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My New Year's resolution is to stop getting in trouble with the government and/or local law enforcement.

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@Trainer_Red: Indeed! HTTR!

Hail to the Redskins indeed! :D

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Go Redskins!

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almost as sad as blaming guns.

Well guns deserve blame, you don't see school shootings happening multiple times a year in countries with gun control.

I wonder why, oh, because you can't kill 20+ people with a knife without being taken out first. Unless you're like, Rambo.

Well.. depends by what you mean by gun control. Chicago has plenty of gun control and they have the highest violent gun crime ratio in the US.

Also.... Countries with almost ZERO gun control have done pretty well for themselves. Take Switzerland for example where almost every single male is apart of a militia and owns nothing put military grade equipment and guns in their homes.


I also can't get my head around this whole knife argument. Please show me a country that has an active military, basic freedoms and an established government that actually has a complete gun ban. If such a place existed (which i'm sure it does not) i'm sure it's murder/crime rate would be really high. I also guarantee that place would have a significant number of gun casualties.

I'm not sure where you've been during this whole conversation, but you'll find your answers in the original topic on the Sandy Hook shooting. I myself answered your Switzerland example, but I'm so tired of people denying facts and figures that get presented that I don't think it will matter if I even give you the link so I wont. I'll just say go to that topic.

I don't understand why you would reply to my statement with this? This is a separate thread, not Sandy Hook Shooting Part 2. If i'm not mistaken the original thread has like 900 pages of people saying the same thing over and over again, so forgive me for not reading all of that before coming here. If you don't want to present anything valid then I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself. I personally read everything presented to me (links, articles) when presented to better understand the counter argument. Obviously there are solid points and examples for both sides, but just because someone does not agree with you, does not mean they disregard what you say. I am guessing that is what you believe because you don't even know me and you assume that I am that way.

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So what's the story behind China Not Caring? I want one and I do not know why.

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Every comic in existence, but I guess Santa runs a tight schedule.

At least I got a PS Vita :D

Have you seen the ear bud on these things? They are AMAZING.

I also received a PS Vita for Christmas, but I gave it to my little brother because I don't really need it or plan on using it however the ear phones they came with are amazing. Better than my $200 pair and they are only $19.

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE. Invest in Vita Ear Buds. They will change your life.

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I'm going to start calling things I like lollies because it's fun to say.

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Black hole? Hell no.

Asteroid collision? Maybe. We have Bruce Willis.

Sun burning out (which is not going to happen anytime soon)? No.

We are barely on the verge of colonizing our own moon. We aren't ready for that type of shit yet. If something like this were to happen in the next 50 years, we would all be screwed. And the sad thing is if we all knew what was coming we would probably wipe each other out before then.

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The Walking Dead is stupid (TV show, Game)

PC Users are snobs

Mass Effect 1 is a horrible game

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