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I'm a software engineer, a master in computational logic and intelligent computation (AKA artificial intelligence) and I'm studying a PhD on artificial intelligence.

Any suggestion about how could I enter the games industry? If it was to work on IA that would be great, but even if that's not the case I think there are some people making insane salaries in it, am I right? that's my main motivation to be interested on that industry, seriously, in the current situation a well paid job would be the best for me, research can wait.

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when i heard about this i got so upset i picked up the nearest object (miku hatsune 13" figurine) and chucked it across my room at full force in a fit of anger. Well it hit my ps3 which toppled off the shelf and fell on my dog. Took my dog to the vet and they had to do emergency surgery, something about a crushed rectum. anyways my dogs bottom is shaved of all its fur now and fuck you bethesda

This isn't funny enough to be fake nor plausible enough to be true. I'm confused.

In any case. The crappy textures still look good to me.

But. In any case. PC for the win!! Definitively I'll be playing this game on PC, it'll be cheaper, better, and... mods!! I'll probably use an XBox360 controller anyway.

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I picked PS3 today because couch

Same here. We need to put our PCs in our living rooms and plugging them to TVs.

I'm doing that, next gen.

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Well, I guess there were a lot of casuals among those 1k people.

So yeah... that's the problem with casuals, I'm fine with them getting lots of games and driving the industry, as far as there are games for me to play (not-so-casual games, I don't consider myself hardcore either).

But please, if there is a survey about games and you just happen not to know a thing about them, just restrain from showing your ignorance and making the survey so shaming, pitiful and laughable. Related:

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Stack 2 PS3 together, make it slim and quiet, put the 360 controller, make great games for it.

You are done.

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@moelarrycurly this is where I feel the real battleground for the next gen will be fought. More/better services, social integration and uses. In terms of hardware I'm not expecting anything we haven't seen before only with more oomph!

Internet should be everywhere, sony is doing a lot of integration in that sense, and it's for free if I'm not mistaken. Microsoft should think about their paid model in XBL, if they want to keep it they'd better have good games for people to really be interested in paying for that. And also there are the PCs.

The point is that PCs used to be more expensive and less durable (you needed to keep upgrading), but it's becoming harder to keep up with Moore's law, so console developers are going to keep with gimmicks and exclusives that PCs don't have, to keep the market share. But in the end, if you are going for the social integration and the services, there are the PCs. Either they make a PC of the consoles, or they will have to go for a casual blue ocean (a la Nintendo)

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I pay what I think is the right price for games, if some game is too expensive or it's cheap but becomes expensive when it's "complete" (including DLC that should be part of the game) then I'll simply not buy it, as far as the situation goes (after time they usually get cheaper), there are plenty of games out there that I'd like to play (check my wishlist) and I'd like to support only developers that are doing things right in that sense. Epic being one of them. The same for the systems, handhelds have prohibitive prices nowadays, a right price for a handheld should be around €125 IMHO, whenever I buy a handheld, that's what I'm going to pay, if that ever happens, otherwise, I've my mobile phone and I can read the news there, a handheld isn't something I need, but something that could be cool, €125 cool, not more.

This doesn't mean I'm against people who pay more, if some gamers want to pay crazy amounts for games and systems, they are free to do so. And that's what drives industry anyway. So as far as people are willing to pay. I guess gamers are very committed to games, and don't mind expending those amounts of money, "because they can", even if they "could not".

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I'm in favor of "project ten dollars" or essentially the content that only comes for free if you buy a game new.

Call me crazy but I am in favor of supporting developers by paying them for their goods.

QFT. Buying preowned games only supports retailers, not game creators, which are the people I want to support. Digital distribution should be cheaper, and give them a better share. I'd like that, I'd use that.

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The only site I was ever banned from is

It's a weird site...