I Ate the Fungus from The Last of Us

When it comes to food I have a general rule of thumb of trying things at least once, and if I don't like it I wont ever eat it again. So, lo and behold a friend of mine took me and another friend to a high end Chinese restaurant recently, and I discovered that they served edible fungus, most notably Cordyceps. That is to say the same fungus that destroys the whole world in The Last of Us.

ANYWAYS...it turns out that this fungus is a high end delicacy in China, and on a dare by the host to try it out I ate some. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it because I felt like it would be unbecoming of me to pull out my cellphone in a suit and tie restaurant.

To be absolutely honest I kind of liked it. I had it stuffed inside duck and it added an earthy but "warm" flavor to the meat. The one side effect? Turns out that cordyceps when mixed with duck has the same affect as ginseng but more intense. The results of which I will let you speculate upon.

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You will be very sensitive to sounds for a while and develop a habit of making weird clicking noises with your tongue.

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Damn it. I've stared at this blog for minutes trying to figure out how to work in a "ZombiePie is a fun-guy" joke. I've got nothing.

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Oh boy. Anybody got a bottle and shiv on hand?

Posted by DocHaus

Oh boy. Anybody got a bottle and shiv on hand?

Drink the contents of the bottle first, then break it in two! Presto! Shiv!

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I'm intrigued! I didn't know cordyceps were edible at all. Now I wants me some clicker-fuel.