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I am sitting at 449, many of those were backups of console games I had played so they are unplayed on my pc. The only game I have ever bought full price was skyrim Day 1. I love the way Steam works and I continue to try and turn my rig into something worthy of my steam library, next step is a Dell Ultra HD monitor

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RIP Ryan, I was looking forward to meeting you at PAX East next year, now we will never meet but thank you for allowing us into your life on the thousands of hours of podcasts you did. Thank you

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They kill this but green light Disney Infinity, cynical assholes, fuck that

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Too Human, Idk why but aspects of that game just hooked me and only the poor crafting system drove me to stop playing after 3.5 playthroughs

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Name one other person who has revolutionized as many different industries as Steve, and remember, the only reason we are looking at a desktop environment on the computer is because of him, have some respect

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as soon as i get my credit on the 12th I am ordering one signed and having it framed

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Is it better to buy games from a multitude of download clients, or is it better to just pick one, and is there some magic program that will go into each of your accounts on these sites and get a complete list of all games you own?

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@lazyturtle: I would prefer to toss the disk then so it is one less box around the house

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If I purchase a game in a store such as walmart, that is also offered on Steam, can I import the game into Steam using the tools available and then be able to download it from steam in the future?

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Just got a gaming PC and am being a STEAM sale fiend, have all 3 seasons of sam and max, tales of monkey island, serious sam HD 2, Red Faction Gorilla, plus whatever else goes on sale