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So why wasn't GB invited to GW2 fanday press event that was one day eariler? :)

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Some Guild Wars 2 reading and looking material that came from GW2 Fanday (ArenaNet invited 15 fans that run GW2 fansites to their new offices and showed off underwater combat and dungeons).

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It would certainly be nice to hear more about GW2 from GB. There is already so much GW2 material out there it's crazy. Also, G4TV is getting behind the game pretty strong it seems. :)

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@Jeffsekai said:

I really wish this was free like GW2, looks so much better.

Plastic/generic looking fantasy of Tera vs. hand painted and painstakingly crafted art by some of the best artists in the gaming industry to-date (Daniel Dociu, Kekai Kotaki, Richard Anderson to name a few) of Guild Wars 2?

Not even a competition. :)

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GW2 > Tera

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So, will the previous happy hour be added to the site or was it lost? :)

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Already preordered.

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@brocool said:

so the 3D actually adds to the gameplay.

Jup, seems U3 is the only game that actually does 3D right.