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Already preordered MKX, The Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight. I'm gonna wait a bit for Bloodborne because I don't want to fail my finals.

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@sinusoidal: A Superman won the tournament, but it was against a Batgirl and a Flash finished 3rd! So yeah, there's a good variety of characters now

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They should do a TV series based on this. A show where people go through extraordinary events over the course of 24 hours to get home to make sure their Xbox turned on and connected to the cloud. Sometimes they already are at home but the internet goes out and they've got only hours to turn it back on before MS blacklists them off the interclouds.

It'll be called Xbox: One Day.

Or maybe it's the plot of the new series of "24".

Someone has hidden Jack Bauer's Xbox and he has to murder and torture his way around Los Angeles to find it before its lack of calling home triggers World War III.

I... would watch that. Don't judge me.

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Played the first, loved it (Altair is still my favorite assassin), played ACII and Brotherhood, liked them too. But I just couldn't play more then 4-5 hours of Revelations (tired of Ezio). I want to complete ACIII but I just don't have fun playing it, it feels like a chore.

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You're asking me if I want to buy the best action game  of all time (DMC3) again? Well the answer is yes.

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@adoggz: Ahh now I see your point. But still, if you can pay for it, they shouldn't shut them down after only 1 and a half year (talking about the MMA game).
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if i dont have the online pass i cant play the game online, if the servers are shut down i cant play the game online. i dont see what the deal is.

yeah but let's say that you're a casual gamer and you don't know about the servers shutting down. You pay for the game, you pay for an online pass and one week later, you can't play online anymore. You don't think that's a little wrong?
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Don't really care about IGN but they said that you play the entire game with only one weapon... What? Even if I would always come back to Dragon Sword in the other games, it was always fun to kill enemies with the staff or the claws. This is just lazy from Team Ninja and I'm not gonna bother with this game.

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The TFF (Turkish Football Federation) banned fans from using smoke bombs during games. This is how they responded: