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Far Cry2, just very uninteresting.
A game that got a lot of nice praise that I couldn't stand was Okami. I was really looking forward to that one too.
That stupid little gibberish voice thing they did, especially for the little gnat that followed you around. Annoying, and stupid beyond words. My save game sits at exactly one hour.

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Frank Booth/Dennis Hopper
Blue Velvet
If you like strange, disturbing stuff.

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Grace Kelly! She was in a few Hitchcock movies, but that is a different era than the lovely ladies on this list.
From the list, I'd pick Scarlett all the way.

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Alpha Centauri, Civ type game by Sid Meier. Never played it though. In RL Alpha Centauri is one of the closest stars to own own sun.
My favorite game that I actually completed has to Thief:The Dark Project.
And went on to replay it many times.
I would love to say Thief II:The Metal Age, but I didn't get into it as much.
Favorite game that i haven't completed is GTA IV.