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I guess it just depends on how you manage your expectations, for me I never usually have bad experiences with hype as I've learned to understand the industry and how games are made and contrast what it takes to put into a game alongside what you see in trailers and other videos in order to have a realistic approximation of the final product. 
If you don't expect the world from it, and you realize it's still a videogame made on the principles of gaming and the limitations that brings then you should have the ability to tell if the hype is deserved or if it's a bunch of crap. 
In fact it just makes the PR better, being able to have hype while knowing that something will be as good as it seems, because to you what it appears to be isn't some mystical ultimate thing, but a game that you know you'll enjoy playing regardless of what anyone else has to say about it, that's how I look forward to games.

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Everything, I compare every stat, just being better at one thing isn't good enough!
Have better damage with as slightly lower reload? sure I'll trade up, have better damage but has a low clip size and takes forever to reload? hell no! 
My current love is a Maliwan fire SMG, 30+ clip, reloads extremely fast, has a great sight that zooms decently, great accuracy when aiming, only downside is the damage isn't all that hot, but the overall DPS from the firerate and elemental makes it  the highest next to my Gearbox sniper, once a dude is set ablaze he's toast.

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1, 2, BBS, 3D 
Those are the main story games and cover everything you REALLY need to know, the rest are pretty much side games and don't matter as much to the main plot, but are worth playing if you like these.

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There are multitudes of ways to hide your IP and to encrypt the data transfers to prevent snooping, most clients have it built in, and if you don't know what that means or how to use it you probably shouldn't mess with torrents, you're safer adding 'download' to the end of a Google search. 
I don't care what you're downloading or why, but if you're going to use it at least be smart about it.

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Very few games do I replay, and out of these there are even fewer that I can finish with few troubles, and none of those have I ever done a gimmicky run through of. 
However there are two games I considered 'mastered' (by my own standard), these both are within the normal confines of the game, but arn't something a typical person would be willing to do. 
MGS3, I have finished this game over 2 dozen times in various formats, once 3 times in one sitting, my favorite run of which being a tranq/headshot only run, every guard is shot in the head with a tranq, if I miss I let them wake everyone up and try again, boss's are stun killed only (except you know, certain story ones). 
Demon's Souls, as much as I hate it's brother the first game is practically perfect for me, while having only beat it twice my second time through I only used a crecent falchion, and my deaths were only from being knocked off ledges, I have many strategies I could employ in future playthroughs but I just haven't felt like playing it since.

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Prototype is awesome, play that.

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The only things I've voted on are games that have come out elsewhere that I feel more people should know about, and games that I have been following devlogs on. 
I haven't downvoted anything yet.

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Bateson is the only voice 47 deserves, hell I'll even listen to hip-hop if it has him:  

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Dishonored, hopefully I'll have enough money so I won't have to give up Borderlands 2. 
I am in such a mood for a stealth game right now it's ridiculous.  
After those two my next purchase will probably be Hitman Absolution. 

Besides those I'm very interested in seeing how Jet Set Radio HD turns out, probably won't buy it right away, but if it's done well I'll keep it in mind.

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Slender Man isnt scary though, he's a suave dude without a face, I'd hang out with him.