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I want them longer honestly, I wish every QL was an hour and the BombCast was still 3 to fit in more emails and random anecdotes.

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Final Fantasy VIII - Liberi Fatali (Opening Theme)

The first time I saw this opening my kid eyes gleamed in awe, still my favorite FF game to date.

I'd like the Frozen Synapse bundle if I win.

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I hear the main reason it's selling out is because there's just not many available, the local GameStop only got 10 copies, 5 for each console.

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@CaLe: Bethesda sorted out framerate issues with patches for Oblivion, it's no where near as choppy now as it was at launch.

Also I don't think Demon's Souls was nearly as bad about it as this, in Demon's Souls it only seemed to happen when stuff physics'd but here entire areas are completely bogged down, like the Firelink Shrine and New Lando Ruins, so far the framerate has never been smooth in either of those.

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Don't get me wrong, I love the game, but I'm finding it pretty unplayable because of this, the majority of the time I can tell it's not running smooth, and quite a few areas are completely unbearable with what feels like 10-15 FPS.

I may have to shelf the game until this gets sorted out, that is if they even bother, because my OCD just can't let it go.

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Now I'm really hoping for a redirect url to the GB store from

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The New Face of GiantBomb
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@Gumby said:

@ViciousReiven: Really? That sounds incredibly stupid and uncomfortable. I hope you're making stuff up!

I got the info from people playing a 360 demo at gamescom or some other recent event, as far as I could find out there was no way to change it, hopefully enough bitching will bring a patch if it's the case, but since I also have a PS3 I'm just going to go for the sure thing instead of waiting.

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two things that might put you off:

The controls put attack and block, the two main actions, on the bumpers, not the triggers.

Much longer loading (as far as I could tell from videos anyway).

I would get the 360 version if it wasn't for the control issue.