I Feelz moi some sleepz?!?

Yeah...twas the title of my very last blog upon the conformist gamespot :O :P :S

I'm not entirely new
here, I did start this profile once i went through my like 8th suspension in a row...but then my lazyness caved in and i retreated back to my already settled profile stead of this lil un i had created.

A banning however, obviously set my options a lil thin I'll admit =/.
Soo hoping this could be my new ditch to dump all my thoughts, feelings and maybe even my overly long game reviews :O we can only hope :P.

Ohhh and i just want to leave abit of fuck-twat-lil bit of arse licking and by gum you better hold me down because i'm going for it.....CLASS!!!...STYLE!!....oh my christ i've never felt so free!!!!!!

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