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Like her comrades at Blue Moon, Sasha is a very assertive character who is rarely unsure of herself. As Colin's sister, she gives him the confidence to fight as well as the lecturing.

In-game Description

Colin's sister. Normally ladylike, but becomes daring when gets angry. Being the heir to a vast fortune, she gets an additional 100 funds from allied bases (?!!!).

Gameplay Effects

Dual Strike

  • Cities and bases provide 1100 funds instead of the usual 1000.
  • CO Power: Market Crash. Two stars. Decrease the current CO power meters of all opponents. Star power drops by 10% for every 5000G she currently has. 10% strength bonus for all units.
  • Super CO Power: War Bonds. Six stars. Earns funds when she inflicts damage on a foe equivalent to half of damage dealt (i.e. killing a Mech worth 3000G gives her 1500G). 10% strength bonus for all units.
  • Tag Team Attack Modifiers: Jake, 105%. Rachel, 105%. Grimm, 105%. Colin, 130%. Von Bolt, 90%.

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