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@xpgamer7 said:

I know it's clearly a joke but I think it makes us more aware of what people are willing to spend on and how far a joke can go. Sure this is a lazy thing, but it didn't really seem to intend to make money. It wanted to make commentary on kickstarter the same way Divekick does for fighting games. The difference being the effort and skill put into it.

So I'm ok with this existing.

I agree. I actually appreciate it as a clear parody of the Kickstarter system and the trends we have seen develop. Subsequent jokey responses from the creator of it indicate to me that this was part of the intent all along. I'm not sure whether he's going to genuinely finish it and carry the whole thing through, but I somewhat hope he does. As an artist, this practically feels like performance art.

I hope the resulting live stream and potato salad merchandise will stand as absurd reminders of the challenges Kickstarter and other services like it face in becoming better and safer platforms for community funding.

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@i_stay_puft said:

Potato Salad ain't potato salad without fried chicken.

This guy gets it.

Is there a stretch goal for including Fried Chicken in his meal?

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@benpicko said:

Does anyone here share my utter disgust for OP's misspelling of potato?

It just makes me embarrassed to be a part of a website where errors like this become a trend.

Yeah, I've been around here for years, but I might just leave the site, the Internet, and society itself if "patato" is the best people can bring in their righteous fury over others frivolously wasting their money on momentary joy like they do every single day. Spelling it "potatoe" is bad enough, but "patato"? Are we mad? Is nothing in this world sacred anymore?

How does crap like this fly? How is no one else bothered by it? I guess I'm just surprised how much it bothers me... but it does.

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@hailinel said:
The only real explanation that the party has gotten is from the Undertaker.

"I'm building the coffin for your funeral, Steve Austin-kun. uguuu~!"

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Now this is Next Gen.

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$9.99 for MGS: Ground Zeroes? That's actually not a bad price for that little intro to MGS V.

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@humanity: Don't forget that you get a shirt with that. heh.

You can also pay only $35 a year for all that without the shirt. :D

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@lazyimperial: A few people here and on Twitter brought up diversity and wondered why they seemed to just be hiring from within an insular male-dominated circle instead of branching out, and a lot of people went nuts on them.

Fans of Giant Bomb on Twitter, NeoGAF, 4chan, and Reddit harassed and threatened people for bringing up diversity or expressing any disappointment, and unfortunately, even many here on Giant Bomb insulted, mocked, and threatened members for wanting to talk about their concerns. It wasn't as bad here as elsewhere, but it was still well worth the staff clarifying that those "defending" Giant Bomb didn't represent the values of the site.

There was never much of a big push against the new hires, but some people did want to ask why they didn't diversify things when the chance arose. Still, even amongst those who raised questions here in the forum, they generally expressed acceptance of the new hires and a hope to see them do well. I had my reservations about the hires, but despite some disappointment, I am sure they'll do a fine job. Dan has already been pretty entertaining.

Hope that helps explain it. :)