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Soo yeah, for the past 3 years of my lifei've been wrapped up in an A-level performing arts class, which is a giant smoothie mixed with acting, dancing and singing. Though i'm only interested in the acting part, dancing is like a deathwish with me lil joints and singing...well i don't have much choice in that matter lol

Anywhoo the course has been overall....rather shite frankly, probably a 2+half stars going by GB reviewing standards :P. Unmotivating tutors, a budget so tight that porn directors are hounding it down and me my class haven't always seen eye2eye and not thru my own height handicap i mean either :P

Fun fact, I'm only a meesly 5ft tall ''exactly''...the next generations answer to Danny DeVito?? Well i'd certaintly hope so :P

Still I won't deny that it hasn't been a total waste of 3 years of my life, there are skills that I have certaintly procured, such as keeping a sweatless exterior when performing wizard of oz infront of 100 people....and mastering the brooklyn accent which i can definatley know will pull me out ofa quick pinch in the future...
Now the course itself is coming to a close veeery shortly, like next week or sumin, haven't really been paying too much attention, frankly i've been more concerned with the upcoming release of Tales of Vesperia :O.
One ting i'm certain of is my monologue i've got to perform, which izzz next wednsday....or sumin, haven't really been paying too much attention, frankly i've been more concerned with when this course is going to end :O

Monologue is of my own mighty brainstorm though and even though its only around the corner, it never hurts to maybe get a lil feedback n constructive critiscm n the like..well maybe it can hurt a lil with just how severe the constructive critiscm can be :'( xP.

Sooo read, preferbly enjoy and remember, GRAMMER IS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!......

I am...lost, for a better word to use. Not literally, no no I'm fully aware of where I sit now. In my luxury chair placed neatly among all the other necessities of life i've been taking for granted thus far.

No..I mean figuratively, like I don't quite know...if maybe i belong. This it just seems so, not me.

Ever since...I wish i could just carry on much like my brothers have. Bedding any woman that gets the unfortunate net sprung over them from your eyes, drinking till you puke, staying up past bedtime. Yes i've even set myself a curfew of sorts to help me sleep better and more effectionally too. No more waking up to a pillow made of vomit and 1342 chardilia.

Still, my brothers, thinking back now they certaintly are people you don't want to base your morals off. As cold as they were fun loving. The devil himself could probably use their urine to keep his beverages enjoyable chilled.

There twins too. They say that every set of twins has themselves an evil twin, if thats the case I think the Holy Lord above got his charts mixed up and accidently paired two evil twins together.

Its very much a flipped coin with my feelings to my brothers. On one side, i envy how careless and free they can sore through life, on the other though i resent their despicable attitude and arrogance.

Things were so much simpler way back.

That blasted woman, I bet if she could see me now she'd be in tears over my predicament. At least...I certaintly was over hers.

Rushing through the crowds, late for my meeting with Father over some great importance I quote. I bumped into a young lady, from what I could guess at best, only but turning into 20 or so. She was carrying wine, cheap wine from what I could taste, how i knew the taste of that medoirce filth was with it pouring all over me.

I wiped the ruddy slosh off my face and witnessed my clothes to be a complete mess. Derrick my brother, noticed the incident. He rushed over ordering someone to hand over a towel. I was...angry but...I remember Derrick ordering the young girl pay up for a new suit. You could tell from her appearance that she obviously couldn't comply, if she had that much money to spare she wouldn't be trolloping around with such cheap win. I dryed myself off and noticed the fear flowing off the young girl. It probably flew past Derrick, I'd expect such evil would only feel it as noticable as a slight gust of wind. Derrick told me to go to my room and that'll he send up a maid to help me freshen up, he even said with a wink that he'll make sure her bustline is positively bursting just for me, with skin so soft you could eat a cream pie off.

There I was sitting in my room, I could feel the initial anger...slowly evaporating. The maid arrived as expected, she certaintly had quite a bust, such a shame however that if there was a pie resting on her skin, it would only be because they were the remains of 6 pies before hand.

My suit was carried off by the lady. I had to politely decline the sponge bath my brother had set up for me...

I changed into a new suit. Not even feeling much discontent over having my previous covered in 1354 sewage. I looked out my window. I always enjoyed looking out my window, watching the people go about their everyday. Watching through this window could be just as entertaining as going to see a show sometimes.

I could see Derrick still raving down at the town square. The guards still just standing at their posts. I could make out that the poor girl was now crying, on her knees, probably begging for forgivness.

Then i noticed Derrick reach into his back trouser that moment I could already tell what was to come. He pulled out his silver-lined flintlock...and he shot the girl, he shot her right square in the forehead.

People were screaming, crying, Derrick waving the weapon around, probably making threats. The guards just standing there. I noticed some of the crowd to gather around the girl latching onto her motionless body. Family, friends, it doesn't matter how many you have, just a single person to care is enough for you to know your life has value.

I felt sick. I was wondering if it was the fact of seeing a person die for the first time, or over guilt. Either way I wanted it to go!!. I closed the curtains.

I checked the mirror to see if my appearance was sophisticated. I noticed myself looking a little pale but other than that I was fitting enough to head upto Father. I made a steady run to his chambers. I knocked subtely and made my way in. I apologised for my lateness and then asked what was so important. He placed in front of me two smalls layers of material. He told me to stroke both, I did so. He then asked me....which one would I prefer to have set my new curtains. I felt like i was choking for a second, like my tongue was ready to fall down my throat. I asked him once, ''Is that all??'' he replyed yes and began to mention how much he's been wondering maybe if his own room could do with some new curtains before being cut off from me, I asked again now more firmly ''Is that all??'' Father dissaproved of my tone. He stood up and replyed again...yes...this time with no added folly concerning his own decorating woe's. I bowed and made my way out to the hall, the door closed. I couldn't breath.

This, is what that girl died for, this is what has caused an entire family to suffer through so much grief. A lower class girl, only but turning 20 or so, has the same value as an upper-class' curtains.


Mmmmk in much more entertaing news. I recently watched Ghost Town and Taken. Both of which for me are top class movies and deserve all the praise i've so often read about them.
Ghost Town had me laughing my ass off to the moon while Taken had me smiling with every smack, crunch, punch and groin kick that was broadcasted to my eyes xD. Never has Liam Neeson seemed so intimidating either, could probably dislocate Qui Gons back completely before he can even envision doing a force push xD.
As for Ricky Gervais, the guy definatley deserves some more lead roles!! Might write me some movie reviews too since I'm all about shoveling my opinions on everyone >8)


Most embarrasing cosplay???

Theres a whole culture of cosplay to cringe, laugh and possibly slice yah eyes out over...but there'll always be those particulars that when asked randomly which cosplay made you lose faith in humanity, these come to mind.
Now these two are apparently dressed as Vash the stampede off Trigun...though i could expect these two dressing up as themselves could garner themselves plenty of shame to share for the our whole generation.
The one on the left looks like he bought some fake teeth during halloween season..while the one on the right to me looks like hes trying to subtley undo his underwear from his ass crack O.o lol

Soo any other participants? XD



I Feelz moi some sleepz?!?

Yeah...twas the title of my very last blog upon the conformist gamespot :O :P :S

I'm not entirely new
here, I did start this profile once i went through my like 8th suspension in a row...but then my lazyness caved in and i retreated back to my already settled profile stead of this lil un i had created.

A banning however, obviously set my options a lil thin I'll admit =/.
Soo hoping this could be my new ditch to dump all my thoughts, feelings and maybe even my overly long game reviews :O we can only hope :P.

Ohhh and i just want to leave abit of fuck-twat-lil bit of arse licking and by gum you better hold me down because i'm going for it.....CLASS!!!...STYLE!!....oh my christ i've never felt so free!!!!!!

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