Shadow Complex DLC A Possibility

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#51 Posted by raddevon (514 posts) -

My money is ready, Mustard.

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#52 Posted by Oni (2273 posts) -

I fucking loooove Shadow COmplex! gief DLC  nao

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#53 Posted by Jnal (307 posts) -

I've been planning to buy it since I saw the Quick Look. I will finally get to buy it once I can get to my xbox.

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#54 Posted by Redbullet685 (6418 posts) -

DLC would be great. 
Beat it and clocked in at 4 hours, 47 minutes - normal difficulty
Im on my second play through now, and am 3/4 complete at 2 hours, 40 minutes - Hardcore difficulty

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#55 Posted by roofy (1023 posts) -

not finished it yet but really good game

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#56 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8663 posts) -

DLC will probably be a very good idea. I am surprised by the large sales numbers but pleased because the game deserves it.

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#57 Posted by lasafrog (120 posts) -

Got it at 8am day of release, been looking forward to this. Damn I miss these type of games, and the current gen polish doesn't hurt one bit. 
This game rocks, I'll buy any DLC that adds more game content. Pass on any Proving Ground/Metal Gear VR type crap though. Solid additional content only please. 
Now all I'm waiting for on Live is my Military Madness remake / 3D update. That will make me a happy man.
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#58 Posted by Kyle (2376 posts) -

Wooow, those are some good numbers, at least in the Giant Bomb community. Man, I hope they put out DLC. And a sequel. Or three.
You know, I usually really hate when a developer becomes "The <<Series Name>> Guys", but I don't think I'd mind if Chair wanted to just keep feeding me Shadow Complex for the next six years.

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#59 Posted by Jackel2072 (2510 posts) -

Im glad to see its doing well. the game is just so awesome!

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#60 Posted by D_W (1709 posts) -

Y'know what's more compelling then DLC? A PC version.
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#61 Edited by RichieJohn (539 posts) -

I would love to see some multi player in this game. I think the shooting works so well that it would be well suited. Would be a nice little add on. Could imagine large map CTF or King of the hill working well. 
I'd pay 400 points for that I can't imagine any content other than more challenge maps being put out... The game's short as it is and i'd rather wait for a full on sequel than have a short bonus story sequence.

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#62 Posted by PLWolf (967 posts) -

I love the game and would definitely be into some DLC. 
Now I need to go and continue on the path of "leave Kate to her Fate" ah achievements.

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#63 Posted by MeatSim (11121 posts) -

I gotta play the game first before I even think about DLC for it.

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#64 Posted by Media_Master (3259 posts) -

that was fast

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