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@mento said:

More Mario malarkey: Part 3, Part 4.

Thank you as always grandpa Mento!

@zombiepie: I unfortunately lost the footage from my speed run and my interview with Greg Kasavin because I was unfamiliar with Twitch's archiving policy. I could post my archive of my South Park speed run, but I don't feel to strongly about it. I was pretty physically and emotionally drained by the time that rolled around.

Also you should play FFIX.


Another fantastic community spotlight. The GB community is incredibly talented.

I agree, and thank you for your continued support!

@icyeyes said:

Great article as always @zombiepie. That Mario Party 4 ending for me was like:

Amazing stuff!

@porjos said:

I don't want to sound like a broken record, but I really, really like these community spotlights. Keep 'em coming!

Thank you for the kind words!

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What the Hell is Relic doing? Weren't they supposed to make a Warhammer game?

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Thanks for the mention and I should clarify, I want to start this week (tonight/tomorrow) not beat them all in a week. Don't want people to think I'm too crazy or something.

I thought that is what I wrote, but it looks like my syntax sabotaged my intent. Apologies for making you sound like a crazy person.

No mention of the Grimmeh?

What do you have for me? If you drop me a link I would be happy to promote something.

o_o Well I never thought I would get a video in the community spotlight. Now I wish I did a better job on the formatting since those first few videos are a bit to zoomed in so the life bar gets cut off. But it was indeed a epic "speed run" that ends with the bad ending hehe. Thanks for the mention @zombiepie

Hopefully promoting your archive encourages other GBCER participants to archive their speedruns. My biggest regret about the event? @thatpinguino really wants me to play a Final Fantasy game...which would be a first for me.

Otherwise it was an awesome experience. Suikoden II looks freaking insane!

@saik0u said:

Yay! I am in this spotlight! Thank you :)

Thanks for the great works of art this week! Feel free to contact me or drop a link on the most recent Spotlight when you make another work.

@jaypb08 said:

thanks for the shout out, but I only just played and beat Republic Commando last Easter...

Sorry about that! If it is any consolation Mr. Rorie read your review and quite enjoyed it as he re-Tweeted my link to your review on Twitter.

@pezen said:

Thank you for the mention! Now to dig into the rest of this. Great work as always putting it all together!

Thank you for the great blog this week! Feel free to contact me when you publish another blog like this.

Those Bitesize Bomb YouTube videos are pretty great.

They are indeed, and we have @theburlaplemur to thank for them!

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What's wrong with the older FF games?

I just do not like turn based combat at all. The only exception would be the Civilization series. Also, I just find the Final Fantasy games to be incredibly intimidating.

This is coming from someone that beat Perfect Dark on Perfect Agent, and could create perfect utopias in SimCity 3000. I at least recognize that I am a hypocrite.

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@tom_omb said:

Paper Mario 2 is recommended.

@amafi said:

You should play Paper Mario: The thousand year door and Anachronox. Both of those are good turn based rpgs.

Also persona 3 PES and persona 4 golden if you have a vita. I wouldn't worry about the first two.

And South Park: The stick of truth. That game single-handedly made me a fan of south park again after not having watched it for damn near a decade.

@nophilip said:

Chrono Trigger and FFVI are probably the most essential. Paper Mario is great too.

Do turn-based strategy RPGs like Fire Emblem or FF Tactics count? Because both of those are incredible.

Alright real talk time...I have played Super Paper Mario, and that is the only game from the Paper Mario franchise that I have ever played. I have repeatedly informed to NOT put that game on this list. Can we all verify that?

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@the_ruckus: To be clear, these are all existing Magic cards whose art has been altered, not original cards. @thatpinguino didn't claim as such in his blog, so I think this is a case of an (unintentionally) misleading summary by someone who is not as familiar with Magic.

I apologize for the confusion.

Damn, amazing song choice on the MGS compilation.

Also, those Magic cards are pretty good.

@viper is the one to thank for that video!

Hell of a spotlight with a hell of a subtitle there, Marino. lol indeed.

@amyggen said:

I really enjoy these, thanks!

It's an honor to be mentioned on here. Thanks so much!

@viper said:

Super happy to see my video get featured, and that people like it! I will probably make compilation videos of Metal gear scanlon 1, 2 and 4 in the same vain as Metal gear scanlon 3. So watch for that later if you like my video!

I enjoy these compilations. I always find something interesting to check out! Good work, Brad 2 :)

Thank you for the kind words, and please keep me updated if you find anything on the site worth showcasing!

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I played the Exile franchise on the PC, and it was my first experience with a shareware game. I enjoyed it back in the day, but haven't gotten around to the Avernum series.

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@btns said:

Hey, those are those things I made. Glad people like them!

Consider yourself followed!

Also if you ever find yourself making Giant Bomb themed artwork again remember to send me a PM and I'll promote your stuff however you see fit!

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I personally think this is a great feature, but to me, it's way too cluttered. I think if you were a bit choosier when it comes to the best of blogs section it would look cleaner. Maybe think of Patrick's Worth reading. Just my two cents. Anyway, again, thanks for this and keep up the great work!

That is the plan down the road. That said the start of a month always has more blogs than any of the other weeks. This is due in large part to the myriad of users that write "Monthlies." Clutter has for as long as I can remember unshakable during this part of the month as a result.