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Yeah that's been interesting, it has not been discounted once since release afaik. And that seems to be working quite well for them financially.

There seems to be a couple titles that do (or don't do that). Aquaria is another one I haven't seen go on sale in the 18 months I've been watching it.

I wonder if that's the beginning of a trend, I know game makers hate endless discounting. I think there probably a good argument to be made that excessive discounting actually hurts profitability. There's a sweetspot for optimal pricing and games may be going too far the other direction after decades of being too high

So I added Aquaria to my wishlist like 3 years ago, and I could swear there were 1-2 Steam sales shortly after that where it was discounted a bit, and I just didn't bother picking it up. But yeah, for at least the past 2 solid years, that game (and Spectromancer, randomly) are the only two games on my Steam wishlist that never get discounted. The developer must've decided that if anybody remembers Aquaria at this point (because it certainly isn't well known enough to make a Flash Sale or Community Vote Sale at this point), hopefully they'll want it enough that they'll pay full price for it.

And yeah, the complete lack of Shovel Knight discounts is kind of baffling. I feel like it's been kind of a bad sale for trying to get newish indie games on sale. Just not a lot of interesting stuff in the Flash Sales/Community Vote Sales, or it's the stuff I happen to already own. It's either old-ass stuff that I assume everyone remotely interested has already bought (Magicka, Terraria, Sanctum 2, etc.), or it's new stuff that I just have no interest in (Goat Simulator, Gauntlet, etc.).

I suspect you are right. And personally I am near that point with Aqauria, I'll probably just get it full price soon.

kinda fell the same about the selection of indie titles in Xmas sale all I've bought so far are AAA ones, but I think a good portion of that is me generally owning what I wanted out what's available for Indie games except for the super super new stuff

Yall should really just buy Shovel Knight for full price. Like, it's possibly the best game of the year. Easily worth $15.

I mean, I guess if you don't like platformers maybe keep waiting until it's $7.50 or so, but even as someone not that big into platformers, the game is my favorite of this year and possibly one of my favorite indie titles ever.

Instead of getting more big AAA junk, folks should try an artisanal sandwich of classic platformer goodness.

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This live demo using a makeshift "Dog cam" shows you walking around a town.

Apparently controlling the dog won't be in the final game, but I hope it is.

Thanks to Kotaku.

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It's one of the more mechanically fun games this year. I'm not too surprised. In a weird year, it was quite entertaining to both play and watch.

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@truthtellah: You seem to be a actively against having Hatred sold on Steam. There is no reason to deny people their enjoyment when it doesn't harm anyone. You are in the same boat as the people that were against Depression Quest.

I'm against the ridiculous and often hateful way many have shown support for it, and the way many have acted like a game is entitled to be on Steam or any other store is concerning.

If Steam wanted to sell it on their store, that's fine. The game can stand on its own merits if Steam wants to do that. But they are under no obligation to publish any game. Not just -host- a game for sale, but actually publish one. That's what Greenlight is; a publishing platform for a store.

As an artist, I think this game has a right to be made and exist, but I will be openly critical of it and the hatefulness around it if I want to do so. You can say it looks like the bee's knees, and I can say it looks like nonsense made by some questionable devs. That's okay; that's our opinions on a dumb videogame. I still doubt that Steam will carry it, because they have a policy against carrying AO games. But if they decided to allow such games, more power to them.

I'm not petitioning for Hatred to be removed from Steam like dicks did with Depression Quest. I'm defending Steam's right to decide to have their own standards for what they want to publish. That's it. I may be critical of the game, devs, and ridiculous people lifting it up as some symbol of their hatred, but if Steam decided they wanted to publish it, that's up to them. I'd just not buy it.

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I'd like to see where reinstating the game will get it. Sure it's highly likely that it will be greenlit but how many of those votes will end up in people actually buying it?

I think an important thing for folks to remember is that a ton of votes doesn't get a game Greenlit. The voting system is just there to help Valve sift through entries to decide what seems worth publishing. They are under no obligation to publish any game just because a lot of people vote for it, and as you mentioned, they may take into account the sheer amount of votes that seem to have little to do with the game and more to do with some misguided point.

Not to mention, Steam still doesn't sell AO games. So, if this game turns out as it appears, it's quite likely to not be sold on Steam anyway, just as some other games are not. I suppose they could give it the benefit of the doubt until release, but after that, its content will speak for itself.

The posts on the Greenlight page are also telling in all this. Some of those comments have been linked to here, but in light of its return to Steam, many seem to be having an even bigger party on the page, raving about how excited they are to potentially massacre "SJWs", murder prominent women, or recreate recent mass shootings, like the Norway attack by Anders Breivik. I'm not sure whether Steam's pages have moderation, but the language being used and perverse glee on display is unsettling to say the least.

I initially linked to a small sample of the comments from the page today, and mods explained that even as quotes hidden behind a spoiler tag, they were too offensive to be on the site. I can understand that decision, and you can check out the current Greenlight page to see for yourself. While it may be difficult, it's relevant to discussion of this game that we consider the people it is pandering to and the reactions surrounding it.

(If you have issues with violent or homophobic language, probably best to avoid the page for the moment. It's certainly possible Valve may attempt to clean it up if Hatred's return ends up not being a mistake, but we'll see.)

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Obviously the real reason it's back is that it's Frog Fractions 2.

I would hope that's the eventual outcome of this, but even then, the way it has played off of and emboldened a certain subsection of people is unsettling to say the least. If that was the outcome, even as the best possible one, it'd raise a decent bit to be concerned about.

Obviously we're going to see more games like this in the future, but that doesn't change what it appears to be and the people rallying around it as another pawn in some misguided effort.

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Considering Valve's prior statement, this doesn't make sense. Like... if they already don't want to publish the game, more votes and time isn't going to change that. The devs already said they respected Valve's decision to refuse to publish them. It's over. This popping up again just seems to be an error.

I think it's possible Valve thought by rejecting it they actually unintentionally turned it into a cause célèbre in a way they may have tried to avoid.

Another possibility is that Valve realized their content policy wasn't clear enough to justify the removal if sued.

Yet another is that sudden interest in game suggested to them they could make decent money off of it and $$$ trumped everything else.

Who knows?

Really hard to say given how opaque Valve is about their decision making process.

That wouldn't make sense. There is never any assumption that by being on Greenlight you will get published by Valve on Steam. They can remove any game they like for whatever reason they like, as it's their own publishing platform. They only have guidelines for a simple suggestion of what content is okay.

This isn't the first game they've removed from Greenlight, as they've removed and rejected tons over the years. This is no different. Some people may be dancing over this, but this is likely just a glitch or error.

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Considering Valve's prior statement, this doesn't make sense. Like... if they already don't want to publish the game, more votes and time isn't going to change that. The devs already said they respected Valve's decision to refuse to publish them. It's over. This popping up again just seems to be an error.

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That may be the most ethical review I've ever read.