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Dr. Rohde is a historian and inventor who lives in the town of Hassan. The Shining Force has decided to learn more about Zeon, King of the Demons, by speaking with a former devil by the name of Creed. However, the party needs access to an ancient vehicle known as the caravan to progress. Rohde is the only man who has any knowledge of this vehicle but he is a surly individual with no time for the group. His love for old items is enough to bring him out of his home when the group presents him with the Achilles Sword. Rohde joins the group first as the driver of the caravan, but after the team has obtained dynamite, he uses his mechanical skill to craft himself a vehicle that allows him to participate in battles with the force.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

Rohde is the team's first character that arrives on the team already promoted. His Brass Gunner class is meant to fit a spot as a durable ranged character. He does not have the best movement or attack, but sports strong defense. Unfortunately, ranged characters with good mobility can participate in more battles and stay further away from enemy attackers leaving Rohde in a spot where he is not as capable as other ranged classes.


Post-Promotion: Brass Gunner (BRGN)

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