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Yeah, one of my favorite genres for casual listening is videogame music. Mostly it's classic stuff from the SNES, NES, and PS1, but there's also a mix from various games over the years. Glad to add Shovel Knight in there recently.

I love classical music, and classical video game tunes are the best.

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Can I switch my vote to Brad Muir? Because I am now terrified of Brad Muir. D:

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@mattmcclellan: Awesome. Glad that worked for you. Google some of the threads listing the best Subscriber videos and enjoy. See you around!

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@mattmcclellan: I don't quite remember, but I feel like it takes a few hours to "kick in" or something. You got a yearly membership; so, you should be good. Maybe clear cache and sign out and sign back in?

Shooting a PM to @rorie may be a good way to handle it if that doesn't work.

Thanks for supporting the site, duder! :)

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@mithical: I definitely agree about the comedic timing in KLK, and Mako's role as honest court jester and greek chorus was very well done.

As far as other recent shows, I would say No Game No Life, Tonari no Seki-kun, and My Mental Choices are recent ones that have really made me laugh.

It's the little touches that make all the difference.

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@conker: Unfortunately, while that is a feature people have requested, I don't believe it has been worked out yet. I agree that a feature like that could help.

As I said, I'm with you on the frustration. Suspensions that don't feel deserved really hurt. Though, right now is the worst part of it. In a few days, you'll not be as mad, and once it's up, you'll probably initially say you don't know if you want to go back at all.

Then, eventually, you start playing again.

For now, maybe you can try to contact the developer and encourage work on a block list for queuing. I know you're not the only one pushing for it, and the more people advocating such a measure, the better.

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So the entire time during those Wii-era E3 press conferences he was just muttering "Fuckin' fuck this lame ass shit" under his breath every few seconds

heh. I perversely appreciate the thought of Miyamoto secretly being pissed off all the time and muttering under his breath about how Reggie stole his stapler years ago.

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See you in a week, duder.

I know how frustrating it can be for dicks to get you heat you don't deserve, but it happens. If you enjoy the game, you'll still enjoy it a week from now. Hang in there. :)

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@idoublespy said:
When Ryan passed, I vowed to make the most of my life and strive to be as happy and impact the world like he did, but that all vanished in the blink of an eye. My biggest worry is what will happen to the few I know and my ex and children. How will they react. I am partially making this thread for help, but as a way to get out my feelings and not be judged.

It doesn't have to end here. You can still have an even greater impact. You already helped bring two young men into the world, and they still need their father. My parents divorced when I was young, but while my dad is far from perfect, I'm still glad he has been in my life. We may be a split up family, but we are still a family.

You can still stand by your vow to get the most from your life, and you can still better the lives of your children. Even if it is never perfect or quite as you envisioned it, be there for them in whatever way you can be.

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@idoublespy: Duder, do you have any relatives or friends you could speak to? While most folks around here would probably love to talk to you about this and try to help you out, I believe you will likely be better served with talking to someone closer to you.

If you're interested in just talking to someone without judgment who may be able to help, I would highly recommend calling the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

It's there for any of us to call when facing thoughts like this, and I can assure you they have helped many people in situations just like yours. If you would feel more comfortable talking one on one with a friendly ear, don't hesitate to PM me. Though, I once again stress that calling that number or going to is a great resource if you need someone to talk to who will understand.