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@truthtellah: Is Drew basically Doug Funny?

Also, did Vinny ever write 5 reviews?

Drew is Doug Funny. Confirmed.

And Vinny did write a 5 star review 5 years ago. Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.

I meant "Did Vinny write enough reviews to even use the full range of his review score pictures?"


I have no idea. That's actually a good question. A number of these were never used. I think only all of Jeff's ever got used.

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Why did you come here? ... Well, I'll tell you then. You enjoy all the killing, that's why. ... Are you denying it? Haven't you already killed most of my comrades? I watched your face when you did it. It was filled with the joy of battle. There's a killer inside you...

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"Like many of us, I grew up playing all kind of games. More or less violent. And I'm still just a regular guy like millions of other gamers in the world. But what I observe these days are games, that used to be considered a rebellious medium, losing that factor and just trying to fit in the nice and sweet pop-culture."

Wow. The dev team behind this are even stupider and more childish than I thought. I'm actually shocked right now.

I don't know if I'd say they're "stupid", but their comments do appear childish and misguided. I don't think we necessarily have to insult them as @joshwent said for people to get a rather clear picture of how the game and devs look at the moment. I'm still hoping it's all part of some odd meta-commentary, but it could end up just being a trite game reflecting the folks who made it.

For the moment, their comments surrounding the game only seem to be making it look worse, but I do suppose in a medium that is increasingly open for all kinds of people to participate in, we're likely to see more little games like this. If this is sincere, it's probably a sign of things to come.

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@meteora3255: Here you go, the staff's 1-5 star faces:

Brad, Ryan, Jeff, and Vinny

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@meteora3255: I have copies of all of their cartoon review faces if you want them.

  • Jeff
  • Ryan
  • Brad
  • Vinny
  • Alex
  • Drew

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Why is...

Why is she riding an apparently digital salmon?

There was for a long time a running joke on the site where things that were censored in images/video were almost always covered by a giant pink fish. No idea if it's still done now.

It is still alive and well, my friend!

Like this cover photo for a recent article about a classical-art Figma.

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I imagine the developers giving an interview with IGN and then suddenly the main dev rips off his mask to reveal that he was Hideo Kojima the whole time!

Really fooled you, didn't I?

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There's something very 2006 about the way that dude is animated.

More like 2007 if you ask me.

I agree 100%. I thought this was going to be like a teaser for another Darkness game at first (I've just started playing the Darkness 2 last week).

Maybe this is some elaborate P.T.-like game which is really just a teaser for a new top-down Darkness game. It has caught people's attention, and the promotion around it could suddenly take an unexpected turn.

While I might think it was a bit crass, I could perhaps appreciate such a convincing deception.

I like these speculative theories. Accepting it as it appears to be is likely less palatable for a lot of folks than the many potentials we can conjure up. I would put myself somewhat in that camp, as well. This game seems so out there that I bet we'll see many alternative theories about what it really is up until the point it actually comes out.

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I am skeptical of if there is anything more to this game, but I do think a perspective like @brodehouse's is valid. Despite what the devs may be saying, I think it -could- have something more to it. It would explain a lot of how seemingly disconnected it is. Messages from devs are certainly part of the overall experience. Like in all art, the presentation and framing of that art is part of it. This could potentially be a kind of kabuki theater. I wouldn't put it past a small indie dev like this.

With that said, I also think it's understandable for people to take the developers at their word and judge how it appears. I am open to there being more to it, but that doesn't change my initial reaction. It seems shocking just to be shocking, and the devs seem to think their brand of politics "isn't politics". From the outset, it looks like something that may be genuine and unappealing, but hey, we shall see.