hard situation to come up against.

I haven’t been playing any games lately, and my anime reviews and watching has come to a halt. E3 wasn’t good this year and didn’t meet my expectations. I miss being on GB, and I want to play games again before life feels like it is over… though it already does feel like it’s over since my dad passed. =-(

I guess that’s all I got to say… Laters,


P.S. - take a look at the conversation me and TruthTellah had for more information.

I'm back! Hello everyone!! =-)

I am back now… for those who did not know, I had a meltdown a couple of weeks ago after a short time of when my father has passed. Things haven’t really gotten any better with my situation, but I believe that I have learned a rather harsh lesson about life. To get straight to the point, I will not post anything about my personal troubles again, as I will only share and post things that are of my interest like any other normal user. If anyone here is curious on how I may be doing and such, feel free to give me a PM.

The one thing that I want to do is apologize for my immature actions of grieving then releasing it out in the forums saying that I am leaving after a few times when I said that I was leaving, then didn’t entirely keep to that word. I do realize now that I should of said nothing. Leaving this place didn’t really make things better, as I thought about the times of when this place made me happy for countless times and hours. There wasn’t a moment where I looked at a topic, then wanted to post a comment but didn’t… so now I’m back for good or worse. =-)

It's good to be back, and I'll see you all around!



My dad passed away today.

Last night at 1:20 AM, my dad lost the battle with cancer that started in his kidney, then spread to his spine and worked it's way up to his other organs. He was only 53 years old. Before he passed away, I didn't want to go to bed right away because I felt that something strange was going to happen when looking at him on the hospital bed in the living room. Mom told me that he's waiting for me to say something to him, and I told her that I couldn't say it quite yet. I got tired enough to want to go to bed... and I finally told my dad that I loved him and wished him a good night. I told him that if he needed to go, then he can go. I kissed my two fingers, then placed them on his head because it's something that I just do. Afterwards, I got my water that I usually drink throughout the night, then went to bed. Six minutes later, he was gone and my mom watched him take his last breath. Mom came into my room and shut my door and didn't tell me what was wrong. As any person would do... I got up to see what was the matter, though I had that feeling that I already knew, and I went into the living room to see him. I told him that I loved him again after knowing that he was definitely gone, and I went back to bed. I managed to get 4 hours of sleep last night and I'm still awake. I don't want to close my eyes and go to sleep, because I don't want a terrible nightmare that I don't really need at the moment, but I know that I'll need sleep for tomorrow... so I'm going to have to suck it up and sleep.

Right now, my mom and I feel like we are in a terrible nightmare that we cannot wake up from. We cannot cry, and people are really shocked by that because we stayed strong. I'm gradually starting to miss him dearly. What makes it hard for me is that there is a slight regret that I've been holding in about me that no one knows about, and the bad part is that I still cannot tell anyone. I'm going to make my dad proud though because I'm going to get my Bachelor's in Business Administration in December and I'm going to learn how to drive!! I'm also going to try to live a happier life, though it seems far-fetched right now.

Anyways, My grandpa isn't taking it well as his two sons (My dad and uncle) passed away before him. My granddad is still alive, but he has given up... and I'll be seeing him tomorrow. I have a feeling that I'll lose him too, but I think I'll be able to see him tomorrow for perhaps one last time.

I'm not going to be online for a while. User TobbRobb will be posting sometime next week our special 5 star anime review blog, but I will not respond to anyone until I come back. I don't know when I'll be back, but it'll only be for a short time. I will be disappearing from my town, because mom and I need to get away from everyone because they are driving us insane with all these phone calls.

I thank you all for being nice to me because it's all that I really wanted. I know that most people here do not believe in prayer, so it's best to at least keep me and my family in your thoughts because we are having a rough time. My stomach is very upset, and I'm having a strange pain in my chest, back, rib, and possibly my kidney, so I think that I need to sleep right now before it gets worse. I apologize for my bad grammar... though I think that I've always had bad grammar. I'm very tired right now, my mind is racing, and restless. I think I'm about to crash though.

See you all later,


Edit: Thank you all for the kind words. It really means something. I feel like all of this is some sort of cruel and sick joke, then I realize that it isn't because I was around to take care of my dad and I watched him suffer. It's not something that I want to remember. The funny thing is that I really do wish it was a cruel and sick joke, because right now I just want my dad back...

Anyways, I'll really be disappearing temporarily soon. I haven't had a good cry yet, and I'm waiting for it.


Anime Reviews! (Part 1) UPDATE!


Giantbomb user TobbRobb has agreed to do a joint blog with me sometime next week on doing anime reviews! He too has been in a frenzy in watching anime for the past month, so he will be doing reviews along with me. I have decided to cut down my reviews for next week to two animes. I will be reviewing Tales from Earthsea, and Eden of the East along with its movies. User TobbRobb wishes to keep his reviews for next week as a surprise. Keep a lookout for us!

The Review Are In!

First of all, thank you all for the anime recommendations! As most of you all know, this was project for me to find an anime that I actually like, and the project has been wonderfully successful. My part of the Netflix queue was dwindling, so it was great to fill it back up again with my stuff! My dad’s historical documentaries literally took over the Netflix queue. I have been watching a lot of anime based on the recommendations thread, so here are my personal comments and reviews on three anime shows/movies that I watched! Ratings follow the traditional Giantbomb rating scale. I tried my best to keep everything short and sweet.

Howl’s Moving Castle

This Miyazaki film is the reason why I started on this little anime project. Howl’s Moving Castle was very mesmerizing, and I had a stunning and constant curiosity of what will happen next. Just the curiosity of what is on the other side of a magical door was thrilling. There wasn’t really anything disappointing in this anime, except that the ending could have been a little better and more planned out. The atmosphere, the story, the music, the characters… everything about this anime is just great and magical to me. Fuck Harry Potter and his magic words and other garbage, because this is there the real magical shit is at! (By the way, I hate Harry Potter) It is no wonder that Miyazaki is the Japanese Walt Disney that is STILL ALIVE! I look forward to seeing The Secret World of Arrietty over the Pixar movie, Brave, coming out this year. Though Miyazaki did not direct Arrietty, I am still looking forward to seeing it - That there says a lot, because I love Pixar animations. I also look forward to watching Miyazaki’s creations that I missed out on.

Anyways, this was a good starting point for me to find even greater anime. So, it is predictable that my first movie watched will get a good score.

Verdict: 4.5 / 5 - 90%

Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

I watched 2 1/3 episodes in total of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. After the first several minutes in watching the third episode, I just didn’t feel like could watch anymore beyond that point. However, someone mentioned to me to give it another try. So I started Fullmetal Alchemist, which is where I should have started with in the beginning. I watched the pilot, but unfortunately that was it. I have no desire to continue on with this series and giving it anymore chances. The few episodes that I watched could not get my attention, and first impressions on a show or movie is important to me. Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood are just not for me.

Verdict: 1 / 5 - 20%

Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro

This movie was interesting from the moment it started. It had good action, rather unusual and strange story, and I had a since of curiosity of what would happen next. Without really spoiling too much of the movie, out of all the weddings I have ever seen in any movie, The Castle of Cagliostro had the strangest one I have ever seen. It was like the blue, blue, BLUE cult from Earthbound was there to witness the forced wedding.

Anyways, the movie was really unpredictable and very corny, and the strangeness of the direction and plot of this movie really didn’t really do anything for me. The twist ending was rather disappointing, but at least there is a chance to where we could see an improved Lupin the Third in the future. The Castle of Cagliostro may be a very quirky and strange movie; however it still was pretty good even if there is a lot to be desired.

Verdict: 3 / 5 - 60%

Tune in next week to see my reviews on: Tales from Earthsea, Eden of the East + The King of Eden + Paradise Lost, and Origin: Spirit of the Past.


My 3 Year Giant Bomb Anniversary Blog

I joined Giant Bomb on February 1, 2009, because Gamespot wasn’t really holding my appeal. Never would I have dreamed to actually stay in a video game community for this long, and to actually still enjoy it here! Some of ya’ll that’s known me these 3 years has known that I’ve grown into more of video game loving person, a self-loathing person (Click here for update), and even a people loving person. Unknown to most, I have grown very close to some of the users here, though for their own privacy I will not call them out. Before this all started, I vowed to never grow close to anyone and actually be a mutual or perhaps close friend; however, that has not worked. So, this post isn’t just for me… but for the incredible people who were willing to put up with me all these years (or year) that I can relate to, unlike the people that I know in real life. So to you all… thank you. I really feel less than an alien and outsider. =-)

So, since this is an anniversary post… I’m going to share the most precious memories that I have on record. =-P (My 10 most memorable moments that I have had here interacting with the community on Giant Bomb.)

1. The time when I revealed that I am asexual. The effect of this is still very fresh.

2. When I first introduced myself to the whole community who made me feel so welcome overtime (I was such a noob.)

3. The time when I talked and messaged a Giantbomb user via Skype for the very first time. It was also the first time I ever really talked with someone online and have a voice… though my voice isn’t something that I’m proud of.

4. My video game music blog made with a user that is no longer on Giantbomb, Diamond. Claude also did a nice introduction. The blog had 200 video game songs. The community made awesome recommendations. There were also other awesome video game music blogs, and they were a blast to make.

5. The time when I first appeared on an actual podcast called Mission Failed.

6. The time when I first entered the Giantbomb IRC chat room under the name “Computer”, which was changed to “Mork” afterwards.

7. The time where I expressed a very deep video game love with everyone, and even a Mario Kart racing idea.

8. When I was able to play Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 7, and Super Smash Bros. with fellow Giantbomb users, cause I have no visitors or real life friends to fight or race.

9. When I shared my poor artwork skills with everyone. Here and here.

10. When I was able to come up with reasonable and discussion worthy topics everyday in the forums for a short period of time. I think it lasted for a few months then I got tired. It was nice and it is still is nice to just see someone, even if it is just one person, to leave a comment.

Though I may not be as active now, I’m still here to stay! It’s been 3 great years, and may there be a future for me to continue to stay with the community. Cheers!

-Tyler York (Tireyo643)


Birthday Blog

Well, I'm 23 today... and I guess that's supposed to be special. This morning proved that winter is definitely here since it's oddly been warm all December. It is also the first snow day this winter in my area. I got all my stuff early... so I got nothing special today except a breakfast and lunch I did not have to cook. Very grateful that I didn't have to clean anything today either. My college starts on the 16th, so I'm getting in as much internet and game time as possible before it all starts up again... non-stop. I won't get a summer break, so I guess this is my last real vacation for a very long time. Only thing I'll be looking forward to this year is graduating with a Bachelors in Business Administration in December if the Mayan Apocalypse don't hit first. = - P

So nothing much here to really talk about. - I did make my top 2011 game list. I've been playing Skyward Sword and Other M mostly. Really need to get back to Rayman Origins. So many games, so little time!

So... Happy Birthday to me! Thus another year to live to see my family, friends <_<, be on Giantbomb, and play games!

Until next time,


No blog of mine is complete without a song!


Share Your Personal Videogame Love!

Over the years on Giant Bomb, I have to say that I’ve enjoyed posting, sharing, and meeting a diverse bunch of people with various and diverse interests. There were actually a handful of people that I grew unexpectedly close to, though I may be the naive one believing that, but I have never felt so alive since this Giant Bomb experience. I think that it would be appropriate to make mention of my video game love with everyone. I also encourage you all to share your video game love. (I know I write cheesy and there is a huge wall of text, but just follow along if ya’ll can.)

**Also, I want to make note to all. This thread was intended to make everyone feel good about being a gamer. At times, we are looked down and frowned upon, and it's NOT FAIR! Sometimes we can get discouraged because some games don't meet our expectations, but there are things that we can look back on that touches our inner child. This thread is for not just me, but it's for the people of Giantbomb! It's for them to realize that they love games, and nothing will get in the way of that. Use this thread to look back on, and realize that it's a wonderful world after all even for gamers! = - D

My video game love runs a bit deep. Ever since I was 2, I’ve been playing video games, so it’s been 21 years now. My first system was the NES, and my first two games were Super Mario Bros. and Tetris. From then on, I’ve stuck with Nintendo products and haven’t been able to stay away. In fact, I’ve almost had all the Nintendo systems that Nintendo came out with. I do want to try a PS3 and a 360, but I’m not confident enough to really know if it’ll be worth it, as I might not have as many games on them considering that I only like certain genres. (I tried an XBOX, but I ended up selling it with all its games.) I wish I had a friend that would allow me to try out games on other systems that I have so badly wanted to play, but I do not have any friends that actually play games. I can’t afford having 3 systems, so Nintendo is what I stick with… whether if that is a bad thing or not. I often see people having a great time playing these MMOs, and I so wish I could share the excitement… but I don’t have that privilege unless a game has online multi-player on a Nintendo system. This coincidence just happens way too often.

I mentioned that I had an XBOX. I have to day that there is one particular game that I miss dearly, and it’s from a genre I do not like to beat it all (which I’ll mention later)! I loved Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee, and what a charm it had! I think the wiki definitely shows what knowledge I had on the game, as I did that entire wiki from the ground up. I mean even including the pictures. Overtime, my memories of the game faded away... but thank goodness for YouTube (yet it still isn’t the same.) So, I’m really more than willing to try new things, as those things can be the most enjoyable aspects that life offers.

I have a very nice collection of games for my Nintendo systems. There are lists available by system on the exact amount of games that I have, excluding IPhone, here on Giant Bomb. I do not have lists for my NES, SNES, or Genesis collection, as I don’t have the systems anymore, and it’s been very long ago since I’ve had them. All I have is memories, remakes, and PC versions for the ones that I really care about. I do try to keep everything updated, and pretty much all the lists are up to date. Stuff accumulates over time, and I have to say that I very much enjoy being in the environment that I have created for myself in terms of having a place for my video games. I have many favorites, so I won’t really mention all my favorites. When people just talk to me, then they slowly start figuring it out!

Here are the lists:


Nintendo 64

DS and 3DS


XBOX (Previously owned)

Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance


When I had a Sega Genesis, I had a game that I loved to play over and over. When I was young, I was a sucker for pinball machines, thus I got Sonic Spinball. I would play that game for hours and hours, but one night… someone came in our home, and stole my game. I was really little, and I very much cried because it couldn’t be replaced. When the Virtual Console for Wii became available, that is when I was able to play Sonic Spinball.

I have such a love for video games that only I can comprehend, and it has become a huge influence and part of my life. Exploring and being able to enter another imagination is so much fun, and I consider video games as imaginations! These imaginations are so great, that it actually helps me continue to use my imagination for more so my well-being. Take what I love away… then I certainly wouldn’t be happy, and I would be very bored. Anyone I meet probably has to understand that I must have a video game nearby. I’m referred to as “the game boy” in my area, and I do earn that title… though I might not be the best gamer or the one with the most games. I guess that the influence I show is very noticeable thus is why I have earned the nickname in the area.

I’ve had a very lonely and not-so-great childhood, and young adulthood is hell! Playing video games have actually helped me through. Whenever I’ve felt lonely, punished, and sad, I’ve become more sane playing games. It’s like it’s therapeutic in a way. In fact, every night when I go to sleep I have music playing. If I don’t have any music, I won’t sleep. Specifically, if I don’t have easy listening, Celtic, new age, or video game music playing, then I won’t go to sleep. Mostly, I’ll have video game music playing.

When I was young, I couldn’t and didn’t per say like to play games that were gory, extremely or overly violent, and gross. Today, I still do not play such games. None of them appeal to me whatsoever, so I definitely have perhaps too much of an inner child. I’ve never really let it bother me, because it’s what makes me different from all the rest who really lost their inner child over-time, meaning that they don't like games anymore.

Call it an obsession, illness, crazy, or severe addiction all ya’ll want, but I am not going to change. Playing video games is what I love to do, and I am not going to stop. I play for me, and for no one else. I have many games that I love, but I'm not going to list them all, and how I came about to getting them all. I would continue on about my video game love, but I was trying and making the effort to make this blog readable and interesting.

So, there you all have it… my video game love. Feel free to post comments, criticisms, share your video game love, and ask any questions that you all may have for me or anyone else!

My name is Tyler, and I’m proud to be a gamer!

PS: I’m going to do something new. I’m going to have a motto. “No blog is complete unless I have a song in it.” I'm "Ti-re-yo", btw... so, here’s the song!