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They aren't making Thor a female. Mjolnir is being passed on to a different character because Thor is no longer considered worthy of wielding it.

Yes but this new character is also going to be called Thor.

Borrowing the MGS metaphor again, the new Thor will be Thor just as the new Snake is Snake. It's the spirit of it.

Though, in Thor's case, it's even clearer. There have been multiple Thors in the comic, and now there is a new one. They have all been called Thor, and this one will, too.

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All you really need is a PS1 controller, but this is still super awesome.

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This is just a new character taking up the mantle. It's similar to what they did to Hawkeye and that worked out really well. Even with two Hawkeyes in the same book they made it work, so I don't see the problem here.

Yeah but Thor is the actual guys name, not his super name or code name or whatever. So this new character calling her self Thor is really weird.

In classic comic book fashion, it's more complicated than that. A man not named Thor was given the spirit of Thor through the hammer, because he was born to become Thor or something. Then eventually Thor became separated and embodied a man named Thor. Since then he has sort of become his own like Thor spirit god thing, but now apparently human Thor has been deemed unworthy of the power by Odin, and thus the power is transferring to another human. It's all crazy.

The old human Thor will now apparently have his own comic as the "Unworthy Thor". Kind of like how "Big Boss" becomes "Punished Snake" in MGSV.

So, what I'm saying is, Marvel is Hideo Kojima.

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@saucygiraffe: Well shit, he looks fuckin bad ass too. Who is this artist? They're amazing.

That's a picture of the "Unworthy Thor" who, having lost his place as Thor, will now apparently have his own separate comic.

He shall now be known as "The hero formerly known as Thor," and will have his named changed to an unpronounceable symbol.

Well now you're just making me imagine if Prince had been the one who picked up Thor's hammer...

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Very ballsy move by Marvel, especially considering their recent success with Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

Interested to see how it plays out. Don't think it'll be a permanent change though. No multi-billion dollar company is that ballsy.

I don't know; have you seen the picture of Old Thor someone linked to above? Imagine Chris Hemsworth with an axe and cyborg arm.

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@theht said:

@saucygiraffe: Well shit, he looks fuckin bad ass too. Who is this artist? They're amazing.

The artist is Esad Ribic, a really talented illustrator.

That's a picture of the "Unworthy Thor" who, having lost his place as Thor, will now apparently have his own separate comic.

Here's another great picture from Ribic:

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What garbage i came to this thread SPECIFICALLY for pictures of welsh corgi puppies only!

So hook a duder up ;)

@rorie you continue to amaze me with your saintly patience and dedication to the community. GB is so much richer for your presence.

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Through fire he is being forged into one of the greatest among us.

Each day, he gets stronger and stronger...

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@rorie Yeah, I don't know how well it will hide her identity, but I guess that's pretty par for the course with comic heroes. I mean, one hero just takes off glasses to hide their identity. heh.

@sparky_buzzsaw I think it's maybe not as tight or shiny as it seems in that shot, but I'm not sure until I see the final comic. I think it's more like a tight leather jacket than anything super latexy. Doesn't appear -super- impractical, but still superhero outfit impractical.

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Still has useless boob armour though, nothing says stab me directly in the middle of my chest like iron forged cleavage.

I dunno. That might be the most modest and practical (for a warrior) outfit for a high-profile female superhero I've ever seen. No midriff, no spandex, no inexplicable thong. The more I see it the more I like it.

I imagine you've seen the new Batgirl, right? I think she probably has the most practical female superhero outfit I've seen.