In-depth potential Dead Space movie discussion.

Daniel: "Oh look mommy, it's the transformers/power rangers!"

Me: this one is going for a more action orientated route i'll bet

Daniel: I hope not 
that's what happens every goddam time 

Me: it'll definitely be atmospheric, though like they keep mentioning this is all about Isaac making his retaliation
Because this time...IT'S PERSONAL!
Isaac just took it...TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

Daniel: psh...

Me: He's holding back...NOTHING!
He's doing it all....FOR FREEDOM!

Daniel: for freedom?
which reminds me wasn't his goal to get the fuck out of their presence in DS1?
"They let him kill them once, so now it's PERSONAL!!!.... cause you know.... people hate succeeding."
don't tell me it's because of that nichole chick

Me: "He killed them... but not BEFORE they killed his girlfriend... so now, he'll kill them AGAIN!!! Because it's PERSONAL!!"
Now with the aid of his trusty talking squirrel sidekick...Isaac will make sure they pay...WITH BLOOD!

Daniel: "He got the hell out of there safely once... but now he's going back in, because it's PERSONAL!!!"
 they should've just said that he was paid to do it

Me: Isaac Clarke, a merc without a country!
Getting paid for what he does best...KICKING NECROMOPRH ASS!

Daniel: He did it once to survive, but now it's FINANCIAL!!!! "Isaac, we need your services, you have the most experience in-","Get bent","We'll reward you","In money? Cause I like money, like, a lot". Don't miss it, Isaac Clarke *BOOM!!* goes financial.

Me: Financially....PERSONAL!
God we should write our own dead space movie
our trailer alone will warrant billions over the summer season

Daniel: Some people kill Necromorphs to survive... others, do it for MONEY!! "Listen to me, I'm receiving a bonus for this 

This is supposed to be my last job but once my family were got Personally PERSONAL!

Daniel: With every breath in my body, I promise you, PROMISE YOU, that I'll bring her back in your arm!.. 

Me: don't EDIT IT!
he lost the other during the 'war'
his best friend and teammate betrayed him and cut it off

Daniel: yes yes 
then it is revealed that his friend is actually his TWIN BROTHER!!
"I have to kill him, it's *looks at camera* PERSONAL!*

Me: no....his best friend is actually HIM! He created a whole new personality to adhere to him cutting off his own arm!
we'll find this out when Isaac looks in the mirror and see's his best friend staring back at him

Daniel: "No, Isaac listen... Chuck, he's... he's your twin brother!! *hangs up*"

yes yes 

Me: that'll be saved for the prequel movie

Daniel: "How can I beat the enemy... when it's MYSELF!!! this... THIS IS PERSONAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL"

a little piece of heaven
love that song 

Me: that's the DEAD SPACE: Personal Revelations! theme song
yes, it'll also have a musical number

Daniel: how about
A Little Piece of Dead Space
Must've stabbed the necromorph 50 fucking times, I can't believe it 

Me: remixed for the credits with some rap solo's

Daniel: can't go wrong there
it's all coming together quite nicely

Me: should also get some toys ready, too
will help the marketing fund all the more

Daniel: imagine this 
the Clarkemobile

Me: As long as it's personal

Daniel: has lazers on the sides

Me: some snakes going through skulls on the hod
license plate 'PRSNL'

Daniel: or 
Underwater Isaac
with fins and gills on the suit

Me: Oh yes.
and of course have these different suits available to kids of all sizes

Daniel: yes yes 
obviously goes without saying
get this medievel isaac clarke
huh? huh? pretty nifty

Me: his ancestoral ancestors who must travel through time to warn him of the impending doom of...SPACE CANCER!

Daniel: it's a race against time

Me: to save himself, his daughter....and the WORLD! HIS WORLD, HIS PERSONAL FUCKING WORLD!
Rated PG for Personal Guidance

Kitten's dead..

And kinda sucks. Charlie was his name and he was only around a couple of months old. Had some nasty bowl problems that had him shitting everywere, and what made it the most shocking was how before hand I was shrugging it all off saying it was probably down to something he eat. Turns out he had a really strong infection and otherwise had to put down because of him being too young and small to have any chance of fighting it off. 
First hearing it I was genuinely saddened. I even let out a couple of tears when I headed into the bathroom where he was being kept during his illness. I'm more surprised more than anything at how much of an impact it had one, though. Cat's in general annoy the motherfuck out of me, for the most part, yet still just hearing about something that lived along side me in my flat was dead, it really put a dark lens over everything. 
In any case, look's I'm currently hiring for a new Xbox 360 guardian. =/ 


My Late Game Completathon V2!

Now lately I've had plenty of gamage to keep me active and away from all the entries in my, recently established, Long Forgotten Collection. I recently bought The Sims 3 which is assured to keep me busy for many a month. I'm still switching on RDR aswell, mostly over the hype for the upcoming DLC packs. Plus I really want to get me a damn bull mount.. 
I've even taken back to Mass Effect 2. The why? I have no idea. I just had a random compulsion to get back in there and carry on my aim to complete it with 6 different Shepard's, all imported from the original, to then have ready for Mass Effect 3. Currently playing through as my all Adept Queen Biotic Bitch Shepard, I've still got the Engineer and Sentinel classes to get through. But other than that... I've still gone back onto a few more others I've missed among my years of gaming due to one reason or another. So to start my second list off I have: 
BioShock 2 for the ps3. 


 It's no wrench though, that's for sure.

Why it took so long? -
Largely over the story to be frank. It's not bad but that whole Sophia Lamb character really was tough to view as anything more as a quickly tucked in piece of story advancement just to give this sequel its reason for being. BioShock 2 is still a great game but without the allure of the original to pull me through complete with caffeine breaks, bloodshot eyes and a bladder of steel it left me leaving this game as a very distant afterthought. Though when I put it like that with how I played the original, maybe I should be glad.. 
What I thought - Like the general consensus tells you it's a better game than the original but its atmosphere and storyline don't deliver on the same mystique and chilling themes as the original BioShock did. But again the gameplay is now vastly improved upon with the ability to duel wield firearms and plasmids making it a much more accessible and admittedly fun game to play than the original could only hope to be at this time. It gives alot more of the same but now refined and honed as a incredibly satisfying shooter. Playing as a Big Daddy is a brilliant experience also with his lumbering footsteps and monstrous cries. Having him so easily bested by splicers, though, can take a little getting used to. Sure its for the games sake but still, it should take far more than a few bullets off a six shooter to take me down, even during the first few stages. 
So while it took me a fare few months to actually get stuck in, much like the original, once I was firmly placed I didn't want to leave completing the rest of what I left over the next two days. 
Will I play through it again? - Absotively. With so many possible plasmid combinations to play around with and a huge host of collectibles, not to mention multiple endings, this BioShock entry will fortunately stay playable for me long after even the 2010 year is up. 
Gears of War 2 for the 360.  

 Is that how you greet an equally over-proportioned, generic meatbag?!?

Why it took so long? - Quite a few factors, actually. Though the most glaring is how dissatisfying it is to play solo. The Gears franchise is built upon the cooperative gameplay concept and it definitely shows when you try to solo the game yourself. Not having a GOLD membership either, I was left with having to go splitscreen at that which if course limited to just how often I could play because of whenever my lil brother decided to pop over. I did play through the last few chapters on my own, though, just to get it out of the way. Besides that there's also my opinion of Marcus Fenix not being very high. He's got one damn annoying voice, even if his voice actor is legendary, and is as generic as most tough guy marines can get. I just wish you could least play as Dom while still first player, as he's definitely the more interesting character who a somewhat memorable personality. 
Finally there's also my disliking of the games movement. It just feels pretty slow and sluggish to me, personally and while still fun and gruesome it doesn't match the Uncharted series fluid speed and pacing of the gameplay. I mean you can't even jump down off ledges onto solid ground in Gears 2 O.o Though that was more noticeable in Horde mode. 
What I thought - Despite my complaints over how the's still really fun, with friends, and has some great environments that are well detailed and full of destructive potential. Again I don't so much care for Marcus, with every other character you tag with being far more interesting. I'd rather have Carmine take the lead role. Any of 'em will do. Some genuinely memorable set pieces and great implementation towards the cooperative aspect, it's one of the best ''buddy cop'' third person shooters to be found. 
Will I play through it again? - More than likely. If not to get the whole campaign under wraps this time through coop but also to try and control any increasing hype I admittedly have for Gears 3, Which I will totally get a GOLD subscription for alone. Plus Horde Mode still makes for some casual enjoyment with a fellow splitscreenin' chaparooney. 
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men for the ps3. 



 We did what now to that poor journalist???



Why it took so long? - lol...have you played K&L recently? 
Ok fine it's really not as bad as its reputation has broadcasted it to be. Least not for me, but besides it's underrated impressions it's still an unpolished and sloppy 3rd person shooter. The shooting itself is serviceable and satisfying on occasion, though sidearms are fuckin' useless in a game where everyone in the world can apparently feel no pain. Like Gears of War 2 aswell, even more so actually, this is one game that has to be played cooperatively. And again with conflicting schedules for me and my brother, since K&L doesn't even have online cooperative play available, it mostly left it unfinished awaiting the perfect combination of motivation and convenience to through it. Not to mention the game being pretty damn hard, too! 
What I thought - It's alright to be perfectly honest. A gritty and black coffee dark story with a pair of protagonists you don't usually expect to be pulling the strings of unless it's a Rockstar game. The shooting can take some getting used to but is good enough to get you through. It's more towards the sheer insane amount of enemies and how Godly their accuracy is to what brings forth the games frustrating difficulty. With your own squad mates AI not being nearly as effective, either, this explains a little of why playing with a friend is a must to simply complete this game let alone have fun while doing it. And yes, the game can actually be fun at times. Such as situations that has you running down crowded streets fighting cops at every turn all with an appropriately pulse pounding soundtrack. 
It's story is decent with great voice acting for where it counts, even if he script does make use of the F word far too loosely. We get it, you're hardcore badass criminals. Doesn't mean you need insert a ''fucking'' in every sentence. The graphics and animations are all really mucky though so as you may of guessed K&L is a hard game to recommend to most. 
Will I play through it again? - Maybe...but only the final chapter just to check out the multiple endings. And oh my christ do I not want to even mention how ridiculous it is if you decide to ''head to the village''. When I do, though, no doubt I'll be putting it on the easy difficulty complete with my tail tucked between my legs. 
Games I'll soon be adding to my Late Game Completathon: PS1 edition. 
  • Oddworld: Abes Odyssey
  • Vagrant Story

The Late Game Completathon V1!

I'm not so much of a completionist, but I do tend to at least get the main focus of the game all under wraps. Be it the main storyline, that high score and ect. Some games though really tend to slip by my attention and stay stuck on THE ''to play'' shelf trapped in the past and becoming more and more invisible by the day. With such a gaming drought however, least for me, that called upon to finally bring forth those games...and complete these once forgotten stowaways! 
First I have: 
The Saboteur for the ps3.  

 Aye, chew you up I will!

Why it took so long? - I was nearing the end of The Saboteur once during the days of my phatty Mc butterpants 60GB ps3. Once that was replaced and I didn't archive my saved files that obviously left me with having to start from the veeeery beginning...which for some games is not so bad considering how enjoyable the ride can be anyway, but The Saboteur unfortunately isn't really one of those games. With the act of destroying Nazi installations and listening to Irish cliche' being the draw point, it's a pretty tough attempt to keep myself stuck in once I've basically saw all this already.  
But thankfully...I completed it. The main campaign anyway, to which I did also do my fare share of freeplay sabotage and reached alot of the Gold Perks aswell, along the way.
What I thought - The Saboteur is a really fun game...for its first playthrough. It has the potential to really standout with its combination of 1940s style, an Irish protagonist and an open world game but with stealth playing a key part within its world. The shooting's great, the drivings tolerable (least until you have to go through those free-play races to which the driving reveals itself to be terrible) but the stealth is absolute shite as the Irish charmer himself would put it. So undeveloped and pointless in some aspects, it's incredibly frustrating when missions do promote the use of stealth but fall short because of how clumsy the stealth mechanics are to begin with. 
The story is also really enjoyable and the main motivation as was to what kept me going. Sean's a raging stereotype but you can't get any better than an Irish stereotype. Plus he's a well voiced one with alot of character and hilarious lines. And much like Ryan states on his review, the ending mission for Saboteur really is a haunting experience I'd advise everyone make the push to get to if they are playing through The Saboteur or plan to. 
Will I play through it again? - Ar ya outa ya fkin moind mert? The gameplay got repetitive before I even reached its conclusion and I've just about blown up my last Nazi sniper tower for a long while. 
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 for the ps3.  

Hay if I can have natural purple hair, then I damn well should be able to fly too! Have you not been to Japan??

Why it took so long? - As anyone who's played the NG games might think it was down to difficulty, though anyone who has also played NGS2 could easily cross that excuse off. NGS2 having a strong departure from its initial blood boiling difficulty opted for a somewhat challenging setting but still accomplish-able by most players. NGS2 just couldn't keep me stuck in, however. The combats fast paced with plenty of combos, even if I relied on only a handful. Great assortment of weapons, responsive controls though it still would get a little repetitive. The environments that look like they're out of a ps2 game complete with non-interactive (minus the dreadful platforming abilities) and barely detailed areas to hack through didn't tempt me back, either. The story also is silly, but not on the DMC kind of silly, more just the nonsensical ''Wut??'' kind. There's plenty of melon boobs but other than that the cutscenes might aswell not exist. 
What I thought - Is nosa bad. I was kind of glad that it was over, though to be truthful. It drags on for maybe a couple of hours too much, and while there's some decent enemy variety the ending segments just give you uber powered versions of enemies you've already faced. And again, graphics are bleh and washed out, the environments are shoddy and the story is stupid. But gameplay wise it's a fine hack n slash game. I prefer my Dante to Ryu though ;P 
Will I play through it again? - Maybe...After some time. There is still plenty of weapons I barely even tried, let alone made use of. The unlockable costumes are neat too, and who knows...maybe I may try out the cooperative missions one day. 
Darksiders for the Xbox 360.  

 Seems Ganon can turn into just about anything these days! Noo wait a sec..

Why it took so long? - Have you seen the amount of collectibles it has?? I can only search the entire world once before I'll give myself a break. Plus...those...damn...portal pistol puzzles! Also I strangely started the game straight from its hardest difficulty, I think from an advisement off the GT review so there might be a segment I was stuck on just for a little. 
What I thought - It's fuckin' great! Despite starting off kind of shallow and button mashy, it then leads to you gaining a new ability per every dungeon and not to mention with a ton of combo abilities to purchase aswell. Colourful graphics, an entertaining storyline and then of course a horde, as large as the army of hell itself, of crap to hunt down and find made this game well worth the £10 I bought it for ;P. Will perch itself on my top 10 for 2010 list too more than likely and I'll storing a special selection of hype exclusively for its inevitable sequel aswell <3
Will I play through it again? - Since I started the game straight from its highest difficulty, it's very doubtful. Rather I'll just load up my 2nd save file right before the end and try and collect the few missing pieces. Shame there'll be no DLC =/ 
Games I'll soon be adding to my overdue completathon! 
  • Gears of War 2.
  • Kane and Lynch.
  • BioShock 2


I practically never blog here, and well that also means I don't blog...period. Mostly with a strong ultra-combo of lazyness and difficulty to actually find something to blog about. 
But faaaaak it! I'll just reach into the inner emptiness of my brain and see what I can pull out. 
So first off there's the boner inducing priced games I've been purchasing lately. 


They go from the likes of me getting the Alan Wake collectors Edition for £31, Darksiders for a sweet £10 aswell as another sweet deal with me ordering Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for £15. I can't be bothered giving the equivalent of all that to dollars for our much larger US community, but safe to say that it would be still a BONER INDUCING cheap price. 
 Barry, WHERE'S BARRY!?!...Oh there he is.

So Alan Wake is probably the highlight of it all, even with me not having played MUA2 yet, I can just tell. Alan Wake is an fantastic game and one that truly surprised me with its quality and how effective it is at really sticking you to your pad. I completed it through 2 sittings purposely just so I don't get this game over with so soon. During my second sitting though, the gameplay did start to feel a little on the repetitive isle of things and I was really pushing myself to reach the which didn't satisfy as much as I was hoping at that. An obvious ploy for the upcoming DLC packs, but still least its story was intriguing and deeply engaging to start off with. 
Having the collectors edition too that also snagged with Alan Wakes beasty soundtrack. To which actually only has around a 1/4 of the songs to be found in Alan Wake. The fact that War by Poets of the Fall was excluded really left me perplexed. That along with some small novel which I haven't read through yet but looks like a worth while lie in bed at night for, and some bonus discs to which I also..haven't checked out yet. 
In any case it looks to keep me busy for a while and despite me hardly even caring for Trophies let alone achievements I may still aim for the full gamerscore just as an excuse to get as much out of Alan as possible...(no homo) 
Darksiders on the other hand is more complex with how my enjoyment fairs. It' and hurling cars at everything is really fun. I've opted to play through on the ''apocalyptic'' difficulty for some unexplainable reason though so I'm admittedly having a tough time getting through it. Overall it's pretty clunky I find and I reeeally wish the block and dash abilities weren't mapped to the same button >=/ 

Games Abyssfull is looking forward to!...BONER...

There's not really all that much I have on my radar come July. I'm least somewhat anticipating the next piece of DLC from the never ending story of Dragon Age: Origins, Leliana's Song.  Other than that there's little much. I tried the Crackdown 2 was alllriiiight I guess. Not something I'd be willing to pay full price for. Especially since Crackdown 2 only has to offer its single player since I'm still too cheap to go for GOLD on Live.  
I'm mostly just waiting on my preorders for Mafia 2, Fable 3 annnd Dead Rising 2 more than anything. Other than that I've got my cheaply priced classics to keep me very well occupied! 
And that's it really...whether I could be bothered to keep up some sort of routine blog is..unlikely. Maybe if some kind soul could create me a blog banner titled ''Impressions from the Abyss'' I'd least pile on some more consideration O=) 
Oh and yes this was totally for the quest. GYUCK GYUCK GYUCK!

Resident Evil: Afterlife First Impressions

Now like...everyone else...I'm hardly a fan of the RE movies. Infact being such a devoted RE-game fan makes me despise them all the more than your average Game2Movie disastor. I saw the original and thought it was rather...meh...but compared to the second movie it could be seen as a faithful adaptation. It isn't but the second movie is just that bad.

The third movie I haven't even given a chance in all honesty. Two movies was already too much for my RE fanboyism to endure. 
Now to some surprise, for me at least, there's a 4th movie??? With the trailer now depicting a huge homage to RE5, as stated before in Kombat's thread

  And there we now have the full trailer all awaiting the tears, anger and maybe vomit at that. 

Now with even more 3D-exploitation, Afterlife may even set a new ''mainstream'' low for the RE movie series. But truthfully those few seconds of the Las Plagas ''flower-mouth'' looks like it may offer some dumb popcorn fun much like the original movie.  
Wesker starring in this installment too can at least have some potential for some well directed ''ninja-fight-ACTION'' scenes too, and if they happen to be anything like the ones from the actual RE5 game then they'll be entertaining to watch.

The story...might aswell not exist, frankly I'd probably prefer this to be released as a string of Wesker scenes with Las Plagas ghoulies in between. Oh and the complete removal of this Ninja Alice at that. 
Besides all of this obviously imminent shite, I can't help but still feel..curious?...Curious enough at least that I may just actually watch in the cinemas. Least what with the direction RE5 took the games, Afterlife actually looks like it'll stay close to its source material. 
...It's a sad day for Resident Evil for me to admit that...


Its...just so brain-tarded, how could I refuse?!?



Almost gives me a Clive Barker vibe


Despite the 2001 era graphics, despite the rampant negativity this game has got at large from critics and players alike, despite it not even being available in the UK....I got it.

Ordered from ebay, for around £25, Deadly Premonition is on its way to the dreery streets of The Wirral, delivered through my mailbox and straight into my heart....or into my brain, from me smashing it rapidly against my skull over realising what a waste of cash it was. 

The enemies in this game look like there bend over thwart FBI agent York.

 I'm very aware how much of a gamble I'm taking with this...unique...title, but man...the crazyness...the split personalites...the creepy smiles...the oddly humorous jazz    soundtrack, everything just fits together to something that looks right to suit my tastes.


Lost in Nightmares///Mercenaries Reunion Review


Lost In Nightmares is the second piece of DLC for the acclaimed action-horror title, Resident Evil 5.  
It adds around 40-60 minutes extra for the main story of Resident Evil 5 aswell a few new additions to the Mercenaries minigame. 
So its certaintly not one to focus on the amount of its content, more so its quality is where it manages to shine. 
Lost In Nightmares stars players as the original RE duo, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, amidst their mission to apprehend Ozwell E. Spencer. Breif moments were given via flashbacks in the main game, but now you're given the chance to play through from the moment they enter the Mansion. 
Unlike RE5, Lost In Nightmares strays far from the usual high-tension action. Infact theres hardly much in the way of enemies to contend with. Lost In Nightmares focus' much more on setting a gloriously nostalgic atmosphere with plenty of throw-backs for old school RE fans to squeal with glee over. From the perspective of how Chris and Jill open doors, to even a certain classical piano tune that Jill will play to open up a secret section in the wall. 
Its an hour of throw backs all aimed to the days of old. 
The story on its own doesn't strike much of course, rather theres at least more backstory to be found from numerous files the player can view, one that I believe may hint at a new antagonist. 
The gameplay is, again, focused more on the exploration of Spencers latest Mansion, which also coincidently happens to resemble the Spencer Mansion from the original Resident Evil. There'll be a number of cranks to turn, emblems to find and a piano to play, all in good ole RE fashion. Admittedly some of the aspects seem to stand out a little too much, almost like CAPCOM really want to force the veteran RE players that warm sense of ''Ah the good old days'', sometimes its more like CAPCOM are blatantly shouting references down your ear instead of having them subtely kept in the background for the player to notice and possibily wet their pants over, which to me seemed kind of tacky.

Replay Value for Lost In Nightmares isn't particularly high, since with so few enemies there'll be little difference if you were to play through again. There at least exist multiple difficulties and even leaderboards now to boast your scores. The option to play as Jill, once completed once, in single player too might warranty a second play through, but overall I can imagine for most that once the hours over, thats it, Nightmare over. 
Regardless, Lost In Nightmares gives a decent enough single hour atmospheric ride into showing how Resident Evil could still play like. Theres the odd jump-scare, moody atmosphere alot of actual ''surviving'' this time around that its a must play for the veterans and maybe RE5 fans too for an easier way to digest some of the older traits of Resident Evil. Just a real shame it has to be so short since by the end of it, I was left wishing Resident Evil 5 had more chapters similair to this.

Along with Lost In Nightmares, there also featured a sort of remix of the Mercenaries minigame, now titled Mercenaries Reunion.
Its just as fun and addictive as its always been, the bad thing is that it acts as a separate mode to the original Mercenaries. It may give you the first time ever, to play as well loved Barry Burton and, strangly enough, the ability to wiggle around as Excella, there all thats available. You can buy two costumes, one for Chris one for Sheva, which will add two new characters, but even still, you'll only find yourself at the moment with just four characters to choose from. No new maps, weapons and the fact that I can't have STARS Wesker and STARS Barry teaming up is a very loud flaw thats hard to look past. 
Why they couldn't just have the new characters as additions to the already set up Mercenaries mode, I don't know.  

Mercenaries Reunion will look to pick up once the Desperate Escape chapter arrives with two more characters and costumes, but until then its just far too thin.  
Whats more, the new characters and costumes don't even cross over to the Versus' mode either. 
As a whole, for its price range, Lost In Nightmares is a fair deal. The Lost In Nightmares chapter is memorable though alot shorter than most might of expected, especially with the amount of its promotion it got. Its a quality hour fortunatly, and the fact that I'm wishing more speaks for how great it is. 
Mercenaries Reunion is strange in why they didn't pack it together but....playable Barry Burton?!? I can learn to forgive. 
For another opinion, there is also EpicSteve's review.


My ps3....just back from fat camp. Hay waaaaaait a-



Yes I done a blog sooo long ago (I Think) about the dear destruction of my ps3 via the yellow light. Phoned up sony, they decided to send a courier to which one arrived....momentarily. Ever since though I'd had this uneasy feeling, the fact that he thought he was coming to pick up a laptop didn't help, but could possibily be a compliment for my ps3 depending on what type of laptop ;P. 
Anywhoo, picked up, phoned back...mmmmooomentarily, and stated that no my ps3 cannot be repaired =(. But instead they in exchange give me a 120GB Slim! 
My original ps3 was one of the original 60GB's which apparently was known to be less reliable than most, so its YLOD was inevitable, just like all current-gen consoles though of course. A 120GB slim, double the space,...slimmer...and also meant to have a much less chance to give u the metaphorical finger via its pissy coloured light shining into your retina's. 
Truth be told, I find it rather generous, I'll have to download eeeeverything again and all my save files have gone, but my PS-ID still exists so what was most precious for my ps3 is still intact. This was all free too, by which I mean as free as the warranty allowed of course. 
Sooo any other fellow ps3 mourners out there? How did your service go about and furthermore, is microsoft under the same obligations too should the 360 decide to kapoot?  
More importantly though, I'm just plenty to finally be having my ps3 back to me, even if its some newer model, ah well, I'm sure ps3's aren't quite smart enough to the ole 60GB will be left with fond memories.

That said though, I just hope it won't be the same courier who drops it off, probably bring me a black-tinted toaster or something.