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If you already purchased it, shouldn't the discount already have been applied, and your credit/debit/pay pal account already debited?  Or is this one of those situations where you'll be billed at a later date?  I'm not really sure how that system works, I usually just buy discounted cards when they go on sale.
Also, I know XBL was having issues over the last few weeks in preparation for the new xbox.com, so maybe that has something to do with your "member since" status and gamercard.  They'll have it on record as to when you originally signed up, and if you haven't broken your service, they'll be able to correct it.  It's probably just a field in a database somewhere, anyway!

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Because of Amazon.com, I don't think I've paid full price for a new release since the very first new release I purchased that started the string of $20 and $10 credits.  I'd love to start getting them at K-Mart, because they are also offering mega-huge credits on most new releases, but I really just can't bring myself to step foot in a K-Mart anymore and the whole "taxes and gas to get to the store" thing just isn't really doing it for me.

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  • Ron Livingston
  • David Herman
  •  Ajay Naidu
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Did you see the video that was posted of him recording V.O.?  He face barely moved.  It was like Erik Estrada's hair...

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I like the title, and don't see why you don't just use it.  Lots of people use great ideas for their own needs.  

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That was quick...

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Also, this game, along with Fallout 3, are HUGE in terms of content.  70+ hours in Fallout 3 and I know I didn't see more than 60% of the content that the game had to offer and that's not even counting DLC.  There's no way you can produce that much content and not expect bugs.  I'm with  @Galiant  that I would rather have a buggy great game, than a bug-free lousy game.

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@nemt: Can it really be blamed solely on Obsidian, though?
This game had to pass Microsoft approval, game testers, etc. etc.
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@niamahai: Watch for the next Fallout Game shortly after that.
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@endless_void: Yes, that's a good point.