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Rico Rodriguez is the protagonist in Just Cause and Just Cause 2. He is a South American secret agent, who specializes in 'regime change'. In other words, Rico is trained to collapse governments in countries. As a result he is arguably the Agency's most powerful weapon. Rico uses a parachute frequently, with which he can defy the laws of motion and cause complete anarchy in areas that need a 'regime change'.

Just Cause

In Just Cause, Rico is employed to remove the corrupt President of the fictional island of San Esperito. Rico is dressed in a black jumpsuit, and wears a chain with a cross on it. In the game you will frequently use Rico's signature weapons:

Rico, in a position aping that of revolutionary Che Guevara.

the Holot R4 Pitbulls. They are revolvers that pack a relatively significant punch, and due to the fact they have infinite ammo, they're arguably the best weapon in the game.

Just Cause 2

In Just Cause 2, Rico appears to be older, with some gray hairs visible. He wears a black jumpsuit, like in the previous game. However, players will not be using his signature revolvers as much anymore, owing to the fact that they only appear in the game as a pre-order bonus, under the name "Rico's Signature Gun". The Signature Gun also lacks infinite ammo; in fact, the only way to replenish its ammo is to buy it at great cost from the Black Market.

During the early moments of the story, Karl Blaine says he will spread the word that there is a 'foreign gun for hire looking for work'. He then says he will mention a 'Mr.... Scorpion'. After this, the factions you work for will refer to Rico as either Scorpio, or Scorpion. The name 'Scorpion' was likely used as a reference to the appearance of a scorpion on both game boxes. For some reason the scorpion has become something of a logo for the game, leading to the popular scorpion made of guns appearing at the end of every Just Cause 2 trailer.

Sleeping Dogs

An unlockable skin of Rico Rodriguez from Just Cause 2 can be used if the player has save data on their console of choice or PC in Square-Enix and United Front's upcoming open-world action game, Sleeping Dogs. The skin also grants the player an extra bonus of being able to do Stunt Position hi-jacks from further distances than normal.


  • "It was worth every minute!"
  • "I like what you say, and how you say it."
  • "They say I'm the best"
  • "Son of a miha!"
  • "Sheesh."
  • "One day, they'll write books about all of this!"
  • "I hate ninjas."

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