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@truthtellah: Please don't misconstrue what I am saying. When did I say that people weren't allowed to have fun the way they want to? I'm not on the side of the people you're arguing with in those threads, I'm saying that we don't need to have social-problem discussions dominating our community. That means that both sides would be encouraged to be less loud about everything, it means that you wouldn't have to defend anyone. Yelling at people is an inferior solution to proper moderation, and if those types of aggressive conversations are your idea of fun, then I don't know what to say.

I'm in a lot of discussions around here, and I don't see the scourge you are apparently seeing. What I have seen is many duders expressing an interest in some topics over the last few years and then seeing a subsection of the community mock and derail any chance they have at discussing them. That isn't an issue having to do with any topic; it has to do with people's willingness to accept that others may express their care about some things they don't want them talking about. Talking about these topics helps make things more fun for the wide variety of folks who enjoy video games. So, if you or someone else says they should keep it down, that puts you squarely against people trying to help make Giant Bomb and gaming at large more fun for them and others.

I think gamers around here should be able to talk about what they want to talk about. If you agree, then that's great, but I can assure you people won't be quiet simply because someone suggests it might make things more comfortable for them. People deserve to speak about things that matter to them and help make this an even better place for a wide variety of gamers. We have a chance at greater enjoyment through considering challenges to that enjoyment. The answer isn't in discouraging discussion of topics you find difficult; it's in working on improving how we can have such discussions. We have already been moving in that direction for years now, and that isn't going to stop any time soon.

The biggest obstacle at the moment is some rather vocal people seemingly focused on the past, insisting on resisting any mention of topics they don't want to talk about. They just want to have their "fun" and nothing else. The status quo is apparently more comfortable for them. If you're not with them in wanting to end discussion, then help us continue to work on how we can better have such discussions. I've been disagreeing rather strongly with you here, but I'm not shouting or being a jerk. I'm in many of these threads, and the most prevalent shouting is from people against discussing topics and intent on derailing them, not representing a real substantive opinion on topics.

We need more open discussion amongst members, and that means fostering a local culture that supports it. I feel efforts are continuing to be made by staff and members alike, and while it's not exactly the easiest or smoothest course, it is absolutely the course most towards more people having fun on Giant Bomb now and in the future. We must address problems and discuss things to help find ways for this site and gaming at large to be even better, and if you want that too, I hope you will join others in trying to improve all kinds of discussion, not discourage it. :)

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Amen, duder! I wanna have fun, too!!

Ya just gotta believe!

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@julius: Giant Bomb is definitely a website about video games. One I've quite enjoyed for years. And while you may not care about the same things in video games as others do, that doesn't mean they should be quiet about it. I believe Giant Bomb can be a place for all of us, not just you or people who only care about the same things you do.

I think it's fair to say I take part in a lot of discussions around here, and as an active participant in many discussions, I'm glad that we continue to be more open in what can be discussed. Because I care about the humor in Shovel Knight and the way women are represented in games. These are both video game-related topics on a website about video games. Even if you don't see discussions of some topics as worthwhile, I would beg to differ, and I believe, as an active participant in discussions, I have a decent bit at stake in that opinion. You don't have to agree with me, but you would be wrong to think I or anyone else will shut up about something just because someone doesn't feel the same way.

You may not see or feel the problems that occur around here, but for those of us who do, it's reasonable for us to express ourselves about it. Giant Bomb is a website about video games, and I'll be damned if I let anyone mistreat or bully members for wanting to talk about things they care about as gamers. Personally, I don't care much about what some random person on Twitter says; what I care about is what happens right here on Giant Bomb. And what I see is not people causing trouble by bringing up concerns about social issues. It's people causing trouble because anyone might dare bring up concerns about social issues that they don't agree with or want to see. When a guest on the Bombcast can't even talk about a gamer convention she went to without people freaking out about it, -that- is the issue, not her caring about something you may not care about.

People speaking up does have an impact, and these discussions do matter. You've seen it yourself. It's part of what you're complaining about. The staff have taken a side some people don't like, because they happen to agree with those who want Giant Bomb to be a fun place for all kinds of gamers. They don't need you or anyone else ardently defending the site from people concerned about social issues. Yet, some people insist on standing in the way of what the staff, moderators, and many members clearly want for the site.

I just want to have fun. And I want the many cool folks I've gotten to know on here to have fun, too. And it's people determined to act like jerks and bullies any time people step out of a pre-approved "fun" box which are hindering the actual fun around here, not those interested in talking about all kinds of video game-related topics. Plenty of people have differing views on difficult topics around here, but most regulars realize that the best course of action is trying to have better discussions, not just bully people out of having them. I respect that many may feel differently than I do about women in games, diversity, or any endless number of things, and I appreciate their willingness to actually discuss things instead of trying to turn over the board game just because it isn't as they like.

If there are problems which impact me or fellow duders, I will not just keep quiet. When someone's a dick to a friend, I'm not just going to laugh it off. When a member wants to talk about something and a cavalcade of people mock and derail their efforts, I'm definitely not going to just be positive about it. If you ask around, I think you'd find that I'm a pretty darn positive fellow, but I'm not afraid of talking about problems and issues. I believe what I am saying here is far more positive than cynically giving up on discussion and pushing things under the rug. I talk about problems because it is far more positive than accepting things as they are.

We can and have made Giant Bomb better over time, and that isn't going to stop just because some people say it's not worth the effort. I am positive that Giant Bomb -is- worth the effort. And along with that, Gaming is worth the effort. You may not believe that more open discussions will help, but I believe that is mistaken. I don't expect to necessarily convince you to agree with me here, but I hope I may convey the reality that people will not be quiet or stop trying to make Giant Bomb more fun for all kinds of gamers no matter how much some may push against it.

Let people care about things you don't care about. Let people share concerns without flipping out. Let people have fun. We can do this. Giant Bomb is a website about video games, for gamers. Not just your kind of gamers or your kind of video games, but all the video games and diverse gamers who care about them. That is the Giant Bomb I support, and I believe the staff and members can and will continue to work together to make it even better.

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Honestly, this sounds less like "I want Giant Bomb to just be fun" and more like "I want Giant Bomb to only be my kind of fun."

You know who Giant Bomb is for? All kinds of gamers. Not just the bros, the indies, the men, the women. All kinds of gamers. They are the diverse crowd that cares about and enjoys Giant Bomb.

Giant Bomb is a site about video games, and it is first and foremost about having fun. And that's what this is all about. Many gamers wanting to have fun, and unfortunately, there are issues within gaming and within this community which at times hinder them in enjoying it like you do.

I want Giant Bomb to be fun, and that means confronting the issues which hinder and limit that fun. When you say for us to be quiet or take concerns elsewhere, you're saying that we should allow problems to persist just because it is more comfortable and convenient for you. Gaming is for all of us. Giant Bomb is a site for all kinds of gamers, and if some users insist on being jerks and bullies to some people for being too different and caring about things they don't care about, then the staff have clearly stated that you don't represent Giant Bomb.

When nothing is addressed and serious concerns are swept under the rug, that may be more comfortable and fun for you, but a lot of people don't have that same privilege. Personally, I like having fun, and I've immensely enjoyed my years on Giant Bomb. But I would be lying to say there are not problems and things which have hindered my enjoyment of the site. Things which the staff have taken a clear stance against. People with concerns are not the ones who should be taking a hint and changing their behavior. This is a site many people care about, and they will not just hush up for your convenience.

I believe we can and do have decent discussions on Giant Bomb, and I believe our ability to discuss more difficult topics is improving, as well. Recent events have not shown that we need to avoid difficult topics. Quite the contrary. These events have shown that a vocal minority are becoming ever more aware of how far we have come in having more open discussions they don't want to see, and they recognize how the staff are in favor of such discussion. That understandably gets some people riled up, and it may even bring out the worst in a few regulars, as well. But this is Giant Bomb. And a vocal minority will not stop the rest of the site from continuing to make it even better.

Giant Bomb is more fun when more duders are having fun, and the staff have taken a clear stance in favor of defending that fun from those who insist that only they are allowed to enjoy this site. People will not just be quiet, and those trying to improve the site won't just stop because you like things how they were. Like it or not, difficult topics will continue to be brought up and confronted here, because Giant Bomb is worth the effort.

I want Giant Bomb to be a fun place, and that's precisely why I won't stay quiet about the issues and people which continue to hinder the site and gaming at large from being more fun for the diverse crowd of gamers just looking to enjoy it like you and me.

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Final Fantasy Tactics and Advance Wars.

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Be patience, my friend.

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@jonny_anonymous said:

@liquidprince said:

They aren't making Thor a female. Mjolnir is being passed on to a different character because Thor is no longer considered worthy of wielding it.

Yes but this new character is also going to be called Thor.

Borrowing the MGS metaphor again, the new Thor will be Thor just as the new Snake is Snake. It's the spirit of it.

Though, in Thor's case, it's even clearer. There have been multiple Thors in the comic, and now there is a new one. They have all been called Thor, and this one will, too.

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All you really need is a PS1 controller, but this is still super awesome.

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@jonny_anonymous said:

@octaslash said:

This is just a new character taking up the mantle. It's similar to what they did to Hawkeye and that worked out really well. Even with two Hawkeyes in the same book they made it work, so I don't see the problem here.

Yeah but Thor is the actual guys name, not his super name or code name or whatever. So this new character calling her self Thor is really weird.

In classic comic book fashion, it's more complicated than that. A man not named Thor was given the spirit of Thor through the hammer, because he was born to become Thor or something. Then eventually Thor became separated and embodied a man named Thor. Since then he has sort of become his own like Thor spirit god thing, but now apparently human Thor has been deemed unworthy of the power by Odin, and thus the power is transferring to another human. It's all crazy.

The old human Thor will now apparently have his own comic as the "Unworthy Thor". Kind of like how "Big Boss" becomes "Punished Snake" in MGSV.

So, what I'm saying is, Marvel is Hideo Kojima.

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@theht said:

@saucygiraffe: Well shit, he looks fuckin bad ass too. Who is this artist? They're amazing.

That's a picture of the "Unworthy Thor" who, having lost his place as Thor, will now apparently have his own separate comic.

He shall now be known as "The hero formerly known as Thor," and will have his named changed to an unpronounceable symbol.

Well now you're just making me imagine if Prince had been the one who picked up Thor's hammer...