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Javier's character, while not having actually read what chivalry means, acts the part unfailingly throughout his campaign against the Black Hole Army. His conferred benefits are much less clean cut than those of his Green Earth allies (Jess does ground, Drake does water, Eagle does air) but they are far from useless as either of his two strengths is helpful alone and more than doubly so together. He also has no weaknesses, so he is a great player for beginners, though his CO Powers are a little tough to use thanks to their non-aggressive nature.

In-game Description

A Green Earth CO who values chivalry and honor above all else. Often commands his units to charge. Increased defense versus indirect attacks. When he captures com towers, his defense also goes up.

"Allow me to slap the foe with extreme prejudice!"

Gameplay Effects

Dual Strike

  • Com Towers give all troops a 10% strength bonus instead of just a 10% firepower bonus.
  • 20% defense bonus for all units against indirect attacks.
  • CO Power: Tower Shield. Three stars. Defense bonus against indirect fire boosted to 40%. Com Tower benefits are doubled. 10% strength bonus for all units.
  • Super CO Power: Tower of Power. Three stars. Defense bonus against indirect fire boosted to 60%. Com Tower benefits are tripled. 10% strength bonus for all units.
  • Tag Team Attack Modifiers: Sensei, 105%. Grimm, 105%. Kanbei, 110%. Jess, 110%. Von Bolt, 90%.

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