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Personally I find everything unplayable on it, even with direct connect I feel the lag is unbearable, I had high hopes for it seeing how great the Wii U gamepad is, but it doesn't come close.

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I'm playing through it right now, at first I couldn't stand the needless tutorials and contstant reminders, but once it gets going I think it has some of the best Zelda gameplay there is.

If you have a modded Wii I highly recommend looking into using Ocarina/Wiird codes, I have a set that makes all text instantaneous, removes all of Fi's nagging, and gets rid of dialog boxes when picking up crafting items/bugs.

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Had to be done.

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From the end of the amazing Bot Colony stream just now.

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I'm really just hoping that now they have Dan and Jason that some shit will get worked out so they have enough man power to do their regular thing and new ERs.

Jeff has made it known that the reason he hates Endurance Runs are because they totally fuck up the schedule when someone has to be out of the office, because it means you have to pre-record a bunch of episodes. I honestly don't think you'll ever see Jeff on an Endurance Run ever again.

That's totally a bullshit excuse, there are many ways to fix scheduling problems.

The way I see it Jeff just doesn't enjoy it anymore, which is fine since we have other people who do.

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I do have one question... how do you people find the time to watch everything that is currently posted?

No, really, I'm serious. I've got a job, food has to happen, laundry needs doing, yardwork, cleaning, sleep, baseball (okay, maybe that's it, but, even then I watch quicklooks on one screen and have my team on the other), games must be played. Hell, I don't have kids and I still don't always get thru everything that's posted most weeks.

I think a lot of the problem is we don't, sure there's content but I don't like everything (or most things really), I don't watch half the quicklooks because I may not be interested in the game itself, or I don't like hearing the duders talk over a game that they clearly arn't going to enjoy playing because it's just depressing.

I don't have premium because the only premium feature I'm interested in that is on any sort of regular schedule is UPF, I don't care about Patrick's horror game stuff or Jar Time with Jeff, random PC game has been turned into a shell of itself as a UPF segment, and other things like Breaking Brad and Load Our Last ____ are irregular and a subscription could easily lapse before you see another one.

It doesn't help that I found the site because of the P4 ER and saw two really fucking funny guys talk over a game they enjoyed on a daily basis and became super disappointed when it wasn't a regular thing anymore.

It's kind of why I moved on to become a pretty big Game Informer fan, they have a level of enthusiasm for games that I think has been missing from GB for a long ass time, and do regular content I actually enjoy.

I'm really just hoping that now they have Dan and Jason that some shit will get worked out so they have enough man power to do their regular thing and new ERs.

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@jazz_bcaz: If they don't monitor all the players actions (handle them on the servers) it will be really easy to cheat, and they will also have to store data of all the generated worlds, like minecraft, otherwise every time you arrive on a planet, it will be like no-one's ever been there. Why do you think most minecraft servers limit their area to something like 10000*10000 blocks? Because their servers can't handle any more.

They don't need to store generated worlds, only the actions taken on certain objects of that world.

For example let's pretend the universal seed everyone uses generates a gas giant somewhere with a large hole in it's center, and in that hole is a platform with some sort of monument.

That seed will always generate that world given the algorithms, so the geometry doesn't need to be stored, just how you can send a friend the seed to your single player minecraft world and it'll be exactly the same for them.

Now let's say one player decides to blow up that monument with their space ship, now it's just rubble, that information would have to be saved in order for it to appear in everyone's game, it's something new added to the equation that didn't stem from the seed.

So while they don't have to store millions of stars and planets they do have to store any significant interaction you have with them.

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Considering Dan helped start Replays and Super Replays at GI he should absolutely bring over his enthusiasm for replaying games to new ERs.

For those that don't know GI does a weekly feature called Replay where they take a look at older games, it's an hour long show with 2 games each episode.

That evolved into Super Replay which is their Endurance Run, they do a full playthrough of a game, it's biweekly hour long episodes with rotating guests, although one or two tend to stick out the whole thing with whoever's playing.

A Super Replay type schedule for a new ER could get rid of one of the problems I think has prevented them, finding a time everyday where they have to record, having it biweekly instead gives them an easier time.

That being said the duders don't seem to have the enthusiasm that Dan or the rest of the GI guys did for replaying stuff all the time, so I don't know how well it'd work out.

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Final Fantasy 8, I just finished a 41 hour replay this month, no rose-tinted glasses here it's still fantastic.